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In our home, candy is a popular stocking stuffer. Although I don’t mind the kid’s eating candy throughout the year (in moderation), they still love to get candy in their stockings. One of our favorite candy brands is Brach’s.

We received a variety of Brach’s holiday candies to help celebrate the holiday season and when it arrived my boys were excited. Today I’d like to tell you about what we received and share with you what is available from Brach’s.

Brach's holiday candies

We received the Wintergreen Nougats, Holiday Spicettes, the Holiday Mix, Filled Raspberries, Cinnamon Imperials, and my favorite, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Almonds. Brach’s also has several different types of candy canes which we love to enjoy all throughout the holiday season. We hang them on the Christmas tree so anyone can grab one off and eat it at any time. Do you hang your candy canes on the tree too?

One thing that many people do is leave a candy dish out for guests to enjoy when they visit. Any of the candies made by Brach’s would make a perfect addition to your candy dish!

Growing up, my grandmother would make apple butter and add Brach’s Cinnamon Imperials to it for extra cinnamon flavor. My entire family loved eating Grandma’s apple butter on warm homemade biscuits or toast all through the holiday season. In fact, I have been itching to make my own apple butter using the Cinnamon Imperials we received so my little family can experience a little piece of my childhood for themselves.

If your family enjoys candy as much as mine does, I really can’t recommend Brach’s candies enough. They’re always delicious, fresh, and the perfect treat to help brighten your busy day!

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You can learn more about Brach’s holiday offerings by visiting brachs.com. You can also connect with Brach’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Celebrate the 2016 holiday season with the help of Brach’s!


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  1. Oh, Wintergreen Nougats! They are so hard to find here in SoCal. We love them so much, but not many of the stores here carry them.

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