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My oldest daughter is a budding artist.  She can spend hours sitting at the table with a pad of paper or a coloring book, drawing and coloring beautiful pictures.  I can always tell when she is getting ready to do some art work by the gleam in her eyes and the smile on her face.  But once she finishes a picture, most of the excitement is gone.  Although she loves to show off and we love to hang up and admire her beautiful creations, I can tell that she would like to be able to do more with them once they are finished.

I was so excited to have her try out some fun paper building kits from Paper Punk.  With Paper Punk, children take flat pieces of paper and turn them into three-dimensional paper toys in a few easy steps.  First, color and decorate each piece.  Then, fold the pieces on the seams and insert the tabs into their corresponding spots in numerical order.  Finally, enjoy playing with the toys that you created!  The only tools needed are your hands (no scissors or glue).

We received the Paper Punk “Color + Build My Life as a Fashion Designer” kit.  The kit comes with markers, stickers, and tons of the pieces to color and create an entire fashion studio – the pieces include a backdrop, rug, stools, dress forms, mirror, rolling rack, credenza, iron, fabric, laptop, sewing machine, work table, tons of clothes, two males, two females, and even two dogs!  My daughter immediately opened the kit and got started coloring.  I had to stop her so that I could see what was in the kit and explain to her what to do with the pieces after she colored them!  Once she finished each piece, I showed her how to fold the pieces to become three-dimensional shapes.  Then came the best part – setting up the various pieces and playing fashion studio!

We also received the Paper Punk “Color + Build Graffiti Blocks Happy” kit.  This kit also comes with markers and stickers to decorate the various blocks.  Each block has six designs/sides to color, each with a fun image or saying.  There are different size blocks, and they were really easy to fold up.  I even got involved in the coloring and had a great time with my daughter, sitting side-by-side at the table, talking and laughing.  This kit also has a city backdrop, perfect for the graffiti blocks.

Finally, we received the Paper Punk “Pup002” kit to make our own paper toy dog!  This kit was a little bit different in that there was no coloring involved.  Each piece was already decorated with colorful designs (like stripes and dots).  I folded all of the pieces into their shapes, and then we stuck them together in the shape of a dog with the enclosed adhesive dots.  We then decorated our dog with stickers and named it.  My daughter loved making her very own dog, and I thought it turned out pretty cute!

I loved that my daughter was able to do most of the work by herself.  But the best part by far is that the excitement she feels when coloring continues long after because she is able to play with her creations.  With Paper Punk, she can combine her creative side with her imaginative side!   (Plus, when she was done playing, all of the pieces fit back in the box for easy clean-up and storage, which is great for moms like me who do not like having toys cluttering up every room in the house!)

You can buy all of the Paper Punk kits online or at Target – there are a number of other kits available as well.  Prices range from $9.99 to $24.95 (the three kits I received sell for $14.99 each).

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    This looks like a lot of fun! I know some girls who would really enjoy this. Thank you for sharing.

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