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I have been contemplating writing this for some time now. I do not want to offend anyone and I hope you all know how much I appreciate you stopping by and entering my giveaways. I have a few thoughts of my own on how to be a graceful winner, but recently I’ve been hearing from other bloggers {who also host giveaways} some issues that really need to be addressed. If you recognize yourself in here, please know that it isn’t directed at you – these are just common things that have been bugging me, and other bloggers as well.

I get super excited when I email my winners and I am always thrilled when I can make someone’s day by announcing that they won. It is especially rewarding when it is a prize I just know they will be excited about. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have notified someone that they were the winner of one of my giveaways {and sometimes it is a really nice prize}, and I get a reply with just an address. Yeah. An address and nothing more. Hello? Can you please say thanks? Maybe you could even try to sound a little bit excited? It is so time consuming to compose a giveaway post, and many times we {the blogger} get absolutely nothing for posting it. We host the giveaways for our readers. When we have put a lot of effort into posting these, and we simply get an address in the reply, it is a letdown.

I imagine I speak for most bloggers, that they copy and paste your address into an email to sponsor, for the fulfillment of your prize. When your address is typed correctly and in the proper format, it makes life so much simpler.

I get so many winners responding like this:
jane doe 1234 s winters rd no 3 anytown pa 55555

Nice huh? That means that before I can send your address to sponsor, I need to capitalize your name, street name, city, state, add punctuation and put the whole thing in address format. If nothing else, at least type in all caps, and name on one line, address on next, etc. Β Just type it as if you were writing on an envelope – like this:

Jane Doe
1234 S. Winters Rd. No. 3
Anytown, PA 55555

This simple thing can save us so much time, and it is greatly appreciated when we receive replies in the format above.

I will typically send your address to the sponsor just as soon as I receive your shipping information. In the rare instance that there is a family emergency, sickness, etc. it could take two days or so before your address is sent to sponsor. A general rule of thumb is to allow 6-8 weeks for your prize to arrive. Many times it can take up to 10 weeks. After the sponsor receives your address, it has to go through the proper channels for them to ship prize. They may have to send info to the warehouse, or they may ship prizes in groups, or with other orders, or who knows. Just because I send your address to them right away, does not mean that they are shipping it out that very same day! By all means, if you don’t receive your prize in 6 weeks or so, let me know and I will look into it. Please don’t panic if it has been a week since you won and you still do not have your prize in hand.

It is frustrating to the blogger as well when prizes take longer than anticipated to arrive. It is out of our hands sometimes, but the majority of us will go out of our way to make sure you receive your prize.

Most bloggers are very efficient and will make every effort to ensure that you get your prize in a timely manner, but we also have lives. Contrary to popular belief, we are not always glued to the computer, and we are not constantly refreshing our email to see if we have received new emails. Some of us check hourly, some once a day, and many bloggers also work full or part-time and may only be able to check their email once every two days. If you don’t hear from the blogger after about four days, take a look at their site to see if maybe something is going on in their lives that is preventing them from getting online {checking email, etc.}. If all else fails, and you cannot get an answer, you might try sending a direct message to the blogger on Twitter {please not publicly}, or send a note on Facebook, letting them know that you emailed them. Please do not bash a blogger on Twitter, Facebook, in forums, etc. We are people just like you – so have a heart okay? I realize there are some instances where you feel you have to take drastic measures – but please don’t rush to do this. Everyone deserves a fair chance at making things right.

If Β it’s been two months or more since you won and the blogger will not return any of your emails, respond on Twitter or Facebook – well that is one thing. But generally speaking, just don’t do it. It creates more problems than you may know, as for most of our giveaways we are dealing with a PR rep for the company. Please, please, please give us a fair chance to get your prize to you, by contacting us! If you contact sponsor directly, chances are they will have no clue what you are talking about. They may even tell you they have no record of winners, giveaways, etc., which in turn will upset you even more. This happened to me recently when a winner contacted the sponsor directly, only four days after winning. This winner was really excited about her prize {which made me extremely happy!}, but she completely confused the sponsor, and I wish she had just been a little more patient. It all worked out fine, and I have to say that her initial email {with her address} just made my day. She was beyond excited and was extremely grateful. When I receive responses like that, I know it’s all worthwhile.

