This Census Bureau harassment has got to stop!


Harassment by the Census Bureau

US Census Bureau harassment,
I am sure many of you are having the same problems I am with the US Census Bureau. I am annoyed, frustrated and quite frankly frightened. By frightened, I mean I am feeling harassed, bullied, and stalked – it is downright creepy. Since I am the one home all day, I am getting the brunt of it.

We, like good U.S. Citizens, filled out the US Census form the minute we received it, and promptly mailed it back. Several weeks ago, we started to get telephone calls – the caller I.D. said “US Census Bureau”. Needless to say, we did not answer it. We filled out our form and returned it, they have all the information they need. I started looking around online and found that many others are being harassed by the US Census Bureau as well, via phone calls and/or visits to their home.

I cannot tell you the number of times they have called my house. They have called early in the morning, in the afternoon (while I am trying to take a much needed nap), at dinner time, or in the evening while I am trying to enjoy time with my family. This is a complete invasion of our privacy, and I am fed up.

I posted about this on Facebook and here are the reactions I got from friends:

We have people walking around the neighborhood. How many times do I need to tell them that nobody lives in the foreclosed house next door?

We sent in the form – took the first call and then stopped taking the calls (your right – thank goodness for caller ID). Now we have people visiting us at the house! How many times do we need to be counted??

We filled ours out… but they sent some guys to our house… pfft.. your tax dollars at work!

Filled the form and mailed right away. They followed-up with 2 letters and 1 visit while we were gone, they have not yet returned. No phone calls however.

Where does it end? How long will the census takers stalk me? If I had to guess, I would say they have called my house at least twenty times. After what I read online about what others are experiencing, I have no intention of answering the phone. Apparently they say they just want to confirm two questions or so, but then they start asking a bunch of other questions and they keep you on the phone for a long time. No way.

I hope they do not plan on coming to my door. I will not answer. My fear is that one of my teenagers will answer the door. Or what if they come by my house when I am out front gardening? That is bothersome. This is my house and I should feel safe here in and about my home. Hmmm…I believe there are amendments to that affect. Yep, there are.

Have you endured this type of harassment from the US Census Bureau? How are you handling it?

UPDATE:  I just found more information on the Census Bureau harassing folks at Wise Geek (  If you were one of the unfortunate ones who received the ACS form, you will definitely find this interesting.  How on earth can they ask for social security numbers, what time you leave for work, etc.


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  1. I filled my form out too and haven’t had any issues with calls or visits from anyone. I did have one person come and knock on my door but it was about a house across from me. She asked me if it was a vacant house (there are alot of them here) and when I said yes that the man had died last year and next of kin could not be found, she wrote that down and said that was all she needed. She did ask me if she could get my phone # to put on the form so if someone wanted to call and double check that she had actually talked to me they could. I gave her my phone number and that was that. Hasn’t been a problem yet and that was probably 3 weeks ago or more.

    • I am a 58 year old disabled woman, living ony own. I recently moved, hiding out from my pycho-path ex. A man came to the door, saying he was from the CENSUS BURUEA, held up a small white card,(as a sign of idenity). and ask if I was ….! I said yes, and the convo. went on for a few. I cannot be sure exactly what I told him; because he awoke me, and I had strept throat!! The next 3 days, he called & called, and I told him I was still very ill!! Finally, on the 3rd day, I talked with him. I ask him some questions, and he told me, when he came to my door, he did not even know who livedthere; but yet he ask if my name was(who it is)!! The phone calls kept coming, I obliged his questions; but he ask me all my private info. like if I would say my health is good, fair, or poor???? Hello, I am disabled from a crippling car wreck, hit by a drunk driver!!! SURE THE BASTARD KNOWS THAT TOO. I ASK HIM IF I WAS IN SOME KIND OF TROUBLE, AND HE RESPONED “OH NO; YOU HAVE BEEN VERY HELPFUL

      • I am so sorry they are harassing you too! I am not sure what you can do, but yeah, why do they need to come back in April? The only thing I can think to do is jot down the phone number they are calling from and don’t answer when they call. And DON’T answer the door for anyone, unless it is someone you are expecting. It is really a horrible feeling to have to “hide out” in your own home!

