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I love to travel and plane travel is my transportation of choice.  Many of us remember back in the day when checked baggage did not cost an extra fee, but alas  I’m thrifty and so aim to be a packing ninja and only take one carry-on bag and my personal item when I fly.  That way I save myself some money, so I can have more to spend at my destination 🙂 .  Yes even when I’ll be gone a week.  It can be done!  I recently was sent a few organizing travel products from RuMe that I know will be my go to choices to pack with in the future.

My personal item is usually a tote that I can stuff pretty much everything that I don’t want in my small suitcase or doesn’t fit in it 😉  But totes are such a vast wasteland of space where all your things can get lost in a black hole, never to be found when you need them.  All that extra space in a tote is awkward when you travel.

RuMe’s Tote Organizer is a modern, efficient, easy organizing accessory for your totes and large handbags.  With four interior mesh pockets, four exterior pockets, a large interior compartment and one 12-inch interior zippered pocket, there is room to organize all your things.

The best part about it is that you can pack it up and then move it easily from one tote to another, or use it as a stand alone organizer.

Pack Everything You Need and Then Just Hang it Up at Your Destination

This Garment Travel Organizer is seriously the best thing since sliced bread if you are a frequent traveler.  Up until now I’ve used packing cubes when traveling, but the RuMe GTO brings efficient packing to a whole new level.

I can pack my hanging garments on one side and then flip it over and pack my tops, leggings, undergarment, hosiery, and other items on the other side in the mesh pockets.  Fold it together, secure and drop it in my carry on.  Done!

Then when I reach my destination the strap clips can be fastened around a closet bar so all you need to do is hook it up and all your clothing is at the ready in the organizer.  Genius.

I appreciate the protocols that are in place to make flying safer for everyone, but I don’t think I’ve gone on one trip where my plastic 3-1-1 zip bag hasn’t ripped.  But it’s important to stay within the TSA compliance when it comes to your carry-on items, so I’ve upgraded to the RuMe Reveal Quart.

Not only is it TSA compliant for your small liquids, it’s durable and.. machine washable (thank you RuMe! Because my sunscreen and hair putty always leak when I travel!)

These affordable travel organizers will make your vacation that much more relaxing when you’re not digging for all the things in your bags and suitcases.  Upgrade your packing style with RuMe products.  You’ll be spending less time packing and searching and more time enjoying your destination.

You can buy RuMe products on their website Prices for products start at $5.95.

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  1. Kimberly Flickinger on

    I am putting one of these bags on my birthday wishlist , I can definitely use on these and they are pretty!

  2. This post totally reminded me I need to get a garment bag. My last trip it tore in the trunk and I had a time traveling with those dresses.

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