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They say that April showers bring May flowers but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Before those flowers start blooming, there’s a little something more that we must not overlook. With the ground freshly saturated from those inevitable springtime showers, it’s none other than muddy puddles that arrive. Coincidentally enough, April 1st was National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day and, as a Peppa Pig VIP Parent, I can certainly attest to that being an oinktastic day for sure.

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Project

As if that in itself didn’t sound fun enough, the celebratory day also kicks off an entire season filled to the brim with special events for Peppa Pig’s chosen charity, The Muddy Puddles Project. For those of you that may not be familiar with this particular charity, there is an incredible backstory that I must share:

The Muddy Puddles Project is a fundraising platform for the Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation, a certified 501(c)(3) that funds pediatric cancer research. The project was inspired by Ty, a little boy who loved Peppa Pig and dreamed of jumping in muddy puddles when his cancer was cured. Since his passing, The Muddy Puddles Project has grown by leaps and bounds with families all across the country joining the mission.

Having had pediatric cancer affect my own life by wreaking havoc on the lives of our dear friends and their young son, this particular cause is near and dear to my heart. Oftentimes, we feel helpless as supporters because we think that there’s not much that we can do to bring about change. That’s where we’re wrong. We can bring change by being a voice for them, by bringing attention to this horrid disease, and by creating awareness around the cause. That’s where you come in.

Ask yourself this – how often have I jumped in muddy puddles?

If you think back, whether it’s to yesterday or to your own childhood, I can bet that you can honestly answer at least once, many of us can say more. Now, what if I told you that you could help to potentially save a child’s life by doing just that? Would you find the nearest muddy puddle? Would you jump?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then here’s how you can help:


Peppa Pig Welly Walk
Peppa Pig Welly Walk

A welly walk is as simple as it sounds. Taking a stroll outside – rain or shine! – in your favorite wellies (rain boots!). Enjoy the outdoors in a fun way that embraces a beloved childhood activity, heed Mummy Pig’s “if you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots” advice, and honor all the children who are currently battling cancer.

To bring more awareness to the cause, kids and families as well as schools nationwide host their own “Welly Walks” and take part in the charity’s Mess Fest events to honor all children who are battling cancer and unable to enjoy such simple pleasures of childhood.

There are so many fabulously creative ways in which you can support and host your very own Welly Walk. With everything from posters and letters to fun activity sheets, you can download the Peppa Pig Welly Walk Kit to set yourself up for success. Including everything that you’ll need to host a successful and memorable walk of your own, it’s the April shower start to your very own blooming of hope for a cure.


Muddy Puddle Jump Challenge
Peppa Pig April Showers

This option is best suited for those of you that are social media savvy. We’ve all seen the daily array of hashtags that pop up through our feeds on various social networks and, while most are just silly nods to a particular day of the week or a personal reference, some of them are rather important. We’ve all seen those handful of hashtags that go viral and the online challenges that find their way into real life scenarios. Now, while the typing of a quick hashtag or the completion of a simple challenge may be fun, from time to time, they actually do help to create awareness for your cause. If enough people share it and even more people see it, it creates a will in people to get up and do something about it.

We’re asking Peppa fans from coast-to-coast to post photos and videos of themselves jumping in a “muddy puddle” – just like Peppa Pig and her family love to do! – to show their support for the charity and the special day.

To get in on the action, just head outside! Spend time with the kids, be playful, get a little dirty, and be sure to bring your camera! Simply upload your photo and/or video with the hashtag #PeppaMuddyPuddleChallenge and help by doing your part to create awareness for pediatric cancer! The folks behind the Peppa Pig television show will share some of their favorites across the Peppa Pig social pages to further spread the word and to encourage other fans to post their own muddy puddle moments!


Children are only young for so long and, as parents, it’s our job to let them be just that – kids. There are so many children in this world – like Ty – that aren’t fortunate enough to have that same luxury because pediatric cancer horridly altered the course of their young lives. Far too many children have lost their battles and it’s imperative that we fiercely stand up – jump! – and create change. So, please, join me in acting like a child. Throw your fears out the window, stomp on into your wellies, grab your child’s hand, put yourself in a Peppa Pig mindset, and find the nearest muddy puddle.

Just jump.

Jump for those that cannot.

Jump for those that wish they could.

Jump for those that no longer have the strength.

Jump for those that lost their lives.

Jump to find a cure.

Just jump!

Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles Project

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To learn more about The Muddy Puddles Project and to read up on Ty’s story, feel free to visit the charity’s website at You can also stay up to date with them on their social media pages where you can see all of the fun to be had at their Welly Walks and Mess Fests.

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