My Husband was KICKED OUT by his doctor!


I am so mad I can hardly see straight right now.  Mad for my husband, mad at his doctor.  About two years ago, he found a doctor he really likes.  She listened well, had a caring side, and seemed genuinely nice. She is also the same doctor that my dad also sees, and he loves her.  My hubby had some blood work done awhile back  and it was determined that he needed to take some medicine.  He had a couple of refills on it, and life was good.  When he was out of refills, the doctor sent a new RX to the pharmacy.  A couple of weeks later my husband received a lab work form from the doctor.  He was to have lab work done.  He didn’t think he needed to do this, as he recently had it done.

Flash forward to about four days ago.  He asked me to call in his RX, which I did.  The pharmacy called back later that day and said that the doctor denied it.  Okay, I figured he would need to be seen by the doctor again before she could fill it.

The very next day – he received a certified letter from his doctors office.  This is what it said:

This letter is to inform you that I am withdrawing as your primary care physician.  As you may require medical attention in the future, I suggest you promptly seek the care of another physician.  If you are not acquainted with other physicians you may wish to contact your insurance carrier for a listing of physicians within your health plan.
I shall be available to treat you for urgent problems only, no more than thirty (30) days of the date of this letter.  This will give you ample opportunity to find a new physician.  When you have selected a physician, your records will be forwarded upon written request.

Please know that any family member(s) that have NOT yet been seen by Dr.____ or Dr. ____ are NOT my patient(s), and those members should select another physician immediately.

{Doctors blank and blank are my husband’s doctor and the other doctor in the practice.}

Well this letter certainly was a shock!  Not only was it rude, but they sent it so fast.  I mean the pharmacy didn’t contact us until late in the day saying that the doctor denied it, but the letter arrived the very next day.  I just love the part that none of his family members (my daughter or myself) can request to be their patients either.  Does that make any sense?  We have done nothing wrong!

This morning my husband called the doctors office to see what was going on and he was told basically “Nope, we send you a lab form and you didn’t do it…you’re out of here”.

Have you heard of such a thing?  Where was the “warning”?  It’s not like he commited a crime, but would it have killed them to either send a reminder to do lab work OR call him to say we cannot fill this until you are seen?  Just bam – you are gone.  I am livid, as is my husband.  This seems totally uncalled for in our opinion.  We have never, ever been treated like this by a doctor before.  So in the meantime, he is without his medication.  He has to find a new doctor, and then insurance has to approve it, before he can be seen.  Good work doctor – really good.   Let’s hope something terrible does not happen to him in the meantime.  You suck.

I also understand that he could be taking the spot of someone else who would like to be her patient – I do get that, but I do think a common courtesy would have been to warn him, or see him first before kicking him out.


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  1. Ha! I know exactly how you feel – I have a 3 year old daughter who had 3rd degree heart failure due to a common cold. She now has a pace maker after being in the ICU for 10 days. Our family dr told us “they didn’t feel comfortable” caring for her when we went in due to a fever that would come and go almost a year after her surgery – they did lab work which the dr saw the results and said they didn’t know why she was sick….and that they didn’t feel comfortable caring for her….in the mean time she was still getting unexplained fevers and we had to wait 6 weeks to get into a pediatrician for her. Meanwhile we were left hanging….what happened to our medical system? They are all on high horses and afraid to care for patience now – they just want the easy patients.

    • Jennifer-admin on

      That is horrible! So basically just because they couldn’t figure out why she had fevers, they kicked her out? Six weeks is too long to wait to see another doctor. I am so sorry you went through this too. I guess they really do just want easy patients.

  2. You shouldn’t hide the doctor’s name. You have every right to disclose such information for other people’s use so they do not make the mistake of choosing the same doctor. There are entire websites dedicated to ranking and giving opinions about doctors. When we are talking about something as important as people’s health, they have the right to know as much pertinent information as possible. We had an OBG/YN that basically dumped us when my wife had a miscarriage. You can believe I went to as many doctor ranking sites as I could find and gave her a bad review. You should do the same. It might save someone’s life.

  3. I have never heard of such a thing happening. You’d think doctors would want to keep their patients. Don’t they know anything about running a business? Hopefully you can find a good provider soon that is attentive to your family’s needs.