Okay this really has nothing to do with being a “gracious” winner, but one way you can thank a blogger if you so desire, is to let your friends know about us, or if you belong to a forum where you list what you win, mention us! If you have a blog and do posts about what you’ve won, link to us or mention us. These gestures are not expected, but are always appreciated, as is a simple “thank you”.

One last thing {then I’ll shut up – promise!}. We always hear about it when you don’t receive a prize, or a prize takes awhile to arrive, but we would really love to hear when your prize has arrived {at least I do}. Nothing warms my heart more when someone lets me know that they received their prize and how much they love it!

Whew – I feel much better now. I just want to say that most of my winners are fabulous, and you make my day.

I realize that bloggers aren’t perfect either, and I’m sure you have complaints about us as well. My hope is that we can all work together to make giveaways enjoyable and rewarding for all of us.

If you enter blog giveaways, you might want to learn more about how to link to a website when blogging about a giveaway.

Stefany from To Be Thode has written a post about tips for blogs that host giveaways – it’s only fair to see both sides of the giveaway process!


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Jennifer Regan is the owner/editor-in-chief of Eighty MPH Mom, a family-friendly blog. She is active in Brand Ambassadorships and campaigns, and is active in social media, helping brands promote!


  1. I’ve been the blogger that’s had to fight to get a PR rep to follow through and respond and I’ve also been the blog winner that’s never received their prize. I get how tough it can be but I also understand things can be out of our hands when our go-to rep doesn’t follow though. Very good post!

    • I feel terrible now. While I am always pee my pants excited to get anything, even a bookmark or a free product coupon and I always make sure to say thank you, I never let anyone know when something shows up. I often get so many things in the mail and I don’t keep track of who I get them from. I will try to do better in the future, because I really do appreciate everything I get.

  2. I agree! I really like the Thank you’s, but yes, sometimes I get people who win and just send me their addresses too and that makes me a little upset πŸ™ I love sending off the winning emails and would like a little thank you in return. Oh and YES! When you do win something from a blog,PLEASE tweet it out, post it on your facebook page or blog it (if you have a blog) we REALLY appreciate it!!!!!!!!!! Great post πŸ™‚

  3. I totally agree with you on all counts. Although, I can’t recall ever having a winner who would fit into any of the categories and for the most part, they let me know once they have received their prize (albeit at my request). I get super excited when I have a winner to announce, which makes it all worth the hard work and long hours. Glad you could get that off your chest! Keep up the amazing work you do!

  4. LOL I SWEAR i was thinking this same thing as i mailed out some prizes today LOL.
    I had one winner recently that was just so freaking sweet and just said how much she appreciated the prize and to keep up the great work etc. It really made my day. But you are right i get those one liners too and its so hard to read jane doe 12345 hollystlivingsworth txs 54322 and i think…is the street hollylivings or holly livingsworth or elm? LOL.
    Thanks for the post …..and keep up the uber awesome job!!! πŸ˜€

    • LOL I know! I’m always afraid I will spell something wrong or change something, and the prize will go to the wrong address!

  5. You just summed up how I feel as well, great job. On the flip side, as an occasional winner I’m great about the process up until letting the blogger know I received the prize. I’m terrible with that, mainly because I rarely save the winner notification email and I forget where it came from.

  6. Great post. I am new to giveaways and generally have received all of my prizes in a timely manner and always leave an appreciative comment when I claim my prizes. About 8 weeks ago I won a prize and still have not received it. I emailed the blogger at week 6 and when I got no response at week 7 I emailed the sponsor and got no response from them either. My emails are not rude or offensive as I realize that requests must go through the correct channels and usually there is a lot of red tape but still I would have appreciated a response from either the blogger or sponsor saying that they were checking things out. On the whole though, I must say that you bloggers are a fantastic bunch though of course I am looking into a 12 step program now that I am addicted to giveaways. Winning is so fun!
    See you in giveaway land!

