You might fall for these new cyber attack tactics – yes YOU!


You might fall for these new cyber attack tactics

Scary but true. These emails look SO real that even those who are tech savvy and are very careful can fall for this.

Like previous attacks, the emails look like they are from a real company. Cyber attackers are now focusing on Netflix users, sending emails asking you to re-enter your information. The email looks SO real, that most people will enter their information (credit card, address, even social security number).

The other type of attacks are via Gmail. You might receive an email that looks totally legit, like it is from a friend. You click on the link in the email and a box pops up (from Gmail/Google), and asks you to sign into Gmail again. I have to admit that the box looks JUST like any other time Google has wanted me to sign in to my account. Many times these emails come in the form of an e-card.

You might fall for these new cyber attack tactics
The Today Show did a segment this morning and they sent a bogus NBC email to three of their producers to see if they would fall for the scam. In this case, the email supposedly came from their employer (NBC). It looked SO real, with the logo and all, that all three producers clicked on the link and provided all of their personal information (including social security number). They were mortified when they were approached and told what they had just done.

Although it is easy to fall for these cyber attacks, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. It is suggested that you check with the sender of an email that contains an e-card or link to make sure they were the one who really sent it. For emails from companies/brands that want your information, you are better off logging into your account from the company website – NOT from the email. If there is an issue with your account, you should be able to find it there and correct the situation safely.

So, might you fall for these new cyber attack tactics?


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  1. I ALMOST fell for one from PayPal attack the other day. It looked so genuine. Sooo close to getting scammed. It’s crazy how the scammers come up with new and different tactics all the time.

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