Burger King – are you serious? This is no Whopper!


Burger King burgers are so small

I don’t normally write posts about things like this, but I was so completely annoyed and quite shocked actually, that I just had to write about it.

Yesterday morning my husband went into work for a bit, and called on his way home to see if I wanted anything from Burger King.  I was starving and asked for a Whopper Jr. with cheese.  He arrived quickly thank goodness, since I was SO  hungry.  This is what I expected (notice how the patty at least meets the edges of the bun):

I unwrapped my Whopper Jr. and this is what I saw:

Wow.  Just wow. There was nothing “whopperish” about this burger.  Granted, I didn’t want a humongous burger – which is why I didn’t order a regular Whopper. I wanted something in between the regular little cheeseburger and a Whopper.  Fair enough, right?  For comparison purposes, I took these pictures:

Yeah.  I was pretty disappointed. It took 4 bites to eat the tiny thing. Was it satisfying? Hardly. I was still starving.

It also didn’t look a thing like is advertised. There were some onions, pickles and wilted lettuce smooshed in there (which I removed – blech), but in no way did it resemble the picture they show of the Whopper Jr. on their website.

I’ve got nothing nice to say right now…


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  1. Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish on

    Oh that is so annoying to pay for food and be left unhappy and unsatisfied! Call them too…what a bunch of crap, that burger looks so overcooked and dry. That "royally" sucks speedy.

  2. Wow that is bad….Burger King is my number one fast food if I want anything but we have been disappointed the last 2 times we went and haven't been back. That looks nothing of a Whopper JR

  3. Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" on

    I'd be mad too, but too lazy to go back and tell them off, lol. Where are the veggies? Maybe they mixed up the patty with a kiddie sized one? Or maybe a slider size? (I think they have those?) Bummer still, I hate messed up orders.

  4. That is SO frustrating! Email this to them–I had a bad experience at a fast food restaurant and wrote them–they apologized and gave me some gift cards.

    So sorry sweetie. I would have been so annoyed!


  5. I no longer eat Fast Food. Half the stuff isn't even fresh .. If I must eat out I'll go to Subway or a Mom and Pop type place.. Sure Mcdonald's and Burger King are cheap but you're health is a higher price to pay .. Beside they only give you so much "food" half is chemicals.

  6. Michelle @ Flying Giggles on

    That is just sad! We stopped going to Burger King because every time we went, we were majorly disappointed.

  7. First Burger King in my neck of the woods is just plain GROSS I would never go there…however that is the saddest looking burger I have EVER seen! Don't they have a toll free number you can call and complain? I know WAY BACK when I was in college(out east)we use to call and complain to get free food, bad I know but we were poor college students!

  8. •´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• on

    I would have taken it back – but chances are they wouldn't have cared, and done something bad to your replacement burger.

  9. It looks like they put a whopper jr patty on a whopper size bun. I would have called and laid into them. I do that to any place I'm not satisified with and most of the time they offer me another one for free.

  10. Rose ~ RedNeckWitch ~ on

    I'm seriously nauseated today, and to see that pathetic little burger is making my tummy turn. A KCup – seriously.
    Just makes me think of the stupid commercials.
    And that whole King thing – he's spooky.

  11. Tiffany @ allthatblooms.net on

    That's how my last Whopper Jr. looked too! I have one teeny, tiny piece of lettuce on it and an onion.. about the size of a quarter. I thought it was just our BK but that must be how they all make them. They're very disappointing!

  12. singedwingangel on

    Well here is what I will say to you about this. It is sad and pathetic but their may be a method behind the madness. About a month ago many BK franchise owners were complaining to corporate about the loss of revenue in selling the Whopper Jr for 99 cents. They were claiming the cost of each patty was more then they were charging for the whole burger. Corporate didn't care. Perhaps the franchises took matters into their own hands. Since they were not getting relief from corporate they used the smaller patties to compensate for the money they lost on that 99 cent venture. Not right to the consumer for sure, but I can see the franchise owners' point of view.

