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I know that summer has officially come to an end, but it does not feel that way lately.  We have been experiencing some unseasonably warm temperatures lately, and there is nothing I love more on a warm day than some nice cool ice cream.  And the best place around here for delicious ice cream treats is definitely Sonic Drive-In!

I love getting a SONIC Blast® treat at my local Sonic Drive-In – a delicious blend of ice cream and candy or cookie pieces, all with whipped cream on top.  You can get a SONIC Blast® in five yummy flavors – Snickers®, Oreo® Cookies, Butterfinger®, M&Ms®, and Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup.  And now for a limited time, you can add a flavorful core to each SONIC Blast® with a Flavor Funnel.  The Flavor Funnels come in peanut butter, caramel, Oreo® stuffing, or chocolate.  The Flavor Funnels run right through the middle of the SONIC Blast® from top to bottom, so you can enjoy a little extra flavor with each bite!f

We tried three different kinds of SONIC Blast® Flavor Funnel treats.  My husband had one with Snickers® and a caramel Flavor Funnel, I had one with Oreo® Cookies and an Oreo® stuffing Flavor Funnel, and the girls shared one with M&Ms® and a chocolate Flavor Funnel.

All three SONIC Blast® Flavor Funnel treats were delicious, and the Flavor Funnels definitely added a little something extra to the regular blend of ice cream and candy/cookies.  I really loved the entire core of Oreo® stuffing, which is by far the best part of an Oreo® cookie!  My husband enjoyed the additional caramel flavor with the pieces of Snickers® bars, and who doesn’t like something with extra chocolate (my girls certainly did!).  I cannot wait to try other flavors of SONIC Blasts® and mix-and-match the different Flavor Funnels!

I always love going to Sonic Drive-In when I don’t feel like making dinner.  My family can choose from a wide range of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, tots, fries, and even several flavors of boneless wings (which are buy one, get one free every Monday through Thursday evenings).  After we eat, we can then enjoy a sweet treat like the SONIC Blast® Flavor Funnel!

Be sure to try a SONIC Blast® Flavor Funnel at your nearest Sonic Drive-In location before they are gone!

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  1. Oh those all look so good! We have never been there before, but have one not too far from us. We will have to go over there and try them!

  2. These look so yummy ! I think that the Snicker and Caramel flavor would be my favorite.


  3. I want to try one of these! They look so delicious and amazing! My kids would love one of the Sonic Blasts. We have never had one before.

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