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Honeywell heaters


It has been a COLD, COLD, snowy winter here in Central Oregon this year. Apparently it was the worst snowstorm in 25 years or so.  Of course this means that our heater and wood burning stove have been working overtime to keep us warm. The thing is we have a huge house and all off the areas (especially the far end downstairs and the huge bonus room upstairs), don’t really get warm. It is frustrating! The bonus room upstairs is also my craft room. I spend a lot of time there but it is frustrating when I get cold and have to stop what I am doing, and come downstairs just to warm up. Well, this was the case before I received two Honeywell heaters {that just happen to be pretty awesome}!

It is currently 16 degrees outside, but it has gotten as cold as 3 below in the past few weeks. It was so hard to stay warm even inside the house, prior to receiving and using these two Honeywell heaters.  Honeywell is a name I know and trust (and have for years). Over the summer I reviewed Honeywell fans, and just as they became essential with our summer heat, these heaters have become just as essential in our household during the winter.

First, I would like to share with you the Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater. I love that this is small and compact. BUT don’t let it’s size fool you – this heater is powerful! It will quickly warm a room (which is very much appreciated!).

honeywell UberHeat ceramic heater
One of my favorite features is that it has an adjustable thermostat with 2 heat settings. No matter what your internal “thermostat” might be, I’m sure one of these two settings will suit you perfectly.

honeywell heaters
honeywell heaters

The Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater {$39.99} is the perfect heater for a smaller room, office, or if you have a student in a dorm, this would be a perfect gift, as it really doesn’t take up much room at all.  They will thank you for sure on those cold nights while they are trying to study {or sleep}.

The Honeywell Heat Genius Heater {$69.99} is a real workhorse.  And although it has so many great features, it isn’t difficult to use. To me, there is nothing worse than a bunch of options/settings on an appliance, but it being so hard to use or figure out.


honeywell heat genius heater
Not only is this heater effective, but I think it is rather attractive. I don’t mind keeping it out when we have guests over. And once they get all nice and toasty, they definitely don’t mind! In fact, I have received some nice compliments from friends {as they sit snuggled up near it}.

honeywell heat genius heater
I love the handle in the back, which makes it so easy to tote around the house if necessary.

honeywell heater handle
The settings on the Honeywell Heat Genuis are very easy to understand. It has six customized settings for you to choose from for ultimate comfort. You can pick the setting just for you {personal}, heat the whole room, or use the floor mode.

The Quiet Mode is blissful – it combines a soft white noise with warmth. I absolutely love this feature, as I am a light sleeper – in fact, it helps me sleep. The HeatPhase Timer is a phased 30 minute – 2 hour auto-off timer that adjusts heat down a level every 30 minutes, until the heater turns itself off. This is such a great safety feature. I hate it when I leave the house wondering if I left something on. I know with the heater, that I needn’t worry.

honeywell heater
This heater also has some very important safety features, such as tip-over protection, overheat protection and a Cool Touch Housing.  I have had a fear of fire since I was a kid, so these features are especially important to me. The Honeywell Heat Genius is durable and sturdy and it stays in place, without tipping. I couldn’t ask for more and it has truly been a blessing during this cold winter. Both of the above heaters come with a 3-year limited warranty – what more could you ask for?

You can purchase either of the above Honeywell heaters on the Honeywell website, and retailers both online and off. You can also enter to win the Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater below!


One (1) winner will receive a Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater {$39.99 ARV}!

honeywell heater giveaway

Ends 2/20. U.S. only.

*No purchase necessary. Open to residents of US only. Giveaway ends February 20, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. (PST). ONE ENTRANT PER HOUSEHOLD/IP Address! I check all entries – cheating will not be tolerated. Winner will be notified via email and needs to reply within 48 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. Please make sure you check your spam folder – I will not be responsible if you did not receive winning email notification. Winners name(s) will be displayed on the post, and will also be posted on Winners List shortly after drawing has occurred. Winners will be chosen randomly by Giveaway Tools. Screenshots of winners available by request. Prize will be shipped directly from sponsor or their PR Agency unless otherwise noted. Eighty MPH Mom is not responsible for prizes lost in transit, although every attempt will be made for prize delivery.