    • Jennifer-admin on

      I know right? I really don’t get it! My husband did find a doctor that he LOVES and she is very professional, attentive and really nice!

  4. Have you contacted the physicians group she belongs too? Have you contacted the board of physicians and filed a complaint? Have you sent in a letter of complaint to the BBB and the editorials in your newspaper(s)? Just a few thoughts. Is there a support group for patients w/ your husbands issue – can they make suggestions?

  5. Brutal! Doctors can be so awful. Ours moved to a town 40 minutes away, didn’t tell us, and my husband got a letter addressed to him alone (I was her patient too) saying she’d moved and we could still come to her if we wanted (um, no – an hour and a half in the car for a doctor’s visit??). I was never notified directly.

  6. What a load of crap and it sounds like our doctors they we have to see at our Naval hospital. Disgusting and they forgot the oath they took!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. there may be other things going on here – more like the financial status of the practice of doctors. It has been a rough economy on everyone – doctors included – and many have had to reduce the number of patients they can see by significant numbers. Additionally, states are not paying their medicaid and medicare bills on time, leaving doctors with all of the financial burden for those medical costs. Yes – the way it was handled was poor, but it is more than likely it is not because your husband did not get his bloodwork done.

  8. I used to work at a doctors and actually sent these letters out on a daily basis to patients. I always felt sad but the doctors backed it up by saying that if something happened to the patient because of something they did not do such as take medication, get lab work, get shots, or whatever then they(the doctors) are held responsible. There were also a lot of people discharged due to financial reasons, it was just sad to see that people were denied healthcare because they most of the time just did not have the time to get blood drawn or forgot to follow up. I geuss looking at both sides its hard to place a blame other then on insurance companies who make the rules.

    • Jennifer-admin on

      True enough – I hadn’t thought of that part of it. I just wish they would have called (or a letter first) saying “if you don’t get your blood work done within a week, we won’t be able to see you anymore”. Or something lol.

  9. I understand that doctors have to watch their backs, but, honestly, this was highly uncalledfor. The doctor’s office could have reminded you or given you notice of such a policy well before pulling what I would call a reckless stunt, one former doctors I have dealt with have called not nice names when other doctors put people quite possibly in danger. Perhaps they should tell you right off when you become their patient that if you don’t do things on their schedule without having to be reminded of it or within a certain time, that they’ll uncaringly drop you like a hot potato. It’s not a fair trade if they do not make their policies clear and they can drop you like a jerk just like that. Doctors are supposed to take an oath to do no harm, are they not? It’s really none of my business what the situation was, but say your husband had a condition that without medication or some form of proper treatment, he could die from. Then he’s just suddenly dropped like that. I know how long it takes to find a doctor and get it approved by insurance, it seems like forever. In any case, but especially in those kind of cases that require medication or one needs care for potentially life threatening conditions, if the doctor is so worried about being held responsible, maybe they should be worried about being held responsible for leading to someone’s death for terminating, without due notice of policy or any kind of warning, proper treatment when they know how long it can take for a patient to get with a new doctor.

    • Jennifer-admin on

      Exactly! You make some really good points. They could at least have the courtesy to call or send a “warning” letter. It was completely unexpected and out of left field. And they should not have just left him without medicine – it was just so wrong.

      Thanks for commenting…

  10. My family had something like this happen last year with our family physician of over twenty years after they got a new office manager. My parents had all my sibs and I (9), plus my parents (2) and then my sister in law and her son (2) all being cared for and then dropped over one stupid mistake, and all we got was a letter.

    Myself, and both of my oldest brothers all had their own insurance, separate from our parents and the five siblings of mine they still covered. One brother went in after a work injury, and submitted his own insurance information, but the office manger made the claim on my parents insurance (he was also a JR). They got a negative response back from the insurance of course, and then the insurance requested that my parents verify all their info again– thinking we were trying something scammy.

    It was quickly cleared up on the insurance end, but the office did not send my brother a bill till after any claims could be made. He informed them to send it to his own insurance, because it was their mistake and of course his insurance turned it down because the max period of time had passed.

    Instead of calling or anything we all got sent a letter just like that. My parents were livid it happened and after our doc told us he didn’t handle that stuff, to take it up with the office they switched doctors (and so did the rest of us). We found out later through our insurance that our complaint was the last straw and they dropped our physician & that practice from their approved list– he lost something like 1,800 patients.