  2. Here’s my beef … LOL ready?

    We only answered our nationality {which I don’t even think is required, it’s just for funding allocation purposes} and even then we stated we were Americans. Should be enough, right? And how many people lived here. They came knocking a few weeks later and I only answered those same questions again. I could tell she was annoyed, but what was she going to do?

    There’s also been light shed on just how honest the census department in regards to how many actual hours these workers are working vs. how much tax payers are paying them in the end. It’s a huge waste of friggin money and a waste of our time.

    • Agree, agree and agree! Why bother with the forms if they are going to have people call and come to the house…THAT is a huge waste of taxpayer money. It seems to me the forms should eliminate the need for so many census workers. They even came to your house a second time? What were they hoping to accomplish? UGH I don’t get it!

  3. Well, they don’t call me because I’m Canadian. But I get plenty of debt collectors calling when I get behind! At least for Census they will stop calling if you answer their questions..

  4. Maybe you could get a restraining order, that way if it keeps up you can send the Government to jail LOL. They have been coming over here too but I don’t answer the door or answer the phone. I don’t know why they are spending so much money on this, there must be some other great (by great I mean its going to cost us money) plan.

  5. We haven’t had any problems with phone calls or people knocking on our door.

    I appreciate the efforts, I guess I wish that it was kind of how it happened in past though. I use Census records to trace family history and it’s absolutely thrilling to find my relatives to see how old they were, their job, where they were born, nationality and where they lived. I feel connected with them. Although I know that modern technology will continue to grow and it won’t be nearly as difficult to trace family someday I hope that my peeps look and find me in the Census. But then again, who knows.

    I wonder if there is a somewhere where you can send complaints or even suggestions. I have a friend working for them in our town, I’ll ask.

    • Please do ask Sky – I would appreciate it. I can see them coming if they haven’t received a form back from somebody – but I have also heard that they will say they never received it, just to talk to people more. Thanks Sky!

  6. I have had issues as well. I mailed mine in but someone kept stopping by. My daughter is an adult, but I tell her not to answer the door when alone. It isn’t safe. Well, they came everyday for WEEKS. Annoyong her. Finally, my son was home one day and answered and we THOUGHT it was all done. Until my neighbor tells me THEY WERE HARRASING THEM because of us!

    • They came every day? That is ridiculous! Then to go to your neighbors house because you didn’t answer the door. I don’t get it! They have your form, what more do they need??

  7. I filled out my form, and haven’t heard from them since. I was worried they would come knocking on my door though due to stories I’ve heard from other people. And sadly, at least in the Denver area, there have been numerous reports of fake census workers coming to people’s doors, getting themselves invited in and then robbing the homeowners, and in one case a woman was even raped. So I’m not answering my door for anyone claiming to be a Census working, it’s not worth it. If they started calling me, I would probably answer and tell them to never call me again.

    • Now THAT is scary! There are so many risks in opening the door – sad but true. After hearing the story of the fake census workers, I know I definitely will not be opening my door. Thanks for sharing this info!

    • I live in VA and am being harassed. Like you, phone call after phone call! I’ve told them to not call me but they do anyway. I’ve told them that I won’t answer their questions over the phone. They call anyway! I answered their questions when they came to my house so they have the info.