    • LOL winning is a blast! I am so sorry you are having trouble getting your prize (and no communication)…that’s not good! Have you tried contacting them on Twitter? You should have had it by now I would think, and you definitely deserve a reply at the very least. Thanks for your kind words about bloggers πŸ™‚

  7. This was perfect. PERFECT. I especially like the part about e-mail and maybe you don’t know what’s going on in a blogger’s life. I do respond to winner’s e-mails when they are concerned, but sometimes it may take me 2-3 days. Just like you said, we aren’t always glued to our computers, and do have lives.
    As for being gracious and checking in, that’s so wonderful to get. I got an e-mail just today from a winner who was just checking in and thanked me for the giveaway. That makes it worth it right there.
    You really hit the nail on the head with this one Jen.

  8. This should be a rule of etiquette for blog giveaways, lol. I’ve been on both sides too and it is super irritating to get e-mails from people who win and only days or a week goes by and expect it to be waiting on their doorstep. Not even the big sweeps do that!

  9. Great post. I do say thank you.
    In most cases when i receive my prize i will let them know i received it and say thanks again. I have learned that it can take some time for some wins and some come quickly. I am newer to doing giveaways myself and would like to know when the people get the prize. I know what it feels like to wait for a prize so i want the people who enter my giveaways to inform me when they receive it. Also when i do win something i will post it up on contest sites with the blogs name. People are hearing about you if i win. I wait till i get my prize before i post my win up on a contest site usually. I like to know i have it in my hands. Only once i won something and never received it. I told people about it and than when i never got it, i felt not so good about it.

    • That is so refreshing to hear, that people are hearing about it if you win. It’s nice win winner’s spread the word. Thanks!

  10. It bothers me when people don’t say thank you and it seems to happen to me a lot lately. How hard is it to say thank you? I don’t understand it.

    This was the post I had been wanting to write for awhile too so thank you for writing it!! I completely agree!

    • LOL I have been wanting to write this for a long time…it just had to be said. It’s really not hard to say thank you…not at all.

  11. As someone who enters giveaways, I always thank the blogger for hosting a giveaway. Plus I send my address to them via email as I would post on an envelope. Many bloggers post about their lives in addition to reviews and giveaways and I am aware of how much time and effort it takes into dealing with sponsors, posting giveaways (and reviewing products. as well as having a life and raising a family. I also don’t expect a response most of the time regarding my reply to the “You Won” email, because many really don’t have a time, but if I have a concern I will usually follow up on the “winner’s post” or email them back if I have a concern. I always wait at least 8 weeks before expecting a giveaway. I am extremely patient and understanding. I just received a prize I won from a giveaway in March. One giveaway I still haven’t received the prize and the blogger has been trying to communicate with sponsor and I told her “it’s okay” because they won’t reply and it’s out of her hands. But I appreciate the work that bloggers put into hosting giveaways.

    • Thank you for being so understanding. You really “get it”, and nothing is more frustrating when our sponsors don’t follow through. It makes us look really bad. I know for most bloggers who host giveaways, we will go above and beyond trying to get your prize to the winner.

    • I just had to comment on this part, too. I have several wins out in the ether. So far, the longest has been 7 weeks. I will contact the blogger in another week, but I won’t get mad or pushy if it never shows. It isn’t like I bought the item. Haha!

      • That is a great attitude! Although sometimes entering blog giveaways is pretty time consuming, and you do deserve your prize πŸ™‚

  12. I admit, I don’t always mention a win on my site, but I ALWAYS thank the person when I send my address (and post a note in the announcement thread as well). Because I only enter contests that I actually want to win, I AM excited when I win, so I hope to convey that to the person hosting the give-away.

  13. The problem with “winners” who contact “the company/sponsor” is they are technically sending a blind e-mail. Some of these companies are huge and they might not even know who headed up the give-away within the company and coordinated with the blog. Just in the blogging community, many bloggers have different contacts for the same brand. So it’s not surprising that when a give-away winner hits the trigger too soon, they aren’t receiving the response they want.

