B-Air Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer from the Cesar Millan Premiere Grooming Collection


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B-Air Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer

B-Air dog dryer
This is Luke.


Luke had a bath. Luke wasn’t cold after his bath. He got a blow dry and he was a happy dog. Luke’s mom was happy because she had a fresh smelling, dry dog, thanks to the B-Air Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer from the Cesar Millan Premiere Grooming Collection!

This is Hey You.

hey you towel
He also got a bath, just like his older brother. He doesn’t really like baths, but he cooperated (kind of). Hey You is pretty tiny, so his mom doesn’t like to let him get cold and tries to dry him off quickly. After his bath, mom wrapped him in a towel until he was ready to enjoy the warm air from the Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer.

fido max 1 dog dryer
Set up
It is super easy to set up the Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer! Just click on the hose and plug it in. It has a really long cord, which is so important (and much appreciated).

Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer cord
According to my friend (Luke’s mom), it is more powerful than the dryer she uses at the local dog wash place. She really liked that the temperature stayed constant and it was the perfect temperature to keep Luke calm and comfortable.

Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer

Fido Max dog dryer by B-Air
We all know how dogs bond to their humans (and vice versa). Did you know that grooming can build a stronger relationship too?

Fido Max 1 is an essential tool used to build these stronger relationships by providing owners with a safe and effective way to home groom. Fido Max 1 is a powerful, yet quiet, force dryer built with high-quality materials and designed to deliver high-performance results. It repels water from the dog’s coat efficiently and safely without using heat, preventing rashes and over-drying of the dog’s skin. It is ideal for pet owners, mobile grooming units, self-wash stations, pet grooming salons, and dog-show grooming. Fido Max 1 is a safe and certified product that will not only help to ensure a happier and healthier dog, but also a happier and healthier owner.


This is a secret, but she also said that she used the Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer to clean her floor. It blew all the little white doggie hairs into the corner, making for easy pick up. Voila!

She did say the hose was a bit stiff which made it a bit awkward, but that she thinks it will get more flexible over time and with more use.

You can purchase the B-Air Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer on Amazon.com for $119.00. Think how much money you can save by grooming your dog yourself. You can also enter to win below!


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Fido Max-1 Dog Dryer giveaway

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  1. 1. Convince dog to enter bathroom, after i have removed anything i don’t want soaked.
    2. Beg him to enter tub.
    3. get dog wet ( this part feels like it takes 3 hours), lather him and then rinse him. All while trying to plead with him not to shake.
    4. use 6-7 towels to dry him, he of course is not even close to dry. I free him from the bathroom and shakes and drenches everything with water.
    I NEED this for my German Shepherd!! 😉

  2. My dog doesn’t mind baths but immediately runs around afterwards, and she’s still wet. This would help with getting her dry more quickly. Thanks.

  3. I wash my dog in the tub and rinse her well then dry with a towel. He doesn’t like being wet and this would make life easier

  4. Juno doesn’t mind his baths too much and in the summer he goes outside to dry but a dryer would be wonderful to use in the winter.

  5. My “grand dog” doesn’t like baths, so anything to simplify the washing process would be a great help. She doesn’t mind the grooming part.

  6. Bathe my super furry dog in bathtub then try and dry her with a towel. Never works good she ends up leaving wet spots everywhere. This would be awesome to help with that

  7. Stephanie Phelps on

    We wash Rebel a Mastiff about once a week and because he is so big this would help to make my job easier on me and him!

  8. My dog hates water so it is always a struggle. I make sure he feels really comfortable first and make sure everything is out and in reach so that the bath goes quick and easy!

  9. Chase dog after she sees me getting towels.
    Drag her out from under the bed.
    Drop her in the tub.
    Chase dog after she jumps out of tub and goes under bed again.
    Close door this time.
    Start hand held shower while dog cowers in corner with lips curled.
    Wet her and myself down after she shakes off the water.
    Wash as fast as I can.

  10. We wash the dogs out on or back deck and then make them stay out there until they are mostly dry. It is just too hard to blow dry them, but this might make it better!

  11. All our dogs hate baths and they are large dogs, one is only 7 months old and 70 pounds and after his bath he runs to the nearest bed and soaks the blankets!

  12. Jennifer Pellicone on

    Our routine:
    Our favorite spot is the backyard, but only usable in summer months.
    Fill up the pool/tub with water. Soap and really massage the pups coat.
    rinse with hose/shower wand.
    Refill water and soak pup while massaging to get every little bit of soap off.
    Then…one towel, two towels, three towels, four towels, five towels, six towels…send her to dad with another towel for him to continue the process.
    Oh, how much easier the drying process will be with this dryer. She also will not stay damp all day which is perfect for winter months!!!

  13. My babies don’t mind their baths, but would love something to dry them quickly. I always worry about them getting a cold, especially in the winter months, so this would be great. Love all of the different colors it is offered in.

  14. I do all my dog bathing and grooming at home. I have all the supplies, grooming table, tools etc. My dogs all tolerate the dryer, but it is on it’s final legs and doesn’t work well anymore. In the tub they go, then directly on the grooming table for drying and grooming.

  15. Sandy Klocinski on

    I take my dog in the shower and spray him with the water, then apply shampoo with my hands and use the shower spray to spray him off. Very easy to do…he is a chihuahua so it doesn’t take long. But he gets cold easily and towel drying doesn’t get him completely dry so this would get him dry and warm in a hurry

  16. I have a Maltese that hates bath time, so it’s quite a job when it comes to grooming him, whereas my pit bull loves them!

  17. well i put him in the whirlpool tub and he is good actually lets me bath him and then he shakes and before i can get his 50 pound handsome thing he is off on the floor rolling around then jumps to another spot and so on but if i take him outside i wash him and then he rolls around in the dirt go figure so this would help alot

  18. When it’s warm, we “cross-tie” the pooch to the deck like a horse, hose him off and hope we can dry him off before he rolls in something. Washing indoors involves house cleaning afterwards.

