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This past summer, my son Malone became Pokemon obsessed! Who knew Pokemon Go would be such a hit! We’ve been able to explore a lot of our area’s historical sites because they’re also PokeStops!

This summer, Malone also got a bedroom upgrade when friends of ours handed down a loft bed to us. With that came the desire to upgrade his room from his little boy decor (that he still loved) into something a little bit more big kid. We spent a lot of the summer brainstorming different themes before finally settling. He wanted a Pokemon room!

The problem with wanting a Pokemon room is Pokemon is something that is new to for this generation but a beloved icon from a previous generation. And while we’re just now starting to see some things in stores, no one had what we were looking for, except AllPosters.com.

AllPosters had the perfect selection of Pokemon bedroom decor for us!

Here is what we ordered:
Pokemon Iconic Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Pokemon XY Peel and Stick Wall Decals
Pokemon Partner Pokemon Poster
Pokemon Pikachu Big Face Hat

The peel and stick wall decals are the highlight of the room. They’re exactly what they say they are, big wall stickers.

Pokemon Product Image
Pokemon 2
Malone had a blast decorating his room with these. All of his favorite characters, plus some new ones were included in these sets. The sets included a wide variety of Pokemon characters, Pokeballs, and Pokemon fruit.
Pokemon 3
Malone’s Pokemon room isn’t perfectly Pinterest decorated because it is his room and these wall decals are easy for a seven year old to handle. He went to town putting them up and bunching them as he say fit.
Pokemon 7
One of the things I loved the most about these wall decals is that they are easily moved. They can be unpeeled and restuck again. And, they didn’t take the paint off the walls when we did it!
Pokemon 1
The Pokemon Partner Poster found a home underneath the loft bed in Malone’s play area. I often find Malone looking at it while he memorizes which category each of the Pokemon belong in.
The lighting below his loft bed isn’t the greatest, but as you can see, it is nice and big. The colors are vibrant!
Pokemon 8
The Pikachu Hat is also a favorite. It gets worn everyday here (as you can see in the picture above).

One thing I really love about AllPosters is that the quality of the items we received was exactly shown on their website. They do a really wonderful job at not only describing the items in full detail, but also choosing high quality items to sell. Since Pokemon is a concept that is old made new again, I have come across some things from the places where the quality of the item was less than great.

We finished out Malone’s room with a few other Pokemon touches, including a Lego Pickachu that was the end result of a screen time ban and a few stuffies.

Pokemon 5
Pokemon Bed
In addition to Pokemon room decor items, AllPosters has a wide variety of things available on their website.They’ve got just about every movie and television show covered with posters as well as photography, framed art and canvases. Plus, they’ve got mugs, jigsaw puzzles, back packs and more. The next time you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s hard to buy for or you want to add a little something special to your life, head there. This Elf full size cardboard cutout going to soon be coming to my house to add to my Christmas decor. There really is something for everyone here!

Buy: You can buy the Pokemon bedroom decor items and more on AllPosters.

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  1. My kids really like playing with Pokemon and the bedroom decor ideas are so pretty! I need to use some of these ideas for my kids! They love playing the Pokemon games.

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