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I have been enjoying my new Maytag Appliances for several weeks now and I wanted to update you on my thoughts about my Maytag Ice20 French Door Refrigerator. Although I raved about how beautiful it is, I have now had a chance to actually live with it for awhile. I am happy to report that we get along swimmingly!

I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year (the first time in several years, due to lack of space at our other house), and we also had a large group staying at our house not only for Thanksgiving, but for the whole weekend! I was going to be buying a huge amount of groceries to make sure that I had meals covered for the whole weekend.

Naturally, I was pretty excited about preparing Thanksgiving dinner – not only because I now have a huge kitchen and lots of counter space, but also because my new Maytag appliances were such a huge help. After shopping, I was going to have so many refrigerated items, and I knew it would be interesting to see how they would all fit into my new refrigerator.

Usually I dread huge grocery shopping trips (especially before a big holiday), but this time I didn’t. I was actually looking forward to putting away my groceries in my new Maytag refrigerator.

Look at all of these bags! A good portion of the things I bought had to be refrigerated.
grocery bags,groceries

I was planning on cooking as many things ahead of time as I could, to save time on the big day (and to free me up to spend time with friends and family). Here are a few photos of how my refrigerator looked after I unloaded my groceries.

I was going to be making Buttermilk Waffles one of the mornings, so I bought two cartons of this, as well as a half-gallon of regular milk. The milk, as well as a few water bottles, all fit perfectly in one of the door shelf compartments.

Maytag refrigerator

The next shelf held my butter (which I needed quite a bit of, since so many recipes called for it):

tillamook butter, refrigerator door shelf

All of my condiments fit comfortably in the bottom door shelf:

condiments,heinz ketchup

Here is what the whole refrigerator looked like (and I had room to spare, thank goodness, as I was making several casseroles that would also need to be stored in here!):


I cannot begin to tell you what a relief it was to have everything safely put away, and to still see space for even more stuff. I absolutely love this refrigerator, and two of my favorite things about it are the two drawers. I am amazed at how much room is in each one.

In the top clear drawer, I had regular cheese as well as TEN blocks of cream cheese. See all the extra room?
refrigerator drawer

And in the middle drawer, I was able to put 4 lbs of bacon, 4 packages of sausages, a bag of potatoes, a few lemons, herbs, cheese and even a few cans.  Seriously…I am in love.
refrigerator drawer, Maytag drawer

The freezer had just enough room to hold the frozen items I purchased.  The freezer isn’t huge, so luckily I didn’t have too much to go in there.  I wish it were a tad bit bigger.  But I would give up freezer space any day, to have this incredible amount of space in my refrigerator – the part that is used most frequently.

bottom freezer, Maytag freezer

I honestly have no idea how I would have pulled off Thanksgiving dinner without this wonderful refrigerator.  I never would have had enough room in my old refrigerator, and that would have been completely stressful.   When it came time to store the leftovers (and there were a bunch!), it was a breeze to load them in the refrigerator, and I was also able to fit the desserts in there as well (these were in bar pans and casserole dishes).  Again, there was plenty of room to spare!

Christmas is going to be a breeze this year…and just like Thanksgiving, I am very much looking forward to it, thanks to Maytag.

Stay tuned to hear more about my Maytag appliances!

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*I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post


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    • Yep – 10! I could have easily fit another 10 in too 🙂 I think we will be bringing our stand alone freezer down to the new house when we move there permanently. I kind of like to stock up on frozen foods.

  1. It is a very nice looking fridge. We love Maytag because they stand behind their products. We have a Maytag dishwasher and when I was having problems with it they sent a repair man to look at it. He was there and fixed it super fast. He didn’t even charge me a service call.

  2. wow, all that space is incredible! i can’t believe all that food fit, plus theres MORE room! we could defiitly use that fridge here!

  3. I love this fridge!! So much room and space for everything! I love the drawers and all the door storage. I am like you, the freezer could be larger, but I do like the baskets for organization in it.

  4. Wow, quite impressive! Just think in the summer when the heat is really on outside you can just climb into your fridge to cool off. I would love to have this, with all the drawers and door spaces it is probably easy to keep things organized and in view. Beautiful kitchen by the way.

  5. This is a very nice looking refrigerator that appears to have loads of room for just about anything. I especially like the shelving on the door for the milk and butter. I’ve always had good luck with Maytag products. Thanks for the review.

  6. Danielle Papsis on

    Wow, it does fit a lot of groceries! We have an older side by side. I like how your maytag is setup with the freezer on bottom but still a side by side for the fridge. It would be a good compromise for my fiancee and I.

  7. I am so envious! We have a small house that could never fit such a HUGE fridge, unless we redo our entire kitchen and cabinets. Our fridge actually has DUCTAPE on the side door racks. And all three crisper drawers are broken. This is like HEAVEN! I had to laugh because with 6 of us here and then daycare, our kitchen looks like that when we bring in grovceries every single week. Thanksgiving and holiday cooking does fill a fridge up fast though. We have an extra one, pretty old , in the garage for our extras that need a fridge. And we have a screen porch so we actually use it as a walk in fridge. Brr…

  8. Wow thats a pretty awesome fridge! I wish i had that. Mine is pretty crappy and older. I never have enough room! I love all the compartments and storage areas in it.

  9. Jennifer Mae Hiles on

    First of all I have to say that you have a beautiful kitchen! What I wouldn’t give for that counter space! They maytag looks wonderful. I like how the shelves have a clear cover so you don’t have to lift up every bottle to see what it is. And the storage space! Just amazing. Someday…Someday… 🙂

  10. That’s awesome that you fit all of that in to your fridge! Love all the compartments, especially the door shelving. Want!

  11. I’ve never had a side by side refridgerator. I like that it has full size bins because I hate having to move stuff around on the shelves and then things falling out on the floor. This is easier to do from a bin and you can store more this way

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  12. This is the mother of all refrigerators, I have never seen one with this much space before, plus the shelves. We have been looking for one, now this is a must see. Thank you for the post

  13. I love the maytag brand we just bought a washer recently and it is the best washer we have had to date. I want this fridge now

  14. Great looking refrigerator. I like that big middle draw but I would nead more freezer space, so I will be sticking with a side by side for my next refrigerator.

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