      Perhaps we should organize and complain to the FCC. We could alert the ACLU. They get involved in 4th amendment violations. If necessary, hire an attorney and start a class action civil suit against them. We, the people, should not have to live in fear of our government! Our 4th amendment is there to protect us from unreasonable searches by the government (that’s what this census has become to many of us), but we have to exercise our rights. If this is truly as wide spread as it seems, the governments abuse of power is outrages and we should not let our rights be trampled. There’s safety in numbers…

      • Thank you so much for commenting – ours are not isolated cases, obviously, and that is what is so frustrating. It IS harassment plain and simple (I love how in the article you linked how they call it “persistent”. In the article they claim that event if you sent in the form, there may be a discrepancy. Well, I think the next time they call I WILL answer and before they talk, I will ask what is the discrepancy they are calling about. I will clear up a discrepancy, but I am not answering all of the questions again. I kind of doubt there IS a discrepancy. The other thing I found fascinating in this article is that they are touting how they are under budget. I guess they are trying to use up all of the money in the budget (for census purposes), by harassing us? I am going to see what they have to say when they call again. That had better be it, and they had better not call again.

        I had a thought – if there is a discrepancy, why don’t they sent it in writing, asking us to clarify? It seems to me that would be simpler and cheaper than hiring oodles of people to continually call and knock on doors.

        Thank you so much for providing that link – it is VERY interesting!

        • Because they feel “in person” or “via phone” is by far more intimidating to you and you will have a harder time telling them to go fly a kite.

          I mean you DONT even have to fill out the paperwork mjuch less answer your door or phone. They not only come by here and TRY to machine gun style interrogate me about neighbors but have also sent their supervisor out claiming its “imparative” that they speak to them or word it “EXTREMELY important”. They have asked me to verify their names, what hours they work,if they are home, what car they drive,how many people live there, if in fact anyone still does live there, etc etc etc until I said “Lady look here, have u got any where with me to date? I have cooperated with you yet? Answered even one of your questions? No, I have not!

          Thats when the pip squeak “Supervisor” came out trying to muscle in.


          ” This is Brooklyn Sir, you might wanna get back in your car and drive off. “

      • i am getting call after call, first thought was fraud then scam, etc
        now they make such a big deal asking questions and they ask only one living in home at address…say yes they they ask any younger childrem, any new borns once establish i am not a child nor am i new born, when i say waste my time and my money on same questions positions in different verbs etc is not my idea of fun………so then they say i refuse
        i ask how much do you make
        are you full time or part time
        and she does not want to answer
        then asks me to hold
        then hold again
        i freaking hung up and have before will again
        screw this crap
        what is it the admistration trying to show they are on the imagrattion issue
        well i been here some 68 years and did it every other year some location without problem, don’t they have records???? can’t they look back”
        what the nuck is this anyway?
        going to disconnect my freaking phone get rid of the creaps
        i need to spend my time getting one of those freaking jobs
        i have no job
        been stolen and sent overseas to the imigrent conntries

  8. I was employed as an enumerator but quit when they told me I had to knock on as many doors as possible to get answers for certain address. You’re right, it is harassment. Even when I got the count of how many people were at an address, they weren’t satisfied. Stupid and wasteful.

    • Completely wasteful! What other information did they expect you to get? I just don’t understand. Certainly our tax dollar can be spent more efficiently…

    • That’s what they did to us. We filled out and mailed in the form answering everything including how many people live here, but they kept calling for days, asking how many people live here. Why did we fill out the form if they are going to call anyway and then act rude and act like we are lying.The Census Bureau really stinks this year!!!

  9. We had a guy come into our yard, thankfully my hubby was home. He told the man to please leave because we did the form once and we weren’t going to do it again. The man got angry then went to the neighbors and told them WE were threatening HIM.

    No…I’m not answering my door to someone I don’t know, and I’m not answering calls either….enough already!

    • Oh my…I love the way your husband handled him (I will do the same if they appear at my door, except I’m not going to answer). They have this thing about harassing the neighbors too, don’t they?? It doesn’t sound like your husband threatened him at all. Enough already is right!

      • I hope they go to my neighbor and tell them how this 5’1″ 120 lb woman threatened them…..!

        My husband sent in the census form, which was filled out completely! Now their calling off the hook, pun inteneded! Made the mistake of calling back, hoping to end their calls. The person was rude and would not stop giving his speel about how I had to answer all of the questions according to this title and that title of the law. I hope someone comes to the door!

