Traveling with Toddlers: How to avoid tantrums


Traveling with toddlers

Traveling with young children is exciting and rewarding, but it can also be stressful. Toddlers are known for their tantrums and when you’re away from your home comforts, it can be more difficult to manage such actions. Nevertheless, it’s possible to have a stress-free trip and enjoy all the benefits of a family vacation. After all, holidays can make your little ones happier and smarter. Traveling with toddlers – how to avoid tantrums? We’ve got the following tips:

1. Keep them busy when traveling. Unless you’re lucky enough to have children that easily fall asleep when traveling in a car or by plane, you’ll have to think about how to keep them amused. Portable tablets, pre-loaded with games and films, are great when you’re flying – but screens can easily cause travel sickness if you’re traveling by car.

Instead, you should get them involved in games that will focus their attention outside the car. However you’re traveling, it’s a great idea to pack a surprise gift bag full of fun, but inexpensive, toys that only need to entertain them for the duration of your journey.

Traveling with toddlers

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2. Tire them out. When you’re on vacation, the same principle applies. You should keep kids entertained and occupied, so they’ve got no reason to have a tantrum. On a sightseeing city break, this is pretty easy. Whether your little one enjoys riding on daddy’s shoulder or kicking back in a stroller, mix your visit up with museums and amusement parks. “These can be a great source of visual stimulation and are guaranteed to tire out the most energetic of toddlers.” When they are ready for a nap, you can relax and enjoy some quiet time too!

3. Keep everyone safe. To avoid any tantrums when you’re on holiday, set out the ground work for certain rules when you’re at home. In busy places, for example, make it best practice to play a game beforehand and point out safe, trustworthy people who could help if they got lost or scared.

Police officers, official staff and moms with children are among the key people kids should be able to identify. When you’re on vacation, there won’t be any extra stress – the same game can occur. Of course, your kids will also want to spend time around the water – whether you’ve got a pool at your hotel, or you’re near a beach. To stay safe, you should prepare at home and get some swimming lessons in before you go, so they feel confident in the water. But while they’re young, always stay with them.


Traveling with toddlers

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4. Be prepared for minor accidents and illnesses. Sometimes, kids have valid reasons to complain and/or be upset. One of those times is when they are ill, or have hurt themselves. The best thing you can do is to be prepared for minor accidents and illnesses by packing a first aid kit. Baby Centre suggest bringing infant painkillers, a thermometer, prescription medications, antiseptic cream or spray, bandages and calamine lotion – these are the essentials.

Do you do much traveling with toddlers? How do you minimize toddler tantrums? Share your tips and recommendations with us!


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  1. Danielle S on

    I’m getting ready to go visit my grandchildren. I was lucky, as my kids would fall asleep in the car when we traveled, but I don’t think my daughter is as fortunate as I was. Good tips, and grandma will keep them in mind.

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