    I ask that winners give the sponsor 4 weeks to send the prize and then notify me if it hasn’t arrived. I love the winners that let me know a prize came, but I don’t mind if they don’t tell me. Honestly, my e-mail box is full! LOL! So it is definitely not mandatory. As for sounding excited that they won – it’s nice, but also not a biggie for me. I send out a standard “you won” message. They fill in the blanks, I am good, they are good and I hope they get the prize quickly. LOL.

    The only thing is that winners should mark their calendar to know when a prize should have come. Sometimes waiting 2 weeks can seem like 2 years if they don’t actually know when it should come by.

    My peeve is when a winner tells me 3 months after the fact. I need to know sooner if a prize hasn’t come. 4 -6 weeks is perfect for me to follow-up.

    • Good points! It’s not that I want a long thank you note lol, but I just would at least like to see ‘thanks!” when they reply with their address. You are absolutely right about the PR reps or contact within a company. There are so many, and the winner likely isn’t going to get a helpful answer by contacting “somebody” in the company, unfortunately.

  14. I agree with this like you wouldn’t believe! I finally had to put something in my contest rules/info that I am not (typically) responsible for prizes, but to give them 6-8 weeks to arrive. This timeframe is the norm in sweepstakes and blog giveaways apply.

    I’ve been on both sides too, and it’s VERY frustrating.

    Also – if you don’t get a prize, you really shouldn’t wait A YEAR to contact the blogger…. yes, I recently had that happen to me.

    • True – I should have mentioned that. I had that happen recently – the giveaway had ended about 7 months prior. The company was really good about it, thank goodness. I imagine what happens is that the winner forgets about the prize, and stumbles upon the winning email months later and says “oh yeah, I never received that!”. Just my guess lol

  15. Great post. As I was reading it, I was sitting appalled at the lack of respect some people show. Then, as I read the address point, I realized I’m an offender and felt like an idiot. I always capitalize and punctuate everything properly, but I do write it all out in a line. For some reason, writing it the way you mention has never occurred to me. Now I feel bad! At least now I can do it that way from now on. Again, great post. Thanks for the tips!

    • LOL no worries! I’m glad you found this helpful. I guess you really wouldn’t know about the address thing. Thanks for commenting!

  16. Great post! Thank you for taking the time to write it all out! I’ve been on both sides since I do win a lot of giveaways so I hope I’m a gracious winner. I do know I’m always excited to win. What I hate is when you email
    someone they won and it takes 4 emails just to get their entire address from them. I have one progressive post on my blog just to keep track of my wins and I always try to link up to the giveaway blog. Maybe we should all have a progressive winner’s list with all the winners of our giveaways on that one page so people could check back in and leave a comment on that page once they receive their items at least. I really appreciate it when I win something if the “host” sends their website url with the post so I have it to put on my page.

  17. I love the emails from readers when they’ve receive their prize and they are excited all over again. I also had a winner call me out on twitter, it really bothered me.

    • I love that too…it really is a good feeling to know I’ve made someone so happy (twice!). Calling out on Twitter is not good at all.

  18. I used to email the blogger on every win (when I received the prize)
    I have had a few that never even responded to that email, but most reply back with a Thanks for Letting me know!

    Ever since I started hosting my own giveaways, I have only had a couple people email me when they received their prize and do wish they would let me know!

  19. I sent the winner’s info to a company on Aug 30th and heard nothing back. I didn’t think much of it because not all of them reply, they just don’t. Some ship it right away, some wait, some send a shipping notice…

    Well after about two weeks, the winner contacted the company on FB and they told her that I had not sent her info to them!! I sent them another message and included my original message, and they apologized and said they’d send it out, but that kind of ticked me off.

    Yeah first, to go directly to the company, especially after only 2 weeks, and before contacting me is a little disappointing, but then for them to tell her I hadn’t contacted them?? URGH!

    I love hearing from people when they receive their items, and I really would want them to contact me if they didn’t get it, but not until a month or so, I’m not bugging the company all the time, LOL!

  20. I agree with you on every single point you’ve made. I can’t stand when I just get an address for notification. And please, please let me know if you’ve received the prize.