        Fun times!

        • LOL! I know, I almost dare them to come to my door. I guess I shouldn’t say that, but ya know LOL. See, I thought about calling back when they called the first time, but something just didn’t feel right about it. So they were rude on the phone to boot? Ummm no.

          You get em’ girl!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this video – I laughed so hard! I wish I were as clever as Christopher Walkin, but this does give me some good ideas : )

  10. Thank god we have not had no problem with them. We filled ours out as well and sent them in as soon as we got it. My dad did too and they showed up at his house. I was hearing on the news a few of the Census people have been killed already. Pretty messed up all ways around… They just need to find a better way to get a head count.

    • Oh wow…Killing them is not right – and yes, they definitely need to find a better way. One commenter above also said that there are fake “census” people coming around, and robbing people. Nope, I am not answering my door.

  11. It happened to me too and I challenged the person on the phone after apologizing as I know she is only doing her job but asked why they just didn’t bother calling everyone instead of subjecting us to the forms? I assured her that my form was correct and that every person in my house would be counted only once via my form. She didn’t care, she wanted me to partake in what was suppose to be a five minute interview at first that during the “official” information turned into maybe 10. When I asked if I had a legal obligation to submit to an additional interview she said yes. I explained to her that I was going to contact my congressmen as I found this a complete waste of money to call everyone that already did their legal responsibility by completing the form. I then went to the site, and there is nothing that states the second follow up is legally required.

    My opinion is this is being dragged on to keep the employment numbers up to make the economy appear rosy. I could be wrong but I worked the census many, many years ago and this much effort was not put into “correctly” counting everyone. If they are correctly wanting to count anyone, why do census workers show up at your door begging that you give them any information on the neighbor even if you tell them you know nothing about them? I was vacationing in Florida at a rental house and the census worker kept asking me in spite of telling him I was not a resident and I had no idea.

    I’m so glad I’m not alone. After I talked to her on the phone, I thought “man, I probably sound like some weirdo-paranoid nut” by challenging it but it’s the waste of money that bothers me. We do not have money to waste and we need to be better utilizing people and resources in other ways. All the money being used for the extra layer of census double checking could be buying food for those that need it.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

    • I am glad you ranted! I feel just the same, and it is interesting to hear from somebody who actually answered the phone : ) I’ve heard they just blatantly lie – about either not receiving the forms, or the “official” information as you stated above. Honestly, they need to choose one form of contacting people, be it via phone, house call (I don’t like this option), or form. Pick one people and bug off!

      I think your point on keeping the employment numbers up is right on spot. That makes sense. I’ve heard this elsewhere too, but not quite the way you said it (your way makes more sense to me). Very, very interesting!

      I have also heard of them harassing neighbors. We don’t know much about our neighbors at all, and I certainly wouldn’t want our neighbors telling them anything about us. That is a huge invasion of our privacy.

      Thank you so much for commenting – and no, you are not along at all!

  12. Wow. You must have some overeager census people. We had the forms sitting on our desk all ready to send in and didn’t get the chance because of the health emergency with my father-in-law. Someone actually stopped by to take our census and that’s the last we heard from them.

  13. It is extremely irritating! I have “call screening” – after the first call, I blocked them. It really IS frightening in light of everything else that’s going on in our country.

  14. I’ve only seen two people in our area, and my friend said she had one in her area of town and she gave them all the info on the people on ther street (there are several houses that are empty or foreclosed).
    We don’t answer any phone calls that are unknown so I don’t know if they have called. Plus I do not answer the door ever at the house if I’m alone since I was attacked and stalked 9 years ago.
    I would definitely look to see if there is some place you can report those harassing phone calls to, however – you are right, they must stop!

    • Oh my goodness – I am so sorry you were attacked. I don’t answer the door either if I am alone either. We even have a gate and a “no soliciting” sign, but that never stops people from coming in. They always think the sign is not for them…hmph.

