Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager Review


I will admit I do a lot of sitting during the day. Between blogging, being a virtual assistant and starting two businesses, I spend a lot of time in front of computer and that means a lot of days with a sore back & neck. It’s actually starting to preventing me from being able to move around as much (or at least doing so without saying “Ow!” a few times) and that’s not exactly how I want to be feeling at 40 years old!

I was recently sent a Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager to try out. Knowing the pain I’ve been having in the middle of my back, I was excited to see if it could help me with my pain. The first thing I loved was that it find in a small box…I know that might not sound like much but I did have another massager that was just way too big, hard to use & hard to store when I wasn’t using it. The Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager is the perfect size. It’s also simple to use!

Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager Review

Being simple to use is a big plus for me. I love being able to take something out of the box, read a few instructions and start using it. Our lives are complicated & busy enough…we don’t need a huge handbook for things that should be simple.


  • The Right Massage For You – With four simple controls, you can create the type of massage that is right for you. There are eight kneading heads, heat, three speeds, and alternate directions to deliver 12 different modes to unwind.
  • Not Just For Your Back – Enjoy a full body massage, starting at your shoulders, neck, back, legs & feet with a design that adjusts and is simple to use.
  • Deep Muscle Relief – With this massager, you are getting a Shiatsu massage that will alleviate tightness.
  • Take The Massager With You – This massager has a 10ft. AC and car adapter so you can use it whenever you need a great massage!

Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager Review

Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager Review

There are many great benefits from having a Shiatsu massage, including improvement in circulation, relief from headaches, reducing stress and tension, restoring the body’s energy, plus more! Plus, without all the aches and pains, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep, which means an even happier, pain-free way to start your day.

Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager Review

And if you’re not totally satisfied, Tekjoy has a terrific refund policy, so if you don’t love it you can return it within 30 days for a full refund!

Want to buy a Tekjoy Deep Kneading Massager for yourself & start relieving some of that stress & pain? You can find one for yourself on Amazon {affiliate link}.



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  1. I would would like to try this, too. It would be wonderful to relieve some of that stress that I have.

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