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I don’t have, and never have had cancer {thankfully}. I have, however, known plenty of people who did/do have cancer and it is just heartbreaking. Not only do they have to be strong for their family and friends, but they have to be prepared for any type of outcome that cancer might provide. It can be a scary, lonely world when someone is dealing with cancer.  In addition to the emotional part of cancer, the physical portions can be very uncomfortable and/or painful. Chemotherapy takes such a toll on the body, causing major fatigue and some terrible side effects (mouth sores, headaches, muscle pain and so many more). Gift baskets for cancer patients can be the highlight of the week for many, and below I explain a little more about this.

If a cancer patient is in the hospital, it can be very boring and lonely. There is a lot of time to think (in this case unfortunately), about the cancer that is changing their life.

Whether you know someone with cancer or not, you can make a big difference to cancer patients! You might wonder how you can do this. One thing is to create and deliver a gift basket to a local hospital. Most hospitals are fine with this, although you can call and check first if you are not sure.

gift baskets for cancer patients
A gift basket doesn’t have to be expensive at all, but the joy it will bring is priceless. Below I have listed some ideas of items to include in your special gift basket.

What should be included in gift baskets for cancer patients?


Food products that are good to include in a gift basket are:
~Vegetables (raw or cooked) are always a great idea, as are a variety of fresh fruits. Acidic fruits should be avoided, as they can be painful if a patient has mouth sores from chemotherapy.
~Proteins are good and necessary for the body.
~tasty organic soups are always appreciated – especially in the cold winter months.
~Ginger Root Tea is good to include, as it can help with the chemo related nausea.
~Green tea also has many benefits for cancer patients, and they are highly encouraged to drink this daily.
~Dried fruits are great for snacking on, and have health benefits, but be careful when choosing these. Ideally you don’t want added sweeteners (which many dried, tart fruits contain). The only thing listed on the ingredient list should be fruit! Also make sure the packages say “no sulfites”.

Food items aren’t the only things that you can include in a gift basket. There are plenty of other items that can bring a big smile to the face of a cancer patient.

gift baskets for cancer patients

Miscellaneous items:

Unscented skincare products are wonderful, as chemo can cause chapped lips and dry skin. Gift cards are always a great option. One in particular is Jamba Juice. Chemo patients need to stay hydrated to flush toxins out of their bodies after each session.

Books, movies, coloring & activity books. Hours upon hours in a hospital, or bedridden at home can be extremely boring. There are several items that can help cure boredom. One of my favorite things to do these days is color! I have found that coloring helps to pass the time and it is just plain fun. What is nice is that there are so many adult coloring books available these days. Why not include one or more of these as well as colored pencils, gel pens, or marking pens? To make your shopping easier, I have included the link to my favorite books & pens below. You can also find these books at stores such as Walmart, Target, book stores, etc., and online at and Staples. I have also linked several headwear options.

Movies are a great inclusion for your gift basket. There is nothing like getting lost in a movie to take you into someone else’s world for awhile. Movies are a nice escape for everyone, but especially cancer patients. Movies allow them to temporarily forget about what they are going through, while they are absorbed in a good movie. Books offer the same escape.


Headwear is something that should definitely be included. As you probably know, chemotherapy can cause hair loss, and many patients want to cover their heads to keep their heads warm and to help their self-esteem. Hospitals are usually pretty cold, so covering the head is a must, especially when you don’t have hair to keep the head warm.

delivering gift baskets to cancer patients
Imagine the huge smiles you will see when you deliver your gift basket(s)! It might be a good idea to briefly explain what is inside the basket and ask if there is anything they would like from it now. If you are so inclined and willing to make another trip to the hospital, you can inquire as to what other things they need. If the patient doesn’t seem to tired, you could ask them if they mind your company for a bit. They might enjoy having someone to talk to. Keep it short and sweet though, as they do tire easily.

Please tell your friends, family and co-workers about this wonderful program, and don’t forget to share on social media to get the word out. Thank you!


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  1. I love that you are doing this.Re: foods… include easy to chew/eat foods. Some head and neck patients who have radiation often have to get teeth removed. I think the hat idea is awesome and would even include a few things for their caregivers (spouses/ people with them) and if possible include a gift card to the hospital cafeteria .

    The most important, is do something if you can. Sometimes if you or your spouse was/is a cancer patient just talking is nice. I know my husband has helped a number of people who faced head/neck cancer as he has went through it.

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