    Great post.

  21. I love each time a reader emails me to say that their prize arrived and to say a simple thank you. It’s just a nice way to tie up loose ends and have a bit of closure for that giveaway.

  22. I love to get (and give!) a thank you. I’ve only been entering (and hosting) the blog giveaway thing since January but I’ve been sweeping for nearly a decade. If I get a prize I really like (no matter how big or small) I either send an email to the rep or an actual thank you card. It’s just the nice thing to do.

  23. Great article – it was right on. I’ve been on both ends as well. One thing I need to work on is emailing the blogger when I receive my prize. Others have been notifying me and I really like it πŸ™‚ So far I have had very gracious winners. I do appreciate the point on writing the address correctly.

  24. Great post! I’m happy to say I do almost every thing on your list…I fell behind a bit on doing the “I won” posts on my blog, but I have a list to get through when I get caught up!

  25. Great article!
    I have to ask though………What do you do when it has been 8 weeks or more, you contact the blogger and they will not respond? I have had this happen on some very small or new sites. It is like sometimes they have fallen off the face of the earth. Ugh. Any advice?

    • Hmmm. Well in this case, I guess your only option would be to contact the sponsor? As long as you have exhausted every other option, including Twitter, Facebook, lots of emails, etc. I would be really frustrated if someone hadn’t replied after 8 weeks!

  26. I am and will always be a gracious winner! I will try to even send a thank-you card to the sponsor if I have a mailing address on my package when it arrives.

  27. Awesome Jennifer! I am going to link back to you in a separate post. I LOVE this.

    I don’t think those that don’t host giveaways realize how much work goes into those posts.. plus the emails back and forth with the PR and winners. It is very time consuming and a little love back would be nice. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the link back! I agree, I know that I didn’t realize the amount of work involved when I entered giveaways, but didn’t yet have a blog.

  28. Very well said. Especially the thank you part. I too get responses with just an address and it drives me crazy. A simple thank you goes a long way.

    And I love when people let me know they received the prize, especially when they update on how they are enjoying it!

  29. This is such great information! I win giveaways and already do all of these things (yeyyy!) and I definitely know how much work goes into hosting the giveaways, etc. Thanks for posting this!

  30. I am so glad you wrote this post! I have written a similar post but have yet to publish it because I wasn’t sure if it would cause people to get upset! I completely agree with everything you mentioned as a blogger and as a contest winner.

    • I hesitated too lol, but finally I decided it was necessary. I wouldn’t want to upset any readers or entrants, and I hope none take offense.

  31. Excellent post! I like to think people really do appreciate the work that goes into hosting a giveaway and want to do the right things when they win–this article should make it very clear what it takes to make everyone happy!

  32. No offense taken. I think this is really good info that people might not be aware of so you have really given some very good advice. It helped me!
    Thank you!

  33. I save the winning emails with a star and also write them on a list so it is easier to find them when I want to send a thank you email back to them. I feel thank you is the least I can do. I also try to wait 6-8 weeks before I expect my prize but am super happy when it comes quickly. I have had about 8-10 things this year that I never received and a few of those bloggers never responded to my emails. I would never think to contact the sponsor directly. I do appreciate all of the time and work you folks put in and I love to win, of course. What is the etiquette for responding on your blogs about winning? I figure thanking you via email is sufficient but don’t choose to offend anyone.

    • It sounds like you are doing everything just fine πŸ™‚ I am sorry to hear you haven’t received that many prizes! Thanking us via email is more than enough, or if you wanted to comment on the winners post, that is fine too!

  34. Oh my goodness, thanks so much for writing this! I have complained (privately, via email) about winners who do this.I’ve had quite a few who just send an address with nothing else. I mean, come on! I took the time to write a nice note to them telling them that they won, the least they could do is simply type “thank you”.

    Anyway, thank you for this post! I’m tempted to send the link to this post to any winner who doesn’t respond nicely in the future!

    • LOL I am so glad this helped. I’m sure most of us feel this way. I agree – saying “thanks!” at least is so very simple! I could never respond to someone with just my address – I would feel horrible if they were kind enough to post a giveaway. GRRR.