  13. Are you kidding me!? That is absolutely ridiculous. I'm usually one to go back and complain or make a phone call, but then again I feel customer service & satisfaction is very important. I've noticed lots of fast food places cutting back or downsizing items since the dip in the economy. I once went back to a certain "chicken man" restaurant after calling about a messed up order, only to walk in the door to hear the employees bad mouth me. Even after I made a formal complaint on the corporate website, I never heard from them. Then again, I never went back either for chicken either.

  14. Mommies-Miracles on

    WOW! I have never gotten a whopper or whopper junior that looked this way! It looks like it sat to long and was dried out. (My mom used to work for burger king) I'd be very disappointed. I would have taken it back and complained as it also appears to have been made in a rush!

  15. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos on

    Seriously, why can't any hamburger look like the picture? EVER?
    That is so tiny, especially when compared to the K-Cup!
    Wow…did they send you a mini kids' burger?
    That's terrible, what a waste of money.

  16. IN-SANE! I would rather have them increase the cost by .25-.50 cents and get a Whopper Jr. They should be embarrassed!

  17. Julie Bianchi on

    OMG! I know how much you love ur food so I know u were PISSED! I was laughing so hard when I saw that little burger inside ur Starbucks lid I almost wet my pants!! You poor thing!! I hope you called and complained at least so they could mail you some coupons for free food in the future.

  18. Stuff like that makes me want to wrap it up and send it to the corporate offices to let them see how crappy of service that their "wonderful" employees are giving their customers. We have that issue but not with Burger King, it's Taco Bell. lol

  19. ~*~ Melissa ~*~ on

    Now that is horrible. I hate when you get crappy food from fast food places, and sadly it really happens too often, usually when you use the drive thru. They must think you won't come back to complain. Little do they know that everyone does have a voice! Bummer for them. Bad business Burger King!

  20. 2wired2tired.com on

    That drives me crazy! One time I did go to Burger King and had the best fast food burger ever. Inside my bag was a receipt for a customer satisfaction survey promising if I called in a completed the survey I would get a $5 gift card to BK. Coincidence? I don't think so and I never got that gift card.

  21. TheEclecticElement on

    Those pretty little ads you see on tv and online for food that looks so amazingly amazing you HAVE to go out and get it, like, NOW…….Yeah, they LIE TO YOU.

    I can't tell you how many times I've ordered something and mentally compared it to the ads I've seen.

    They usually all epically fail >.<

  22. OMG I would send that to BK and let that creepy looking King see it!
    I would have to tell him what I think with a lot of explicatives in it! BK my butt!

  23. I hate when this happens, and it happens a lot.
    Did you ever see the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas?

    Michael Douglas picks up the hamburger he's just ordered, which looks nothing like the picture on the menu and says –
    Bill Foster: Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture?

  24. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com on

    OK…I am sorry, but i am lmao in my living room in the middle of the night by MYSELF! I am back tracking on your blog and thought this was hilarious…i mean, it really DID look no bigger than a 50 cent piece. I am thinking Dr. Oz was up to know good…shrink sizing our meals out there!
    Sorry to laugh, but the whole post was so funny!
    Hope you are over it now and you will forgive my chuckle. I would email that to the company and let the whole world see! Isn't internet/video and pic capability GREAT! They can't ignore the truth in pictures!

  25. Another classic example of “Not as illustrated.” That is just pathetic. Not only does the meat??? look gross but the bun looks stale. I rarely eat out but tried Burger King once in the past year and the meat tasted funny like it had been reheated instead of freshly cooked. These fast food places get so caught up with the “fast” service that they forget about quality, flavour, and taste.

  26. nope, not a Whopper, it’s a Whopper Jr. Get a Whopper and complain how that’s not a Whopper, not some other menu item. Geez.

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