What should you look for in an insurance agent?


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Looking for a new insurance agent can be daunting. I remember when we moved to a new state, how difficult it was, as we didn’t know anybody! Below are some tips to help you find just the right agent for your needs.

Characteristics to Look for in Your Automobile Insurance Agent

If you’re looking for a new auto insurance policy, avoid the temptation to save time with online comparison tools and quotes. These estimates, along with calling insurance companies directly, often fail to include discounts that could save you significant money on your premiums. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new car, or have a hot sports model, you need to secure all the savings you can.


Contrary to popular belief, working through an insurance agent can get you the best deal. It’s been reported in the past that people save more money by eliminating the middleman (or woman) and going to the insurance company directly, but this has proven to be a false assumption in many cases, especially when dealing with specialty insurance, such as sports car coverage. Yes, a local insurance agency works as your middle person, but he or she is also vested in getting your business to the carrier, and to do so, he or she knows the deal must be a good one. So, how do you pick an agent?

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To select an agent, consider his or her knowledge, as this will affect your overall cost savings. Years of experience do not count here; what counts is how well the agent knows the product. What also counts is how well he or she can use this product to save you money.


In this day and age, we can all benefit from saving money however we can. Overall knowledge will come out in the sales pitch, so listen carefully, and keep the following questions in mind:
~Was there discussion about insurance needs?
~Did he or she listen? Does the product cover all your bases?
~Does it fit within your budget?
~What are your savings?
~Do you have any questions after the presentation? No? You have a keeper.

Location, Location, Location

Another thing to take into account is location. A local insurance agency can better address your auto coverage needs because it knows your state laws, your area’s climate changes, and the common causes of vehicle collisions. If you live in a state with icy winters (such as I do), you’re more prone to have an accident than someone who lives in sunny SoCal, and a local agent can ensure that you are covered in any instance should you be the victim of an unfortunate incident.


You also want someone you can trust. You are entitled to make list of prospective agents and research them just as you would any other business you’re considering to solicit. One of the best ways to weed out the bad seeds is to ask the agent him or herself for client references. If he or she is confident the customers are happy, you’ll receive the contact information to make the calls. After you’ve interviewed customers, look the agent up online as well. State insurance authorities will list any action filed against the agent, and review sites will reveal true colors. This research helps you find the best of the best.

Whether you are looking for cost savings, specialized insurance, or both, working with a knowledgeable player will help you find the optimal policy at the best price for your automobile coverage.

Your car is your baby, so protect it with a comprehensive policy that won’t break the bank thanks to the agent who secured it for you.


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