Samsung tax time deals at Walmart


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Samsung tax time deals at Walmart

It is that time of year again – the dreaded tax time. I can almost hear the collective groans across the nation, as people prepare their taxes. Some people aren’t complaining though, as they are getting a refund! If I were getting a refund this year, I would definitely be shopping at Walmart. Up until a couple of years ago, we used to get a pretty hefty refund, and tax time was something we looked forward to, for that very reason. It was kind of like a savings account, and we always did something fun (or necessary) with the money. When we were able to purchase “fun” things at tax time, it was usually something electronic for our home. If you are ready to have a little fun too, check out the Samsung tax time deals at Walmart!

It is a great time of year to take advantage of some fantastic prices and great choices! In fact, the low prices at Walmart might help to stretch your tax refund dollars quite a bit.

Our family is a huge fan of Samsung – we have about five Samsung televisions in our home and have been extremely happy with them. Samsung is a brand we know and have trusted for many years. In fact, when we moved out of state a couple of years ago and had to purchase a new washer & dryer set, we headed right to where the Samsung washers and dryers were in the store, and we bought a beautiful set. We are so happy with them and haven’t had any problems {with our washer/dryer OR our television sets}. Their products are definitely reliable!

So what does Walmart have in store for everyone this tax season?

Samsung tax time deals at Walmart
Well, of course there are Samsung TVs at Walmart!

The Samsung UHD TV is a great option, as it has an amazing picture and impressive detail. With UHD, You can watch television at 4 times sharper than regular, full HD. I love how this television is not bulky – it is super slim. Another neat feature is Smart View. This means you can even watch your shows on your mobile device, OR you can watch things from your phone on the TV {using the Smart View app}. Neat, right?

Samsung tax time deals at Walmart
If you have been wanting a new tablet, now is the time to take advantage of the low prices of Samsung tablets at Walmart. The Samsung Galaxy Tab E just might make your life a little easier, as you can take it on the go and browse the web, listen to music, play games, or even catch up on work. This would be especially handy if you commute by train or bus. The 7,300mAh battery will keep you powered up to watch, read and game at home or on the go.

Need a new mobile device? Yep – Walmart has those as well! You will find plenty of Samsung Mobile devices at Walmart – something for everyone in the family! And the prices? They can’t be beat. Here are a couple of examples to show you just how low they are.


The Straight Talk GS7 is just $599!

Samsung Straight Talk GS7 phone at Walmart
The Straight Talk GS7 is a great option.  It has a big screen but it is very thin. That is what I need! I have such a hard time reading on a small phone, so a lightweight phone with a bigger screen sounds absolutely heavenly. This phone also charges very quickly – it powers up from 0 to 100 percent in no time. Now THAT is impressive! It is waterproof {water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes}. It resists spilling and splashing (and even dunking!). It sure sounds like a phone that would be good for me, since I have the “dropsies”. The Straight Talk GS7, thanks to its dualpixel smartphone camera, makes capturing low-light photos a breeze, and it takes stunning photos. This phone is big on memory {and you can also add more if desired}.

There are way too many features to list, but you should definitely take a look on the Walmart site to see why this phone is such a great choice.

What is nice is that no matter what type of phone you, your partner and/or kids might want or need, you will be thrilled with the Samsung phone selection and products. The phones at Walmart include the Verizon J1, ATT Express Prime and Straight Talk Galaxy S7.

We really enjoy our home audio system. I love to turn the music up while I am cleaning and/or cooking. It just makes it fun somehow! When we watch TV or movies in our home, the sound is absolutely fantastic, which in turn, makes our viewing much more enjoyable. If you have been wanting a great home audio system, Walmart has you covered there too! Why not consider a Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar {2.1ch 130W Wireless Subwoofer soundbar} or another home audio product to enhance your television watching experience?

samsung DAV-soundbar at walmart
Don’t forget about the Samsung tax time deals at Walmart when your refund check comes in!

And now I want to go shopping…

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