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Tumble Leaf Spring-a-ling Surprise #craft


Do I have good news for you! A fun new kid’s show is starting on Amazon today!  “Spring-a-ling Surprise,” is a super cute new springtime special from Amazon’s award-winning children’s series Tumble Leaf, and today it will “spring” onto Prime Video everyone around the country can enjoy it.

I think the show is adorable, and it’s especially fun for me, as my son just received his Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema, and his major being Stop Motion Animation! I have seen what all goes into making a film, and I have to say that Spring-a-ling Surprise is so well done.

The show centers around Bloom the bunny. He lost his eggs, unfortunately, and he needs help finding them His friends do help him  hunt for his lost eggs (as any good friends would!). He really wants to get his eggs back, as he has big plans to create an amazing spring surprise.  While they are searching for Bloom’s eggs, his buddy Fig the fox finds all kinds of other spring signs on the journey.

Here is a fun clip of Tumble Leaf Spring-a-ling Surprise:

tumble leaf Spring-a-ling surprise
Here’s more on Tumble Leaf:

Created by Drew Hodges (Community, SNL) and executive produced by Hodges and Kelli Bixler (The Roadents) of the award-winning studio Bix Pix Entertainment, Tumble Leaf follows Fig, a small blue fox, who lives in a whimsical land where he discovers adventure, friendship and love around every bend. The series reinforces the importance of learning through play, as it helps children understand the world around them. Tumble Leaf features the voice talent of Christopher Downs as Fig, Brooke Wolloff as Maple, Zac McDowell as Hedge, Addie Zintel as Pine, and Alex Trugman as Ginkgo.

Featuring lush worlds and playful stop-motion animation, Tumble Leaf has garnered multiple Daytime Emmy Awards, including for Outstanding Pre-School Children’s Animated Program. The show has also earned the Jury Award for a TV series at the 2014 Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the 2015 Annie Award for Best General Audience Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Preschool Children and a 2015 Parents’ Choice Gold Award.

To celebrate this exciting day, I created a craft, inspired by Bloom the Bunny and the gang. I hope you enjoy my Springtime Egg Bouquet craft!

Small dowels
Small bottles of colored paint
7 eggs
Embroidery thread (same colors as the paint)
Small lower pot
Glue gun
Floral foam

I started with blown eggs. Actually I didn’t even do that – I used an ice pick and pressed gently on one end of each egg {please let a parent or grown-up do this part!}. Some of them broke a bit but that is PERFECTLY OKAY! I emptied the contents and rinsed the eggs and dried them well. The eggs will be wrapped with the thread anyway. I simply glued the broken pieces back on and let them dry.

a tumble eggs
While the eggs are finishing drying, I painted the dowels the appropriate colors to match the colors that the eggs will be. Don’t forget to paint the ends of the dowel! While the dowels are drying, I started wrapping the eggs.

painting easter eggs
I slathered glue on the first egg, using a paintbrush, and started wrapping with one of the colors of embroidery thread. I purchased pink, purple and a variegated blue. I found huge spools of each at my local craft store (they were only about $2 each!). The easiest way to wrap the egg is to run the thread continuously around the skinniest part of the egg, then slowly work your way around to the taller/wider parts. Just keep wrapping until the white is covered. If you need to dab more glue on to help the string adhere, feel free! When you are done wrapping, cut the thread and glue the loose end to the egg.

Tumble Leaf Spring-a-ling Surprise
After all of the eggs are done and the glue has dried, use a glue gun to attach each egg to the corresponding stick (by color – or you can mix them up if you like).

Tumble Leaf Spring-a-ling Surprise #craft
Glue the egg at the top of the stick.

glue gun
Place the floral foam to fit inside of your pot. Figure out how you want your arrangement to look and break pieces off the bottom of some of the dowels, so all of the stick/eggs aren’t the same height.

Put something over the floral foam to cover it. You can use fake foliage, fern, moss, rocks or whatever you might have on hand.

I like to play with Polymer Clay (available at craft stores and Amazon.com ), so I decided to make Bloom the bunny, Fig the fox, and a couple of leaf sticks too!  It was easy to do, so if you are so inspired, you might try this as well. I used a razor knife to cut out the shapes. Again, please let an adult help with this part.

And finally, the finished project – Tumble Leaf Spring-a-ling Surprise #craft! Feel free to Pin one or both of the below crafts!

easter egg bouquet


DIY Easter egg bouquet

I hope you get a chance to make this craft. It is time-consuming but really quite fun!


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  1. The Springtime Egg Bouquet craft looks adorable! It would be a fun craft to make with my daughter. This show is such a good show for kids to watch. My daughter loves this show!

  2. Jerry Marquardt on

    I thought that the craft project looked really fun! I would love to try the cool project with my niece.

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