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Vicks VapoRub

Being sick is no picnic. I am just getting over my second cold of the season, and I am just SO done (hopefully). This cold has hit especially hard in my chest. I have been coughing like crazy and people look at me like I have the plague. Of course, I’m not the only one who is suffering from a horrible cough, but I wonder if others know how to get relief from this awful cough? I personally use Vicks VapoRub for my sick days.


Vicks VapoRub topical analgesic

I remember when I was little, we always had at least one jar of Vicks VapoRub in the house, and it was the go to medicine when any of us started coming down with a cough and/or cold. Mom would race to the bathroom cabinet, grab the iconic little blue jar and start slathering it on my chest and neck. I remember vividly, the scent of Vicks VapoRub. Many childhood sick days were spent with me on the couch, resting and watching some classic TV shows, with the scent of Vicks VapoRub wafting from my chest. I was always thrilled with the quick relief that it offered me. Honestly, whenever I open a jar of it, fond memories come flooding back. I had a great childhood, and I now realize that Moms really do know best!

Of course, it wasn’t just me she would chase down when she heard a cough or sniffle. My dad and brother also got the much welcomed Vicks VapoRub treatment from Dr. Mom. I guess wives know best too! I think my husband and kids would agree as well as I have carried on the tradition when my own family is sick. Okay let’s be real – my husband might agree that I know best when it comes to being sick at least.

I have to share something funny that happened a couple of years ago when my teenage daughter was sick, and I was out of town. She was looking for some “mom comfort”, so I suggested that she put some Vicks (VapoRub) on her chest. I actually did a blog post of my autocorrect text “oopsies” which included this one:

vicks autocorrect text
What is even funnier is that my mom was actually born and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi!

But back to my original thoughts – I have been sick! I am so grateful that Vicks VapoRub helps so much, and is still around after all of this time {trust me – it’s been a long time since I was a kid!}. There is good reason that it has been – Vicks is a name that has been known and trusted for years and years. I’m sure my grandmother {mom’s mom} used it on her and her three sisters too, back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. After all, Vicks VapoRub was created in 1905 {it was called Vick’s Magic Croup Salve} back then, and rebranded in 1912. That speaks volumes to me – that people still choose to use this mentholated rub when they are sick.

There are so many reasons that I believe Vicks VapoRub is popular. One is that it doesn’t have to be ingested like other medicines. This is especially important with kids ages two and over, since much of the time they don’t like the taste of a liquid medicine, and they cannot swallow medicine in pill/capsule form. Vicks VapoRub can be used up to three times per day – simply rub a thick layer on the chest, or the throat, and let the medicated vapors enter the nose and mouth for quick relief from coughs and stuffiness. The household gets a whole lot quieter when Vicks gets to work…it’s a beautiful thing!

Another reason is that it starts working instantly. I know when I am sick, I dread having to wait for relief {plus I am an impatient person in general}. I want quick action so that I can get back to doing the things that I want and need to do. I don’t have time to be sick!

vicks VapoRub sick day kit

I have recently learned about another helpful item – the Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist humidifier. It provides temporary relief from coughing, congestion, etc., which allows for better breathing and more restful sleep. It does this by quietly producing visible cool mist. Both the Vicks cool and warm humidifiers help to keep the proper humidity levels in your home.

There are several other items I like to keep in my Sick Day kit. Naturally, Vicks VapoRub is first on the list, but additionally, I keep a couple of packs of tissues, a nice warm blanket & robe, slippers, and a good book, coloring book, or my iPad. Oh, and a cat. There is always a cat sitting on me when I confine myself to the couch.  Resting when sick is definitely a good idea, so I try to make the best of it when I can. I usually also make a cup of hot tea with a little honey in it. I would love to hear what you keep in your “sick kit” – please let me know in the comment section below.

vicks VapoRub and VapoPads

I assume you have tried Vicks VapoRub before, but if you have not, please, please do! Please take advantage of this Vicks VapoRub coupon to help your family get through the cough and cold season.

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  1. I have used Vicks VapoRub for over 40 years! Every night, even when I feel well, I put a bit of it in a tissue, and sleep with that, under my nose. It keeps my sinuses open all night. A tried & true product, I’ll never be without it!

  2. Humidifiers are the best!
    Interestingly I’ve used Vicks in the past..but not recently.
    I forget about it..need to start using again..because sometimes the old methods are still the best.

  3. Marti Tabora on

    I have used this for years, but I never knew they had VapoPads available. What a good thing to know. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We have used Vicks VapoRub for generations. We rub it on our chests and then cover it with a clean washcloth. We think that keeps it warm and more vapor-y.

  5. Sharon Rooney on

    I always have Vicks VapoRub in my house. My Mom always had it in the house and like her I do too.
    I agree there is some comfort in the smell of Vicks.

  6. I have used Vicks Vapor Rub since I was a child. I still use it on my family when they need it. It is the one product that realy helps My cats run away when we use it though.

  7. Michele Pineda on

    I’ve also used this product for years, and it is a MUST when we have winter cough and cold season. I use it more than anyone else and find that it really helps me to breathe better.

  8. Oh, how I love Vicks! It seemed like my mom was constantly using this on me since I would get a cold that would turn into bronchitis about every other month. I remember she also used the stuff that you would pour into the water of a vaporizer. That stuff was fantastic, but Vicks discontinued it. Wish they still had it.

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