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Summer is here…finally!  Over the summer months, we spend a ridiculous time in water.  Lake, swimming pools, water slides, you name it, and we’re there!  As the mom of two kiddos, I’ve discovered that little girls have a tough time with swimsuits and potty time.  Seriously, how many moms can relate?  As a mom, you know how it goes – you have to go and it’s a choice between waiting it out or shimmying that wet on piece swimsuit up and down.  Yeah, I wait it out.  My daughter on the other hand, can’t.  That’s where FASTEN Swimsuits come into play!

FASTEN Swimsuits offer a stylish one-piece suit that have snaps and hidden magnets that make it easy to take care of business and then get back to the fun.  Whether you have a little one in diapers or a big girl who can manage the restroom by herself, FASTEN Swimsuits will make the process a lot easier.

So how does it work?

There are snaps and hidden magnets in the in the pink band.  Genius, right?  It’s a one piece suit that makes diaper changes or restroom breaks super easy.  Paige was floored and the FASTEN swimsuit has become her “favorite suit ever!”  Yes, that’s a direct quote!  The magnets are strong, after all of the cannon balls and jumping in the lake, there was absolutely no sign of movement from the magnets or snaps.

There are so many fun and adorable swimsuit options, I had a really hard time selecting a suit for Paige.  Chevron, polka dots, one shoulder to straps, patterns or solids, there is something for everyone!  FASTEN swimsuits are available in sizes 6 months through size 10, but know that you should size up.  It’s stated right on their website that the suits run smaller than other brands.  As an online shopper, I certainly appreciate that they are upfront with this information.  It made my shopping experience easier.  All swimsuits are rated UPF 50+, I certainly appreciate that added protection.

Paige not only has the String of Jewels with Fuchsia One-Shoulder Bathing Suit, she also received the Fuchsia Cold Shoulder cover-up.  The cold shoulder style is all the rage right now!  It perfectly complements the FASTEN swimsuit and again is rated UPF 50+.  It’s light, dries quickly and absolutely adorable.  The cover-up is comfortable too, often times Paige will wear it all day long, that or she’s just being passive aggressive about wanting to go to the lake.

Like many swimsuits and coverups, As an added bonus, all FASTEN Swimsuits and Cover-ups are made right here in the USA.

When you sign up for FASTEN, you’ll receive 20% off your first order and receive free shipping.

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  1. Really nice swimsuit and my daughter would look really nice in one of these and looks easy to use. I like the hidden magnets and straps!

  2. Marti Tabora on

    This is such a great idea. I wish they had made swimsuits like this when I was a little girl. It sure would have made life easier.

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