  11. That’s horrible! I would have lost my Dr years ago if that was the case! I’m embarrassed to admit this but I’ve blown off appointments on accident multiple times and they never gave me the boot…or even a charge. I’d be livid. Can you report them?

  12. If that is the way they are going to act. I would be glad they dropped you now. That is awful. They could have called and said it is our policy that you must get lab work done and if you don’t we will have to ask you to find another doctor but at least give you a chance.

  13. Wow…I have never heard of being “fired” from a doctor . (sorry, I am laughing so hard now because I just read your Oopsie texts post and I just wrote FRIED instead of Fired!)
    So…if this really happens then I am in BIG trouble. They are always sending us to do tests and follow up work and we think is often a lot of overkill. sometimes we wonder if it is just to get more “business” and be able to bill insurance for yet MORE! Medicine IS business and we forget this. They are out to make a buck and protect their interests, so even if cold and impersonal, I guess when you think of this it makes you realize WHY they do this. BUT, this is BAD business (and PR) to have handled it in this way. I am wondering if the doctor really had much to do with this? We have a large HMO and so many docs, I dont know if a business office or insurance office would handle most of this?

    So sad when medical issues are so hard on a person/family, the last thing you want in a scary medical situation is having someone you dont know or trust. A good doctor/patient relationship is so important!

    • Jennifer-admin on

      FRIED LOL. That is funny! I think it had everything to do with the doctor. It’s really a shame because he did like her a lot. However, he really likes his new doctor, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise 🙂 We’ll just go with that lol.

  14. I have been there. We have an outstanding balance we are working on paying down with a payment plan but since we have no medical insurance, Jonathan’s doctor will not see him unless we have (a) made our payment on the payment plan and (b) brought the entire amount of the office visit to pay for his visit. I personally did not believe this was possible (that you could be denied treatment due to payment issues) but apparently doctors do not operate on the same standard as hospitals do.

    John’s MD is an absolute angel though. He is constantly missing appointments due to work or having to call and reschedule. The only time she has sent him a letter is when he’s canceled an appointment and not rescheduled. Then he gets a letter stating he has until such and such a date to reschedule his appointment or he will need to find another physician. She has never, ever, though cut him off without a word or said that nobody in our family could become a patient. I would seriously look into this hon and if nothing else report her to the medical association board in your state. He may never become a patient again (after being treated like THAT though who would want to!) but he may be able to prevent her and the other doctor from doing the same thing to another patient. Just because he missed lab work, all they needed to do was send a reminder or pick up the phone and say he needed to get his lab work done before she could fill the prescription again. Problem solved.

    I do understand that a lot of doctors are wary of patients who come in and get prescriptions for this or that and then do not want to see the doctor again – they just want their prescriptions called in – but you do not automatically assume that everyone is out to behave this way. Some people are just forgetful, have a busy life, and things fall through the cracks. It happens ALL the time!

    Personally, I think you are ALL better off without a doctor like this treating your husband or your family!

    • Jennifer-admin on

      Thank you so much for commenting – you are lucky John has a good doctor! I agree, a simple phone call or reminder letter is what they should have done! He is better off with his new doctor – much better!

  15. My daughter just moved from Texas to Alabama. Before doctors there will see you, you have to complete paperwork, have past medical history transferred and be accepted as a patient. She didn’t care for the first pediatrician who “accepted” her. So when her daughter was sick with strep, she wanted to see a different one. Of course, she didn’t have time to go through the acceptance procedure. She asked the office what they expected her to do; they said to go to an urgent care clinic. Maybe ok for an adult, but you don’t want to take your 3.5 yr old to someone who doesn’t see alot of children. She ended going to the original doctor, but she is going to try to get “accepted” by another doctor before they need a doctor again.

  16. I had the same thing happen with my doctor! I had been going to this one family doctor for 11 years! We disagreed about the safety of a medication I could take while breastfeeding. I recommended that she check out Dr. Hale’s infant risk line and she could speak to Dr. Hale herself. I also recommended that she check out the government website, LactMed. She refused to and said absolutely not (Granted this was a medication I have been on for 5 years and my doctor was 7 months old…)

    Then i got that same shitty certified letter. I was absolutely LIVID!!!!! I am still very pissed off and that was two months ago!

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