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Women’s health is so important, and it is definitely a little different than a man’s health in so many ways. Fairhaven Health specializes in many products for many women’s issues, including fertility, pregnancy, and nursing supplements and products!

Below are a few items that Fairhaven Health offers, that might be of help, especially if you are trying to conceive.

FertilAid for Women

FertilAid for women supplements for reproductive health
Trying to get pregnant can be a very trying time for couples. Sometimes it can even feel hopeless. Help just might be here! FertilAid for Women is a fertility enhancing supplement designed for women who are trying to conceive. It is said to help restore balance with hormones, support reproductive wellness and increases and optimizes your chances of conceiving.

FertilAid for Women promotes overall reproductive wellness* by providing a complete prenatal vitamin, and a blend of herbs which can restore hormonal balance and even help with cycle regularity.

There is also a FertilAid for men (and several other products for men!). The price for FertilAid for Women is $29.95

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

OvaCue Fertility Monitor
Speaking of trying to get pregnant, one other thing that is helpful is knowing when you are ovulating! The OvaCue Fertility Monitor consists of a hand-held monitor, an oral sensor, and a vaginal sensor that can easily (and accurately) predict when ovulation is occurring. The best part? There is no messy urine testing!

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor lets you interpret your trends to pinpoint your fertile window, which helps determine when ovulation is occurring. The test is quick and easy – it only takes a few seconds per day. You won’t have to buy the product over and over again either, which saves a lot of money.

What is really neat is that you can easily share your data with your doctor, moderators in the forums or OvaCue Specialists who work at Fairhaven Health. It works in conjunction with the OvaGraph app which can chart all your data in one simple place.

mom holding baby in air
Fairhaven has many more fertility tool product options as well. In fact, they have all KINDS of products – not just for women. The MSRP for the OvaCue Fertility Monitor is $399.00.

You can purchase the above items on the Fairhaven Health website!

And finally:
IsoFresh Balancing Vaginal Gel

Ditch the douche! Retain your vaginal natural balance and stop unwanted odors. IsoFresh is a paraben-free, isotonic gel to help support your body’s natural self-cleaning system.  IsoFresh is great to use after your period, during exercise, after sex, during and/or after menopause or anytime you want to feel fresh.
Product Features + Benefits:
· IsoFresh is clinically shown to cause no tissue irritation (vs other leading brands showing moderate to high irritation).
· Paraben, glycerol, oil, and hormone free
· There are 12-14 applications per product vs. 4-6 with most other products
Age range: Adult Women
You can purchase IsoFresh for  $19.95.

You can  find pretty much everything you might need in women’s health at Fairhaven Health. They have items for breastfeeding and nursing too, which are pretty impressive. There are also plenty of articles on conceiving, pregnancy and other helpful information.

*All claims are according to the company, Fairhaven Health. These products have not been personally tried by anyone at Eighty MPH Mom. We always suggest talking to a doctor before starting any new product, or for any reproductive needs. Please click here for our full disclaimer.

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