Pakpod is the Perfect Gift for the Photographer on Your List


You know what it’s like when you want to capture the perfect memory .  You almost have everything in the view screen, the ultimate photo to share on Instagram and Facebook…but…you’re straddled precariously between two rocks…or if you could just wade out one more foot into the water, maybe you need to scoot up a bit on that tree.  What you wouldn’t give for a tripod in moments like these, but of course that isn’t something you just naturally carry with you for those epic and everyday adventures.  But it could be!

Pakpod, is the ultimate lightweight, collapsible, rugged tripod.  Made from High Impact ABS, it is built for adventure.

It weighs less than a pound, folds up to just around a foot long but it’s a workhorse.  The threaded mount and accessories, allows for a variety of recording devices to be attached, like GoPros and light DSLRs.

Or add a Pakpod Camera Mount Kit to use your phone.


The Pakpod is simple to set up and use.  Twist the locking knob counterclockwise to free the three legs, move them to the desired position and then tighten the knob clockwise to lock them.

To extend the legs (full extended 17.75”), press and hold the lower part of the buttons on each side and slide the leg out.  Release the buttons to lock.  The legs don’t all have to be at the same height, which allows you maximum flexibility when it comes to positioning the Pakpod.

See all those little holes in the legs?  Those are mounting holes.  There are 36 tie down points on the Pakpod which gives you myriads of options to use bungee cords, ties, maybe even jungle vines (LOL) to brace the Pakpod just about anywhere you might want to take it.

Due to it’s construction, even though it is light, the Pakpod is very stable.  Where I think the outdoor adventurers will find it set apart from most tripods are the attached stakes.  There are even little wrenches supplied that are attached within each leg so that you can adjust the tension and friction of the flip-out stakes.


If you want the whole family to be able to take advantage of the versatility of the Pakpod, additional stakes can be purchased, including Safe Stakes, which have rounded tips, making them safe for users of all ages.

Oh wait, did I mention that it’s waterproof?



Pakpod Image



Game changer indeed!!  It’s also freeze proof for those of you that don’t mind a cold, snowy adventure.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more versatile tripod before.  This is a perfect gift for adventurers and photographers.  Trust me they’ll think of you every time they’re snapping a photo or recording a video that would be impossible to capture without the Pakpod.


The Pakpod sells for $99.00 with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Free 2-Day U.S. Shipping on Orders $99+ or International Flat Rate $21 USD.


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  1. This is a great Holiday gift to give my husband who loves taking pictures. I really like how easy the Pakpod is to use and looks great!

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