  19. We wash our dog in the utility sink in our laundry room, then towel dry as much as we can, and let her dry outside in the sun….so obviously we need this for those cold months when the usual plan won’t work.

  20. I have two dogs, one is short haired and wouldn’t have a need for this but the other. The other dog is a pappilion and this would help because he runs away so instead i can dry him.

  21. My dog loves baths and showers, but he has a thick coat of hair and takes forever to dry off. This would be handy to have!

  22. Austin Baroudi on

    My dog is really small so it’s super easy to give her baths. I just fill up the tub and bring her over. She freaks at first, but once she warms up to the water she seems to enjoy the whole thing.

  23. I don’t have a dog. I would give this to my sister. Her daughter brought home a dog that’s supposedly a shepherd/poodle mix but I suspect he’s part Irish wolfhound. He goes to a groomer for baths and this would certainly help them save money.

  24. Brittney House on

    When we wash our doggie, we wash him in the tub and try to try him off with a towel in the bathroom. It gets really messy. This would make bath time so much easier.

  25. 1) Brush dog
    2) Put on a bathing suit (dog is only calm if his head is on my lap)
    3) Bring all necessities into the shower without the dog noticing (hard because he follows me everywhere)
    4) Bath dog. Tell him he’s a good boy.
    5) Towel dry
    6) Blow dry on low heat
    7) Give plenty of treats
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Our dog gets weekly baths in the bathtub and it is a mess..lol! She always shakes all over after she is done and gets water everywhere! this would help us prevent such a huge mess each week in the bathroom!

  27. Ugh……washing and drying my dog is not fun for me or her. This would help me get her nice and dry instead of her rubbing herself on all the furniture.

  28. Jamie Williams on

    My dog washing routine is almost impossible. My siberian husky hates the bathtub. It takes 3 adults to hold him, I wash him and sometimes he jumps out anyway with the shampoo still on him and soaks the whole house. This would help that process and take about an hour off our normal routine.

  29. We have a tub in our basement with a spray attachment especially for the dogs. It would be so nice if there was a way to better dry them besides using a towel. I worry about them going outside when it’s chilly and they’re not completely dry. This would be totally awesome!!

  30. Our rescue is super timid and scared of water. My husband bathes her very calmly. She doesn’t mind a hairdryer so much.

  31. We have three little Maltese dogs that do not like bath time/grooming at all, so it’s always a little bit of a stressful time for them and me too.

  32. This is so nice! It’s a struggle giving our dogs a bath, and trying to dry them with a towel is a hectic wet mess! My dog runs through the house rubbing himself all over the carpet and furniture while I try to dry him with a towel that gets wet after a few minutes, this dog dryer would be amazing to win!

  33. It’s always a fight giving our little guy a bath. The drying process is usually the toughest, but this would be a great help.

  34. My dog is so large that we usually take him to the groomers to be cleaned. But if I won this, it would make washing him a lot easier to do at home.

  35. The dogs are normally washed (in the summer anyway) outside with the kennel hose, but even if they are toweled off, they are still definitely damp when back inside. A dryer would be VERY helpful.

  36. Lucky loves baths!!! The part we don’t like is when he gets out and thinks he needs to shake off everywhere. This would help greatly with drying him off faster!!

  37. We have two dogs and bath time can be a pain. Thankfully our dogs are use to it so they sit there and let me wash them then shake all over me once they get out.

  38. I have a new 15 week old Shih-Tzu and washing her is a problem in itself. Drying with a regular blow dryer is just too hot for her pink skin in one concentrated spot. This would be the best gift ever for myself!! Thanks.

  39. Laurie Emerson on

    This would help as we have 2 very large dogs. We heat up water and wash them in a kiddies pool in the back. The washing is not too bad but gosh when it comes to towels we use tons of them to dry them off.

  40. OH my gosh this is SO cool! I have one little dog who hates my hair dryer…hes a Yorkie and a lot of hair. He shakes through his whole very short bath, but that is nothing compared to the drying. I of course have to hold it well away from Armani so he doesnt get scared. He cries the WHOLE time…takes longer to dry than my own hair. If I dont dry him, he is FREEZING and shakes so much….we live in Wisconsin. poor little guy.
    And my daughter just got a husky two months ago and her puppy has some sort of parasite from drinking in a pond when a puppy , at the breeders. She has to bathe Zoey almost every day, which is so hard on both of them. I’d actually share this with her and also anyone in our neighborhood who has dogs…that would be 8 our of 10 on our small block!!! THank you!!!

  41. Virginia Rowell on

    I bathe my dogs in the shower since I don’t have a tub. I can’t blow dry them because they are afraid of the noise because the hair dryer is so loud. This would be great since it is quiet!

  42. Stephanie Larison on

    Right now we just hose her off outside and make her stay out until she’s totally dry. This would help dry her off quicker so she’d be able to come inside right away.

  43. he gets a bath once a week, we towel dry him a bit but then he runs around the house like a nut and rubs himself all over our couch and beds. this would be so nice

  44. Christian Alejandro on

    So first I stress out knowing it’s going to be quite the adventure. I almost have to drag our dog to take a bath. She’s restless throughout the first half of the and finally calms down. It’s quite an ordeal for all involved.

  45. Vikki Billings on

    I wash my dogs in the tub, and after I try to towel dry them but it never gets them all the way dry, then they are rubbing all over the bed, couch or rug trying to dry themselves, so it would be very helpful to own a dryer for them.

  46. One of my dogs doesn’t want to get out of the water and the other doesn’t want to go in. This would help me get them nice and dry before they jump on the furniture.

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