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My oldest daughter is obsessed with firemen and firetrucks.  She gets so excited whenever she sees a firetruck out on the streets and has to point it out.  She watches a fireman show over and over on her tablet.  The only thing she does not have is a firetruck of her own to play with – until now.

My daughter just had the opportunity to build her own firetruck with a Fire Truck kit from Revell Models.  The Fire Truck kit is part of the line of Junior Kits made by Revell Models – perfect for children as young as four years old!  All of the Junior Kits come with plastic pieces that snap or screw together and are easy for young children to assemble.  The Junior Kits include a Racing Car, Roadster, Police Car, Off-Road Vehicle, and of course, the Fire Truck.

The Fire Truck was really easy to assemble.  There were forty-one plastic pieces, a plastic screwdriver, and stickers.  The illustrated instructions were easy to follow, and our Fire Truck came together in no time.  My daughter was able to use the screwdriver to connect some of the pieces, and I helped her snap together others.  We knew the pieces were connected when we heard the “click”!  I also helped her put on the stickers that made the Fire Truck seem like the real thing.  Her favorite part was putting on the hose and ladder and tucking the fire extinguisher and cones in the back.

After the Fire Truck was assembled, it was time to play!  The Fire Truck took many trips around the house, putting out fires and saving other toys from danger.  I knew to get out of the way when I heard her siren call and saw her Fire Truck coming!  It was nice seeing her having so much fun with something she loves!

I really like that my five year-old was able to assemble the entire Fire Truck (with a little help from me).  It was great for her to work on using her fine motor skills.  The Junior Kits also promote STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), which is important for children.  My daughter is starting to learn about science and math at school, and I liked how we could incorporate those subjects into a fun activity.  She had such a great time assembling and playing with her Fire Truck, I think we are going to have to check out the other Revell Models Junior Kits – maybe the Police Car to go along with the Fire Truck!

Check out all of the Revell Models Junior Kits.  You can purchase them online from Revell Models or Amazon, or in Hobby Lobby stores.  Prices range from $17.99 to $29.99.  Pick one up for a great opportunity to introduce STEAM and building into your child’s playtime.

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