Bless his heart, he tried – hubs went grocery shopping


when husbands grocery shop, zucchini look like cucumbers

Sooo, Saturday my husband offered to go grocery shopping for me. I was thrilled, as I despise grocery shopping {I’m sure you know this already – I make this statement often}. On the list I had written several things, including hearts of romaine lettuce. You know those that have three in a pack? Yes, those. Also on the list were zucchini – 6 of them. I wanted to slice and sautee them to go with our steak and potatoes for dinner. He so kindly put the groceries away when he came home, since I was napping.

When I woke up from my nap, he told me about his produce section nightmare. He kind of laughed while he was telling me the story about trying to find the hearts of romaine lettuce.  He said there were about 10 types of lettuce, none of which had a sign saying what lettuce it was. He looked around for a nice, little old lady {as he always does when he needs help at the store}, but there were none in sight.   This was unfortunate for him – they usually take pity on him when he sheepishly asks them to help find something that his wife wrote on the list.

Finally he found a guy who kind of looked like he might know his produce.   He and the guy looked around but couldn’t find hearts of romaine lettuce, so the guy took off and hubs was left on his own. He saw carrots, which incidentally had a sign in front of them that said “carrots”.  He thought to himself, “Well no S#*T, I know what a carrot looks like!”   He ended up Googling hearts of romaine lettuce from his iPhone, in the store, and still couldn’t find the whole hearts I wanted.  He did, however, find the ready-made hearts of romaine lettuce in a bag. Good job honey!

Dinner time rolls around and I’ve got the steaks seasoned, potatoes in the oven, and I got my sautee pan out and add olive oil to heat up. I pulled out zucchini and cucumbers look alike, what does a cucumber look like the…zucchini.  Gosh they are huge! I don’t know if I have ever seen zucchini quite this big from the grocery store.   It is then that I realize that the bag of zucchini is actually…..wait for it….

….a bag of cucumbers!  Yep about 7 of them. At this point, he was napping, so I couldn’t ask him about it. I actually giggled. At first I was annoyed, then it struck me funny, as  I envisioned him wandering aimlessly around the produce section for a better part of the day.

I had to come up with a Plan B quickly. I decided to use the hearts of a romaine in a bag *cough* to make a salad, and I added a whole bunch of sliced cucumbers. Problem solved 🙂

Bless his little heart, he sure did try.

This also reminded me of the time that we were attending a  party and our friends {a married couple} were in charge of bringing dessert.  On their way to the party, the wife sent him in to the store to buy a dessert.  They arrived at the party and the wife pulled out his purchase, only to find that he had bought bean dip.

Have you ever sent your significant other to the store only to have them come back with something completely different than what you wanted?


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  1. On his last trip he got me one tv dinner to take to work for lunch. I don’t know what I was supposed to bring the rest of the week since he didn’t really get too much food that trip but whatever he tried. Although that first morning I pulled it out. It was chicken marsala – you know with mushrooms! I HATE MUSHROOMS with the fire of a thousand suns. He later admitted he didn’t even look to see what kind it was – he just grabbed one randomly. So today he tells me he is going to make some sort of chicken and pasta dish. So he starts cooking and i hear him start cursing. So he comes over to me and asks if i can pick the mushrooms out. I was like yeah I guess so. So as he is walking out I hear him say how he didnt look at what kind it was before he threw it in the cart. He had already taken some of his by the time i went in to get a bowl. It was covered in mushrooms! I picked out the big ones but it was in a cream sauce and small bits of mushrooms were stuck in it so i just put it in a container and took a breakfast bar instead.

  2. Jayme From WI on

    LoL! Love this! I’ve found through the years that hubby needs not just a list, but a very specific detailed list. I still get phone calls from the grocery store and many items not purchased. I’m so glad it’s not just me this happens with.

    I’ve been sick and unable to go out, but craving mashed potatoes–the kind that are in a tub that just need to be heated. So, I told the hubby that I was craving them, explained the product, told him the two places this product are sold in the store, and what type I would like. He came home with–twice baked potatoes from the freezer section. *sigh* He tried. I do love him so much. 🙂

    • ROFL… exactly! A really detailed list – I do the same, and still get phone calls. I can just imagine your expression when you got twice-baked frozen ones. He wasn’t about to come home without some type of potato apparently 🙂

  3. Aw, what a good effort! That was resourceful of him to bring out the iPhone and Google hearts of romaine. Too funny about the cucumbers! 😀

    My husband is actually better than I am in the produce section, but he’s hopeless when it comes to comparison shopping by price. I was born with the “frugal gene” and he wasn’t, so he just picks up whatever looks best, regardless of price. I’m not a big fan of grocery shopping either, but I know it will be more expensive if he goes instead.

    Bean dip as a dessert, LOL….

  4. LOL! Aww A+ for effort at least! 😀 I’d make some Tzatziki sauce if you have any leftover cucs. Get some pita chips and have a nice little snack 🙂 Or make pitas!

  5. That’s too funny…I think it stresses Scott out when I send him for something at the store. He can usually find it but it takes him awhile. I don’t send him often since he hates it!

  6. Lauralee Hensley on

    My husband often forgets that I’m allergic to Walnuts, so often when he buys store bought brownies I can eat them because they often have chopped walnuts on the top of them.
    Wait, maybe he does that on purpose so he can have more of them. He always offers to go back to the store and get something different, but I usually say no. One of these days I’m going to take him up on going back.

  7. Haha, hope you all like cucumbers 🙂 My hubby follows the list to the letter but I still prefer to do my own shopping.

    What my hubby can’t do is cook. He follows the recipe TO THE LETTER. One day I had pre-chopped a bunch of veggies for this gumbo I wanted to make. He was home so he decided to cook it. I come home from work, ate dinner and it’s good but…something’s missing. I ask him if he remembered the onion and yes he did. I can’t quite put my finger on what is missing. Then I open the fridge and the other half of the bowl of veggies is STILL sitting there, near wilted! I’m like – WHY would I have chopped them all if I hadn’t wanted to use them! He said the recipe only called for 1 cup so that’s all he sued. I always double the veggies in any recipe I make because we love vegetables. At least he tried 🙂 But I do all the cooking now.

  8. LOL. That is pretty funny. Typically Melinda and I go together but yesterday I went by myself and was fine. I have done grocery shopping a million times by myself so I do just fine.

  9. Being sick off and on for years, I have to send my hubby out a lot. There have been many a stifled complaint and sometimes NOT so stifled. I have learned to let it go…but I do see we spend WAY more when he goes to the store because he seems to run into the “other woman” alot there…LITTLE DEBBIE! He is in love…
    He also loves to buy new items that I’d never try otherwise…mostly packaged garbage. the man will be perfectly preserved when he leaves this world. giggle*

    • LOL you are too funny! Little Debbie huh? Why the little…. she’s flirting with your husband 🙁 Oh, and I know what you mean about the packaged stuff – my hubby gets so much of that too. I think we will all be well preserved!

  10. Oh, how sweet of Speedy Cop – what a wonderful guy!
    I feel bad for all you ladies because my hubby worked for a grocery chain for 45 years, at some point in every department, but the main grocery dept. was his longest. So he is technically a MUCH better shopper than I am. He knows where things are, what they are, how to use coupons, how to figure best price per unit and everything.
    I have no problem letting him go on his own, ever… I actually prefer it because he usually comes back with a nice sweet gift for me… 🙂

    Don’t hate me ladies…

  11. That was very sweet of him. I can not go grocery shopping with my husband because he is such a control freak when it comes to grocery shopping. He has to do it his way and I feel like I am just tagging along. If I want to get certain things at the grocery store I have to go alone.

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