  35. Excellent and well written post Jennifer…..:) I was brought up by my parents to have “manners” and be courteous.My children were also taught to have manners -my husband and I were told by our kids teachers how well mannered are they were/are…I honestly think that common courtesy has just about become a “thing of the past.”
    I think you all should be thanked and appreciated for all the hard work you do in the giveaways that you hold on your sites…I know I do…I hope I don’t sound “big headed” or that I am patting myself on the back..I do say thank u and also make sure that I let the person know that I have received the prize…again to be me …it is a “given” to do…
    its “common courtesy” -so again a big heart felt thanks to you ladies …..keep up the good work

    • What a sweet comment – thank you! I was brought up the same way. I probably say please and thank you too much. Nah that’s not possible, but we did instill the importance of good manners in our children as well, and I am amazed sometimes how polite they are. Thank you again for your kind words πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for the post!!! Some winners are forever grateful about winning a giveaway – these are the people that make my day as a blogger. I also get numerous emails about people not receiving their prize days after they have been notified, this is frustrating, but I just hope that it is because they are so excited to receive their prize.

    I get regular emails from winners that also receive their packages… I love those πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for sharing this post!


  37. I am always so excited when I win I couldn’t imagine not saying thank you, however I’ve never thought of emailing the host when I receive my prize but I will be starting that asap. Thanks for the tip!

    I hope you don’t mind me mentioning something from the winner’s perspective. When I send the email with my thank you and my address I can’t help wondering if you received the email. I rarely hear back from any of the hosts but I know I only have 48 or 72 hours to respond so I worry that if you didn’t receive the email I sent that I may be given away to someone else.

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into having these wonderful giveaways and reviews!!

    • This is an excellent point. I have been on both sides of giveaways, and always wondered that too. I usually will usually reply to my winner letting them know that I’ve received it. I try to make a point of it, but sometimes I do forget.

  38. Thank you so much for this. I love to enter and win giveaways and recently I began hosting them on my blog. I am always excited when I win something and would never think to not at least thank the blogger. Usually I add in a YAY or I am so excited, because I am! I was surprised when I started hosting giveaways that other people don’t do that. I get excited for them and they are like here’s my address, such a let down. I also when winning giveaways email the bloggers to tell them when I received a product and sometimes even let them know how much we love it. I have not had anyone do that when they win on my blog. As far as contacting sponsors, I have not had that happen to me, but I did have to do it once. But it was a cloth diaper I won and the blogger would not email me back and it had been over 3 months.. the blog actually disappeared for a while and then came back. The sponsor stated they never heard from the blogger, but sent my prize (5 months after I won). I no longer follow that blogger. Thank you for posting this.

  39. Glad to hear I’ve been doing things the right way! I am in awe at all the work that goes into a review and/or giveaway. That’s why I’m content to just enter them! I always post my wins on my blog and very often on FB and Twitter, citing the hosting blog and the sponser. I’ve only ever had a giveaway win not show up once and I just let it go. I think since then the etsy shop has closed down due to the owner’s illness.

  40. I have won a couple giveaways and really try to let the blogger know how much I appreciate the opportunity to win- I would feel horribly guilty and selfish if I didn’t. Usually I’m so excited that I type out more than the blogger probably wants to hear. LOL No one is entitled to the prizes bloggers offer, so it’s crazy that people can be so ungrateful!

  41. wow reading made me see how rude people can be i always say thanks if i win a coupon or oreck i love the blogger who take the time to post and host giveaways and thank you for hosting so many great giveaway.

  42. This is a great post, I really enjoyed reading it and all the comments afterward! I have had really great experiences with bloggers and winning giveaways.
    I don’t send an email saying I received a prize, since bloggers are so busy I always figured it would just be one more email for them to have to respond to!
    One thing I suggest for keeping track of when to expect prizes, and where you won them, is a Word document. I use a table that I can add rows to as needed. In this way I can list the prize, blog name, date won, and date received.
    I also have a folder in my email just for emails to and from about giveaways, this way they are easy to go back and refer to, or forward on when emailing about an issue with a prize.
    A little organization goes a long way with these things πŸ™‚
    Again, great post!