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  1. We use portable heaters in our RV to add to the built-in heating system. We could definitely use a new one and this prize seems just right!! Thanks for hosting.

  2. We need this heater because our heat pump keeps acting up. In December it took over a month for us to get it repaired and meanwhile our house was around 65 degrees most days! 🙁

  3. I need this heater to put under my desk at work because it’s a small office (like utility closet size) and I don’t like the door shut all the way, but my office is in the front of the building where the automatic doors open all the time and I get COLD!

  4. I really need this heater; it is the perfect size for the office/family room in the basement. It is the draftiest room in the house. We all like to congregate down here because is so cozy. I keep my throw around me but the cat steals it, yes the cat!

  5. I would love to get this for my mother and father. They are older and both have health issues. Circulation issues and they do get cold .

  6. I would love to win this Honeywell heater for my sister because she lives alone in WA, and it’s so cold there!
    Thank You for the chance!

  7. Melissa Storms on

    We could use this in our master bath. For some reason it gets very cold even when the rest f our home is comfortable.

  8. we need this heater because we like to keep our bills low and our house warm. we would use it in the room we are in so we can achieve our goal.

  9. I need this heater because I use a heater to help warm up my office space and this one looks like it can heat it up really fast!

  10. Jeanne Coulombe on

    I want this heater for our bathroom for some reason the bathroom is always cold and I hate taking a shower and freezing when you get out!

  11. I need this because my apartment has a really old heating system and it cost a fortune to heat up my apartment. I would use this in my bedroom and close the door to keep my room toasty!

  12. Our master bath can be very cold, it has a big window that keeps it from ever warming up. This heter would be awesome for cold mornings.

  13. F Paulette Dorland on

    This would be great for my husband who has circulation problems and is always cold. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Melissa Hartley on

    I need this heater for my friend Carrol..her house is really big & hard to keep warm in the winter..thanks so much!

  15. My kitchen needs a little help in heating it tends to be colder than my other roms so this would be great to own thanks for the chance.

  16. I would love this heater. We could really use it as we heat our home with a wood stove and some nights as the temp drops and the fire dies out we wake up to a very cold house. Sometimes is gets down to 58 in here. It takes time for the wood boiler to heat back up enough to heat the house. This would come in handy on those cold mornings.

  17. Kelly Nicholson on

    Tell me in a comment, why you need this heater!

    perfect for keeping me feet warm while i do contest,although…we have had no winter her at all

  18. Christine Labelle on

    I am always cold. Our room is freezing at night (he loves it, I don’t) and this would be helpful for our New England winters.

  19. We have a large house and instead of heating up the whole house it would be more cost effective to use a portable heater in the room we are using instead.

  20. A friend of mine recently moved into a little cottage and old wall heater is not very effective, so she could really use this.

  21. I need this heater to warm my bedroom because it faces the North winds and being 87, it is hard for me to stay warm. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  22. Suzanna Pickering on

    my mobile home is drafty-like many mobile homes are-NY winters are cold-heat bills high-having a heater to help keep rooms warn -would be a luxury for me

  23. I would like to have this heater because we are currently renting an older apartment and the heat seems to go right out the windows/walls. This could keep me nice and toasty–even if it’s only temporary! 😀

  24. We live in a single floor home, the floors are always cold and my feet freeze! This would be great for my little workspace to keep me warm without turning up the thermostat!

  25. Rodney Koodray Jr on

    Our upstairs doesn’t get the proper heat and is always 10-15 degrees cooler then rest of the house. This would def help in one of the rooms. Thanks

  26. I need this heater for an enclosed porch that I have on my home. In colder weather it’s mostly unusable space. With a really good space heater it makes a nice place to sit and read or do crafts.

  27. We live in a trailer, which are known for their poor insulation. Ours is old and doesn’t keep heat in as well as it should. This would make our bedroom or living room warmer in our cold NY winters.

