Falling Down – It Hurts!


I remember falling quite often as a child.  I would get the occasional scraped up knees and bruises, but then I moved on – it was no big deal.

falling down as an adult

In the past few years, I have fallen several times, and let me tell you IT HURTS!  I was reminded on our trip to Santa Cruz, how much more it hurts as an adult, when I fall.  Yes, I took a tumble on our trip – I will get back to that.  This fall also reminded me of another fall I took recently.

We have a community swimming pool about four houses down from us, and last summer my daughter, husband and I were going to go for a swim. My husband kept saying “we will go in a bit”…so I waited, and waited, and waited.  I was ready.  I went upstairs for a few minutes, and when I returned downstairs, the house was empty.  Where was everyone?  I looked all over the house and there was not a soul in sight.  HMPH.  I assumed they went to the pool {without me}.  I was good and mad and decided to just go on to the pool and see if they were there.  I stomped walked to our little shed, grabbed the “noodles” and started marching across our slippery deck (yes stupid me had watered earlier).  I was SO MAD and was walking quickly, and next thing I knew I was on my back with noodles in hand.  Huh?  Did I really just fall?  After a few “choice” words, I managed to get myself up.  Ouch. Just…ouch.  That hurt.  Every bone and muscle in my body hurt, and it felt like I had been hit by a bus.  Of course, this tumble greatly improved my disposition {NOT}, and my husband and daughter were absolutely delighted to see me when I arrived at the pool.  Yes – they were at the pool, and failed to tell me they were leaving.

Now on to my most recent fall.  One of the nights during our little Spring break trip, my daughter and I walked on the beach.  It was almost dark, but still light enough to see the shells.  We were trying to find the “coolest” shells we could and we were bent over (with bums to the ocean – big mistake), when my daughter yelled “Oh crap!”, and she started running. I looked behind and there was a huge wave coming straight towards me.  I started sprinting and immediately knew this was not going to end well.  You know that feeling when it’s just a matter of time until you’re going down? Or when you hit your toe on something and there is that pause until the pain hits, but you know it’s inevitable?  Yes, it was like that.  I was running with all my might thinking, “Oh no – no don’t fall…I’m going to fall…uh oh”.  The next few seconds were like a blur, and then I was upright.

Apparently I had fallen, rolled over a few times, and landed on my feet!  Like a cat!  It was the weirdest darned thing.  My daughter even asked if I had actually fallen, since she didn’t see me struggling to get up.  I felt like a Ninja.  I had to laugh because it was just the strangest thing.  We giggled and giggled and headed back up to our room. The next morning my left arm was so sore.  I couldn’t figure out why, then remembered my unfortunately tumble in the hard, wet sand.  Ahhh yes – falling does hurt.

Have you fallen recently?

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  1. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• on

    Trying not to laugh, really, I'm not. I rarely FALL, but I do trip quite a bit. More than my fair shares.. which you know is probably just as embarrassing if not more so than falling. With falling you at least get the sympathy. Stumbling, you just look like a bafoon and a clutz.

  2. JamericanSpice on

    You can't see me laugh so that's ok 🙂

    I haven't fallen in a very long time *KOW*

    hopefully I'll laugh when it happens but I'm pretty sure I'll cuss first.

  3. I like all your analogies -ninja, cat etc.

    My mom back peddled and fell backwards while we were playing tennis but I didn't see it and when I returned the ball to her I wondered why she had decided to just lay down on the court without any warning. We laughed pretty hard about that one.

  4. singedwingangel on

    rofl @ least you have a sense of humor about it.. I haven't fallen in a long time knock onwood..glad you are okay now though..

  5. Hi Jennifer! Ouch.. yes it does hurt to fall down! I recently fell face first onto the hardwood floor running to answer the phone. I totally know that moment when you are thinking.."Oh oh this is it" then BAM. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry but I figured since I was alone at the time, I'd cry like a baby which is exactly what I did!!
    BTW- I'm from the same area of the world as you! I love Santa Cruz and we go there quite a bit. Looking forward to getting to know you! Gonna grab your button for my blog!

  6. Oh no, thank goodness you didn't get seriously hurt. I don't fall often only 3 times in the past 30 years. When I do it's always a doozy~! But your right it does HURT~! The last time was 2 years ago and I had short term memory loss for about a year. Not to mention when you are older you don't heal as quick.

  7. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ on

    Aww Speedy I hate to laugh, but I really can't help it. I laugh even when I fall, so don't take it personal. You know I love ya! I can just imagine it though, too funny! Cameron and i walked to Joann's yesterday and he took his Shred Sled. I don't know if he was looking at the houses or what, but all of a sudden he just fell. Of course he was in front of me so I nearly tripped over him!

  8. Glad you're okay!!!

    I always joke about how I constantly trip, but rarely fall. But just a few days ago, my mom had done the dishes and I guess the floor was really wet. I was carrying a baking sheet or sweet potato fries to the oven and fell, but I fell on one knee and it looked like I was proposing. My mom looked at me and said "What are you doing??????" As if I was goofing off lol My knee is still bruised!

  9. Not recently. It really hurts to fall!!! I think, if I had to fall though I'd take your ninja fall-roll on the sand. 🙂

  10. SoCalmoneysavindiva on

    Well I am glad that I am not the only one falling these days. The other day we were doing yard work and I was carrying in some things into the garage and I guess it was wet and I fell in a tight space and couldn't get up and every time I would yell for help my boyfriend would start the mower. finally after crying (LOL not LOL) I got up and went in the house all messed up and bleeding. The next day I was SO sore, you are right you forget how much it hurts when you are an adult. I am glad that you are ok and had a good laugh at yourself, I did to the next day LOL

  11. I fall and lose my balance all the time. And, you are right, it hurts. Especially, now that we are older and we have further to fall.

  12. SHANNABEBE569 on

    LOL. I fall quite a bit. I swear I have 2 left feet. Whether it's just walking, going up the stairs, going down the stairs… whatever. But I NEVER fall from tripping on something. Very odd. LOL.

  13. You're a ninja!!!

    Nice recovery on that fall. 🙂

    I'm accident prone myself. I slipped and fell down three flights of stairs outside a library once. I think my latest fall was from trying to keep up with my husband on a basketball court. Big mistake. Had that scrape for weeks.

    Oh! I take that back. My latest fall was out of a hammock. Told you I was accident prone.

  14. Okay so I was reading this and then all the comments, and I laughed so hard that I cried

    So I went to wipe the tears away and now my eyes are burning because I forgot that I just ate spicy chips!! =(


  15. Lorie Shewbridge on

    Why oh why must you tell these stories of yourself in these bad predicaments that make me laugh at you! As a fellow "faller-downer" I can attest to the fact that it sure does hurt!!

  16. Lauren @ Hobo Mama on

    One time on a geology field trip, we were walking across a giant mud field on some precarious stones, and I was thinking, "Gee, these stones are really slippery. Hope I don't fall down!" Followed closely by, "Oh, crap, I'm falling down, aren't I?" Then, when trying to right myself, I slipped even more in the mud and fell down again. The first fall got just part of me, but the second got whatever the first one missed. I was covered. Not only do falls hurt — they're really embarrassing!

  17. I haven't fallen in quite a while, actually. I'm amazed at how resilient my baby is, with all her falls and head whacks, she rarely cries for more than a minute, then she moves on and it's forgotten. Ah youth!

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