    • This is an excellent idea – and you are right – that is a great way to keep track of wins, when they were won, etc!

  43. You hit this right on the spot! Nothing irritates me more than just an address. Seriously. I’ve also had the one line address in all lowercase no punctuation. At least be courteous, we put a lot of time and work into these giveaways. Great post!

  44. Wow, I can’t believe some winners are so rude. I can happily say that I always say thank you on m wins, I’m always grateful for bloggers hosting wonderful giveaways and i am truly excited with anything that I win. Your post also points out some reasons why I think blog giveaways shouldn’t use, sure it gives a number for a winner, but there may be someone who truly wants to win that item and would be so grateful, but the random number might pick someone who doesn’t really care about winning, you know? Whenever I have had a blog giveaway when I used to have a blog, I would choose winners based on their comment because I wanted to choose someone who I could tell *really* wanted to win. Not to say that random winners can’t be grateful! They can I’ve been a random winner several times and am always grateful, I just think that sometimes it might be better to not use for every single giveaway. I hope this response makes sense! lol. Regardless, thank you for the lovely giveaways!!

    • LOL it does make sense to me! Unfortunately it seems in the name of fairness that people prefer Sometimes I see such a sweet,thoughtful or just amazing comment, and I desperately want them to win. I imagine they are the people who always leave really nice comments!

  45. I agree on all points, but I don’t always follow up to let the blogger know I received my prize, unless they specifically asked me to or it’s been a long time since I won to finally getting it. I’ll try to do better on that. πŸ™‚

    But I agree with the poster who pointed out that when you are notified of a win, the blogger says you have 24 or 48 hrs or whatever to respond or they will pick another winner. I try to respond right away, and then I’m on pins and needles until I get another email from the blogger saying she got my info. And yes, if I haven’t heard back in 24 hrs, I’ll email again. (“did you get my first email?” etc.) I’d HATE to be disqualified because my response email went astray or the blogger just didn’t get back to me in time and selected another winner. Sometimes when I see so many non-responding winners and second chance winners, I have to wonder about that.

    I’ve been pretty lucky so far… there are only a handful of wins still out there somewhere that have yet made it to me. One is from way back last Christmas!! And yes, I bugged the blogger about it because I could tell from her responses that she was not following up with the sponsor like she said she was. I’ve since just chalked it up to experience, but it sure left a bad taste in my mouth and I no longer patronize that person’s blog anymore.

    • Wow – last December is a really long time ago! How sad that she didn’t try a little harder to get the prize to you. I am trying to be better about responding when winners send their address, as I know how that feels to wonder if the blogger received it.

  46. I have always said that winning is a privilege on a blog… I cannot believe people don’t say thank you! That is just so totally RUDE!! I am sorry to all of the givaway bloggers for all the winners who have been so rotten to you all. Let me extend my thanks on behalf of them all – I know how much work it is for you to host these giveaway, especially when you have children, jobs and lives of your own. BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!
    Well said, Jen, and if anyone is offended by your post, they don’t deserve to win anything.

  47. WOW…I could never imagine winning something and not saying Thank You,,,winning is so exciting, but one still must remember their Manners…
    I think your right in Writing this blog,,,some need to be reminded to be ThankFul

  48. Great points I always say thanks and am excited, but don’t usually express my excitement, not wanting to waste too much of the givers time. Now I know it is appreciated, I will certainly not hold back.

  49. stacey dempsey (roswell) on

    well luckily i think i do all the things right except one, unless the blog owner asks me to email them when it arrives i dont usually, i am always worried about bogging them down with more emails and bothering them, lol , i guess i didnt know that blogs wanted that?

    • Jennifer-admin on

      You don’t have to – but if you happen to think about it, it is a nice gesture. We DO get a lot of emails LOL

  50. Relly like this post! I try to do all the things you listed on here, and u actually gave me some other ideas as well. Thank you! πŸ™‚

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