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What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the name Sonic Drive-In?  I always think of the famous Sonic Slushes.  We are huge fans of the slushes in my house.  Every time, we drive by the Sonic Drive-In, my daughter tells me she wants a “blue slushie.”  We can go to other places in town to get fast food, but Sonic Drive-In is the only place here where we can get slushes.

Now is the perfect time to head over to Sonic Drive-In and enjoy a delicious slush!  There are tons of slush flavors available, including strawberry, orange, cherry, grape, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, green apple, atomic lemon, watermelon, blue coconut, blue raspberry, Minute Maid cranberry juice, peach, raspberry, blackberry, and mango.  A regular Famous Slush comes with one flavor, or you can take it up a step with a Candy Slush (one flavor and either Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, or popping candy) or a Real Fruit Slush comes (one fruit add-in  of either lemon, strawberry, lime, lemonberry, or pineapple).   And if you want a different kind of treat, add ice cream for a Real Ice Cream Slush.

This summer, there are two extra special signature slushes available, created by Sonic and NBA player Kevin Durant – the All-Star (blue raspberry flavor with Nerds candy) and the Game Changer (lemonberry flavor with Nerds candy).  I got my daughters the All-Star because my oldest loves getting a “blue slushie” and my youngest likes whatever her sister likes.  I tried the Game Changer, which was delicious with chunks of strawberry and little pops of flavor from the Nerds candy.  My husband went with his favorite flavor (grape), but he added in the popping candy for something extra.  He thought the popping candy gave it a little different flavor then the regular grape and he really enjoyed it!

Head over to the Sonic Drive-In Slush Headquarters this summer for a refreshing slush in any of its exciting flavors.  Whether you are out and about in town or on vacation, there is sure to be a Sonic Drive-In location near you.

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  1. Now I’m sitting here wanting a Sonic Slushie. I love them and sadly it’s been years since I’ve seen a Sonic’s let alone visited one. I guess I’ll have to settle for our local store’s slushies. 🙂
    Carol L

  2. Me and my daughter got one of these a few weeks ago they are so good and perfect for these hot NC summers.

  3. Nicole Dziedzic on

    I am always impressed by Sonic large variety of flavors they offer. Would love to try the blue coconut, Minute Maid cranberry juice, peach, and mango flavors. Perfect to cool down with!

  4. Natalie Brown on

    Sonic’s slushes are the best! I’d like the strawberry & pineapple mixed together. I’ll have to take my grandson for a refreshing & fun drink soon!

  5. Angela A Simmons on

    love sonic I worked there when I was a teen, their slushes are the bomb and so are their cheese sticks

  6. Jennifer Rogers on

    We love our Sonic Slshes! They are awesome for that Summer Hot weather cool down and we have one 3 blocks away, so the kids partake regularly!

  7. Shakeia Rieux on

    I just love Sonics slushes,and i go there everytime i crave one.Everytime i go i always try a different flavor,i don’t want to get addicted to one flavor,they’re good i wouldn’t go any place else for it.

  8. *Sigh( My name is Robin and I am a Slushieaholic. I cannot help myself…I just love them and would have one everyday if I could. I like the ones from Sonic and have them when I can, but mostly I get them from our Kangaroo Station.

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