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PR tips for pitching bloggers,What every PR rep should know

I have had the opportunity to work with some wonderful PR Reps this past year and I thought a thank you post was in order. You have offered some wonderful things for myself and my readers, and I have become friends with a few of you.  You brighten a day, and are a pleasure to work with.

There is a group of PR folks that I am always happy to work with. They treat me respectfully, they value my time, and they do not try to take advantage of me. Their emails are friendly, yet professional, and I am always thrilled to work with them. Their emails tend to put a big smile to my face.

Unfortunately along with the good is the not-so-good (not too many, but still). I am sure other bloggers are familiar with this type of PR rep. I have compiled a list of dos and dont’s for PR when either pitching, working on a project and  or communicating with bloggers:

1. Say please and thank you….please!  I do not like being ordered to do something, and I do not respond kindly to it.
2. Please do not send press release after release asking (in a not so kind way) that I post them right away. Actually do not assume I will even post them. Believe it or not, I am not desperately looking for things to post and fill my blog.  My blog is not your own personal billboard.
3. Along those same lines, please do not continue to send the same press release over and over again, asking me when it will be up. If it is something that will fit my blog, or something I feel strongly about, I will consider it – when I have time.
4. Pretend (at least) that you value my time.
5. Offer something in return. Ask yourself what you can do for me. You already know what you want me to do for you. It’s a two-way street right?
6. Do not try to “lure” me in with “something good will be coming up”. If there is really a project coming up that will benefit my readers and I, please give details. Don’t keep asking me to post numerous things while dangling that carrot in front of me.
7. Be polite. Joke. Make me laugh. Be friendly!
8. If I have done a post/review/giveaway for you, and you like my work, by all means let me know! It is so rewarding to hear kind words about something I’ve worked hard on, and that has pleased you.  Words of praise go a long way, and will make me want to work even harder for you next time.

I wish more PR reps were like some of  the amazing ones I have worked with over the past year. These PR folks respect me, take their time to write thoughtful emails, and also take the time to get to know me and my blog. Some of them have actually even checked in on me via emails or tweets when I was ill.

The relationship between a blogger and PR is unique. Ultimately, both parties should benefit. If you follow the simple guidelines above, I will give you 110% each and every time.

So to the amazing pr people (I call many of you “friend”), thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your generosity, your manners *ahem*, and your kind words for a job well done. You have made my blog what it is today, and I have truly enjoyed working with you!

A special shout out goes to Denise, Victoria, Pete and Laurie…love you guys!
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  1. I agree with the laugh and joke. My favorite pr rep also works for a large company. One bloggers dream to work with. He’s hilarious and is one of my favorite people to work with because he makes me laugh. His emails make my day! That’s exactly how it should be done!

  2. I love working with friendly, thoughtful, appreciative PR people as well. 🙂 It really makes you WANT to do a really great write-up for them, and also makes you want to work with them again.

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