  28. Mendy Dinsmore on

    I need this heater for my bathroom. It’s always cold in there. My heater I had in there, went out. I would love to win anything from Honeywell. Great products.

  29. We like to sit in our living room to watch tv and it is very drafty I am always wearing a blanket this would make it more tolerable

  30. Christina Sparks on

    I work from home and my office is the coldest room in the house, I always have to wear a jacket and put a blanket over my lap.

  31. Dewayne Bradshaw on

    This would be great because my son is always cold. He needs a heater to help him not tense up and hurt himself.

  32. We heat with wood for the winter.. and that means the further you are away from the wood stove, the cooler it gets. Well, I could use this in the laundry room so I can feel comfortable instead of cold while washing and folding clothes!

  33. I need this heater because we have an attached porch that is not heated. I’d love to spend more time there during winter months!

  34. courtney hennagir on

    I am always,ALWAYS cold! I would love to have this by my desk at home to help keep me warm since it is always so cold in that room.

  35. My home office is much colder than the rest of my home, due to sliding glass doors. Trying to work in it during the day is sometimes brutal.

  36. This would be wonderful to win because we live in an old farmhouse and we heat with wood. This would be great for when we are gone. Thank you

  37. I have a new office space in a different location here in Boston, and they just stripped the insulation out of the walls for exterior renovations. It’s an icebox back here and I dont get the same heat as the rest of the building.

  38. Noelle Carroll on

    I would use this in my living room, we are trying to cut down on heating costs this winter because its been so expensive to heat our home…so this would help tremendously

  39. We have an older apartment and the heat really flies out the windows, so we try to use smaller space heaters that aren’t near the windows and door to actually feel the heat. With this, we could actually keep my room warm – right now, I just use the overflow from the one in the living room and cuddle under blankets and the dog to keep toasty warm.

  40. Winters are cold in upstate New York, and my apartment only has a gas heater in the living room, so the heat doesn’t reach my bedroom. This unit should heat my bedroom nicely. Thank you for the chance to win.

  41. I’d love a new heater, living in Michigan it’s cold half the year and our house is freezing! I’d love to heat our bedroom!

  42. I would want this for my son”s family. they have a new baby and for some reason the bedroom in their apartment is never very warm

  43. I love the Honeywell brand. They make quality products that work. I’d love to have the heater because we need duct work done, so our heat isn’t the best. It would help warm us up!

  44. Docia Vagnerini on

    I need this because I also live in Central Oregon and the winters can be soooo cold! This would be wonderful, thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  45. Our bathroom is the coldest room in the house so I’d use it there to help me keep from freezing my butt off when bathing or showering..

  46. my kids like the house cool and I’m always cold. So I would like the extra heater for my bedroom. I would keep it nice and toasty in there.

  47. This seems so awesome. I would totally bring this gem to work with me since I work in the emergency room and the majority of the time I am freezing. This would be so helpful!

  48. Janice Gabriel on

    We enclosed our carport to make more space in the house, and the extension is always too cold or too warm. This heater would be perfect to make this area more comfortable, especially for my sweet 89 year old mother’s health and well being!

  49. I have uneven heating in my home,in the Midwest. This year had above average temps, but it usually gets quite below freezing. Our bathroom is at the end that gets less circulation from the furnace and a heater during bath times would help keep us cozy and warm during the winter.

  50. my daughter and i are always chilly lately and this would be so nice to have at our feet for those days when it is cold in the house!

  51. Our son’s bedroom is in a lower level. It’s quite cool down there. This would really be great to heat his space without taking up a lot of room.

  52. Jerry Marquardt on

    I need this heater because my office is in the basement, and if I try to get comforting temperatures in here, the whole house is too hot. This would be the answer to my problem.

  53. Vikki Billings on

    I need this heater because my bedroom is really cold, its the coldest along with the living room. This house is not insulated well and the front door leaks air badly. It would help me keep warm.

  54. I so need this amazing heater because I live in an older home that is drafty and the upstairs bedroom (my bedroom) has no heat.

  55. I could really use this because my room is super cold during the winter and it’s almost unbearable to stay in there for long!

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