I’m loving the Walmart Grocery Pickup Service!


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*Disclosure: I tested out Walmart’s Online Grocery service mentioned in this post, and received grocery shopping funds from Walmart in order to do so.

Walmart Grocery Pickup service

walmart grocery pickup
Grocery shopping really isn’t my favorite thing to do. I don’t mind throwing things in my cart, seeing new products, etc., but waiting in a long line to check out just isn’t fun to me. I really like to get in and out quickly, but that rarely seems to happen. Until recently.

My daughter recently moved into an apartment and needs pretty much everything. We thought this would be a great opportunity to try the Walmart grocery pick-up service and get her a few needed items. Say what? A pickup service? Yes – just color me delighted!

walmart pick up service
How does the service work? It’s simple!

~Go to Walmart.com
~In the top right corner, click on “Grocery Pickup”
~Enter your zip code to make sure your local Walmart offers this service
~Choose a time to pickup
~Pick up from Walmart

What’s neat is that they have “shoppers” who do the shopping for you. They always try to pick out the freshest products {love this – I always fear that I will get mushy veggies or something, when I don’t personally pick my own things out}. They even have a 100% money-back freshness guarantee.

More impressive is that there isn’t a fee for the pickup service! Not only am I only saving money by shopping at Walmart, but I am STILL saving using their pick up service. Some stores charge for this service.

walmart pickup service

Once you have chosen your items, place your order and sit back and relax until it is time to pick up your grocery order from Walmart. It seriously couldn’t be easier. You can use the Walmart app to check-in if you want, or go to the kiosk.

With her apartment, my daughter also acquired a kitty that really doesn’t have much. Now she does, as evidenced below. The kitty (“Summer”) seems to be fascinated with her new cardboard scratching post. My daughter also bought her a bag of catnip. Lucky cat!

walmart cat scratcher

The Walmart Grocery pickup service would be especially helpful if I were still working outside the home. As it is, it is super convenient with me being a work-at-home mom. Imagine working away from home and on your lunch hour, ordering all you need for home, and simply heading to your Walmart store after work for a quick pick up.

If you desire, they will even load the car for you {a huge plus in my book – I would have especially appreciated the Walmart grocery pickup service after my neck surgery, when I couldn’t lift much!}.

walmart grocery pickup

If you haven’t tried Walmart grocery pickup yet, I highly encourage you to give it a shot! The other nice thing is it curbs the impulse buying a bit. I am personally like a kid in a candy store when I enter a Walmart.

The other nice thing is shopping for groceries at Walmart is always cheaper than shopping at a regular grocery store. I love that! Well that, and that they have so many things I always need to seem, besides just groceries! Heading to Walmart can definitely save oodles of time, when you don’t have to run all over town for various products.

Eighty MPH Mom gives Walmart grocery pickup a big thumbs up!

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  1. Walmart grocery pickup is perfect for handicapped shoppers!!!!

    My right leg is amputated making grocery shopping difficult and time consuming. I have a prosthetic leg so I don’t use a electric cart. By the time I’ve walked around getting my groceries, stood in line forrrrrrrrrever to pay, hauled my stuff to and then loading my car I’m too tired and sore to bring my stuff in the house.

    Now by shopping and paying for groceries via the web, driving to Walmart and having my stuff loaded in my car by Walmart associates I have the energy to bring my stuff into my home.

    Another great thing is a lot of common household and personal care items are also available on the Walmart grocery website including filters for my home central ac/heater!

    • I can’t help but think how helpful this would have been for my dad too – he also had a leg amputated (below the knee) and he was always very sore after shopping/walking for awhile. I am glad you are enjoying the service!

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