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It’s springtime!  A time for new growth – green grass, leaves on trees, and flowers.  And what is needed for everything to grow?   Rain, of course!  We are just getting started with the rainy season here.  Even though I love cool rainy days and the smell outside after a cleansing rain, I am already getting sick of trying to stay dry when I have to walk outside in the rain.

I usually wear a coat with a hood when it is rainy, but that does not always help protect me from getting wet, especially if it is windy and I have trouble keeping my hood in place.  I have never been much of an umbrella person, but that was before I had the chance to try some super cute umbrellas from ShedRain!  With a great selection of styles and patterns of umbrellas from Cirra by ShedRain, available exclusively at Target, I think I will definitely be using an umbrella instead!

We received a Fashion Compact UmbrellaBubble Umbrella, and Compact Umbrella (there are also Stick Umbrellas and Mini Compact Umbrellas available).   There are so many adorable and fun patterns for each type of umbrella, but I was happy with the ones that we received.  The Fashion Compact Umbrella came in the bright yellow, blue, and green Multi-Colored pattern.  The Bubble Umbrella that we got was the Black Striped pattern, with alternating clear and black stripes.  The Compact Umbrella was super cute with its pattern of colorful Ice Cream Cones.

I also love the cool features of the umbrellas.  The Fashion Compact Umbrella and Bubble Umbrella are auto open and auto close.  All you have to do is push a button and it opens up.  Then you push the button again and watch it close!  That is the best feature to me – one of the reasons that I did not like using umbrellas was because I thought they were so hard to open and close.  I would usually pinch my fingers trying to get them open and closed.  Now I can easily do it with just one hand!  The Compact Umbrella opens and closes manually, but it is still way easier to do than other umbrellas (no pinched fingers here).  The Fashion Compact Umbrella also has an AirVent canopy that allows air to flow through and reduce the risk of the umbrella being turned inside out in heavy winds (which definitely happens here).  The Fashion Compact Umbrella and Compact Umbrella are the perfect size for my girls, and they do not take up much room when storing them in the closet.  The Bubble Umbrella is big enough for more than one person to stand under and has a curved handle which I use to hang it up easily for storage.

I am actually looking forward to the next few months of rain because I am prepared to face it with these great ShedRain umbrellas!  The Fashion Compact Umbrella and Bubble Umbrella sell for $18.99, and the Compact Umbrella sells for $11.99.  All of the umbrellas range in price from $11.99 to $19.99, and are available for purchase at Target (in stores and online).  You can also learn more about ShedRain and view all other umbrellas available!

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  1. I am always losing my umbrellas somehow. They have some cute designs. My favorite is the RainEssentials® Auto Open Auto Close Print Compact Umbrella in the Lille design.

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