Silk plants and flowers that look real? Yes!


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Silk Plants and flowers

I love the look of plants in a home (or office, or anywhere really!). They add an element of coziness and they can dress up a bare tabletop, table, dresser, and even an empty corner.

In our house though, we cannot have real plants. We have three indoor kitties, that are busy, busy, busy. We cannot take the chance of having live plants in our home, as many plants are toxic. The solution for this problem is silk plants. Which, really, is kind of nice. I don’t have to worry about the plants meeting their untimely demise, due to my forgetting to tend to them.

I have had plenty of artificial/silk plants over the years, and I have found that they are NOT all created equal. I remember one cheap-o potted silk flower arrangement I purchased. After a few months, the edges of the leaves and flowers started fringing. The flowers looked ridiculous and they definitely did not look like the real deal. I quickly got rid of that arrangement and eventually got something else.

I do love quality products, and I want my silk plants & trees to look “fresh” and real. In recent years, and with two moves in 5 years, I have been gradually replacing my old, not-so-real-looking silk plants and trees with new ones. I feel much more confident now that I bit the bullet and finally got very nice ones. I know I have succeeded when I see a guest touching the plant to determine if it is real or not.

Here is one such flower arrangement that I recently acquired:

Silk Plants and flowers

How gorgeous is this plant? I am impressed each time I walk by it. The colors are vivid {unfortunately the photo doesn’t show exactly how vivid they are}.  It makes a great centerpiece on our kitchen table, and it is pretty much the first thing that guests notice when they step inside our house.

Silk Plants and flowers

The above picture shows the details a little better.

The leaves look so real!

Silk Plants and flowers

The basket that the arrangement came in is really, really nice too. It matches my home very well, and I think would pretty much match any decor. I love the “weaved” look of the basket.

Silk Plants and flowers

There are a few other types of silk plants that I really need, and hope to get soon. I need to find the perfect one to go on this ledge above our front door. I hate how it looks so empty now, but just cannot decide what to put there yet.

silk plants and flowers

I also need some foliage for the outdoors. If the quality of the above silk flower arrangement is the same for hedges, topiaries, etc., I would be delighted. I need something that can withstand the elements here. We have a really nice wraparound porch, and I have the perfect spots picked out for my hedges & outdoor silk plants.  There are so many beautiful choices available, including the Artificial Boxwood Hedge.

You can check out and/or purchase artificial silk plants and flowers (including the potted flower plant that I received), by going to the Hedgescapes website! Just think of the possibilities for your home or office!

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  1. I love Silk plants and have them in my home. They really do look real and are so easy to take care of and do not need watering which is good because I always forget to water the plants.

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