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Are your kids into electronics and tinkering with them? I know my oldest son is! He loves electronics and anything that allows him to create and use his imagination. Today I am going to tell you about a great new line of products that allows you or your child to create circuits safely with the help of an ink pen. The Circuit Scribe line has several different electronic design kits that are perfect for your tween, teen, or just someone who loves science.


The basic concept of Circuit Scribe is that you draw your circuits with the help of a revolutionary pen that uses non-toxic conductive silver ink. This allows both newbies and experienced makers to have fun with electronics – in a whole new way! You simply sketch from point A to point B and connect the components to build complex circuits. The rollerball pen will write on printer paper, construction paper, cardstock, and photo paper – although photo paper performs the best.

Circuit Scribe pen

This fall, Circuit Scribe has four new kits ranging in price from $9.99 to $99.99. There are also add-ons like a SPST switch, fan, motor and buzzer – all for less than $15.99. There is even a basic classroom kit, perfect for teachers. You can find the add-ons and other Circuit Scribe products at

We received the Ultimate Kit and my oldest son spent some time going through the workbook and sketchbook, learning to use the kit. He really enjoyed creating circuits with the pen and thinks the kit is a lot of fun. I know he spent a good two hours experimenting with the kit and I like that it’s educational AND fun for him.

circuit scribe in action

The Circuit Scribe Ultimate Kit contains everything needed to create fun and dynamic paper circuits. The kit includes 10 magnetic connection cables, a blinker, buzzer, light sensor, and two DPDT switches just to name a few. This kit is full of accessories to enable your kids to build a variety of circuits. It’s simple, fun, educational, and will make a great gift for anyone over the age of 8.

Ciruit Scribe Ultimate Kit

I love that my son is interested in STEM topics such as electronics, engineering, programming and math. I’m so glad that companies are creating products to help encourage kids to explore these topics. If you’re looking for a great educational gift this holiday season, we highly recommend Circuit Scribe electronic design kits. They’re affordable, fun, and educational – perfect for anyone!


You can use the code EIGHTYMPH15 for 15% off anything you order at through November 21, 2016.


I’m giving away a Circuit Scribe Maker Kit worth $79.99 to one lucky reader! Enter using the form below. Good luck!


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  1. vickie couturier on

    I learned
    Use your skills to make anything from interactive art to interactive paper devices while having fun.

  2. Heather Webster on

    My kids are always leaving caps of pens, so this was a concern for me. I learned that if you are having trouble with a clogged or dried up pen that typically all you have to do is tap it on the edge of your table. Thank you so much for this review. This looks awesome & would be perfect for my daughter who loves art & science!

  3. I learned that their workbook contains lessons covering many concepts of electronics, from material conductivity to basic digital electronics. Everything is taught in an accessible way, using our innovative conductive ink technology, providing an excellent platform for anyone wanting to learn about electronics.

  4. elizabeth miller on

    I learned that they discovered how to turn conductive ink into electricity without wires and that was the start up of the company.

  5. I learned that there are several different models and kits to choose from. There are even Classroom kits for School Teachers to choose from.

  6. I learned that you can draw 60 to 80 meters (196 to 260 feet) of traces with a single pen. Thanks.

  7. An unopened pen has a shelf life of about a year, and we’re optimizing the ink to try to make it last longer. Once it’s open, the pen will write smoothly for at least 6 months. After that time, the tip might dry out, but you can scribble on a damp paper towel to get it working again.

  8. Marilyn Nawara on

    I learned that their Developer Kit has 38 Modules. I don’t understand this stuff and have no interest in circuits, but hubby and my granddaughter are really into it. They have a lesser kit that they’ve really enjoyed — thinking that the Developer Kit would be a wonderful gift.

  9. By placing the paper over a steel sheet, included in every kit, your paper become the base for blinking lights, beeping buzzers, and whirling motors. That sounds so interesting!

  10. I learned that the start of the company began from them discovering how to turn conductive ink into electricity without wires.

  11. I learned that you can build simple circuits or complicated devices from basic switches to your own pen on paper machines.

  12. Love that it is a complete kit to build your imagination and everything you need is in the box. My son is so interested in circuitry!

  13. I visited the site and I was excited to learn that you can draw 60 to 80 meters (196 to 260 feet) of traces with a single pen that is awesome!

  14. I learned that an unopened pen has a shelf life of about a year, and we’re optimizing the ink to try to make it last longer. Once it’s open, the pen will write smoothly for at least 6 months

  15. Vikki Billings on

    I learned that when they first were getting set up their goal was $80,000 and 12,277 backers helped to raise $674,425, WHOA! That is pretty amazing!

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