  15. I filled out our form and sent it in, but I left off the phone number. I figured they had no need to call me. We don’t have a land line, so I wasn’t willing to give up one of my cell numbers…though the Democratic National Committee has managed to find it, I would bet the Feds could, too. I was tempted not to fill out the form at all, but once I saw that we got the short form I decided to go ahead and send it in. That SNL video with Christopher Walken was priceless 🙂

    • Hmmm I didn’t even think not to put our phone number on there. Good thinking! I wouldn’t give them my Cell # for sure!

  16. I wanted so badly to see the form, but dh filled it out and sent it in so I don’t know if our numbers are on it. come to think of it, maybe all those calls that I ignore is from them.

    So far no one has shown up at my door. I will not be nice..well maybe the first time, but that’s it.

    Put a sign in your yard that you have pitbulls and guns.

    • LOL now THAT is not a bad idea. 1/2 of that statement is very, very true, so I think I will have to put that sign up. My husband actually filled ours out too, so I don’t know if he forgot something or what, but I am sure he told them only what they need to know.

  17. Oh wow! That’s awful! Maybe you should contact them and just fill it out again so they’ll leave you alone. But that wouldn’t work if they actually -did- recieve yours and they’ll be counting you twice… Jeez, I’m not sure what you should do. =[ Thankfully me and my boyfriend filled ours in and sent it back asap and we didn’t have any problems. Good luck fixing it.

  18. James Kramer on

    We’re in the same boat as you..filled it all out but their “records” list our home as vacant so they keep coming around. They should have left you with their name so the next step is to file a report. We had to file a report for criminal trespassing and criminal harassment with the local Sheriff’s office to finally end it…I think. I truly hope that the jack boot census worker spends some time behind bars for this crap. What is the point of filling out the form if all you get in return is endless harassment.

    • I have been hearing so many horror stories and I still don’t get it. I keep asking the same thing, why on earth do they bother sending the form then? They should pick one method of collecting data and leave it be! I will definitely get a name if they come around. Thank you for this information – I didn’t know you could file a report.

  19. I, too, filled out the form completely and sent it in right away. I also am lucky to have caller ID. They call every other day. I do not answer. For a while they left messages on my answering machine to call regarding such-and-such case number. I did not return the call because I know I completed the form correctly.

    Yesterday I did answer, and told the person to put my number on their do-not-call list. He said he couldn’t do that, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor told me one lie after another. First she claimed that the form was not completed. I said yes it was. Then she told me that there had been some error inputting my information. I told her that was her problem. She told me to lower my voice. I told her to stop calling my house. After that, I just kept saying, “Stop calling my house,” probably about a dozen times. After a while, she finally said that they would not stop calling my house and hung up.

    When they called today, I just kept saying over and over, “I will not answer your questions on the phone. Send it to me in writing.” I probably said it 30 times over 5 minutes. The person kept trying to interrupt, saying things like, “We didn’t call you, the computer called you,” and “You are wasting the taxpayers’ money,” and “Let me explain why we are calling,” and “Do you want to talk to a supervisor?”. Then she told me, “Just hang up the phone. I can’t hang up the phone because the computer called you.” I said, “That’s your problem. I will not answer your questions on the phone. Send it to me in writing.” She kept saying she could not hang up the phone.

    Finally I heard her call over a supervisor. I said to the supervisor, “I already talked to the supervisor yesterday. I will not answer your questions on the phone. Send it to me in writing.” The supervisor told me I had to hang up the phone because they couldn’t. I said, “That’s your problem.” Then she tried to trick me by saying, “Thank you for participating in the 2010 Census. Goodbye.” But she didn’t hang up. So I just stayed on the line until finally she clicked off and the automated message, “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up” came on.

    So they also lied about not being able to hang up the phone.

    My husband says I don’t get to have all the fun, and he gets to answer the next call. He’s welcome to it. I don’t enjoy being harassed, and if anyone else knows some way to make them stop, I would love to hear it.

    • Thank you so much for commenting. I was very curious what they would say if I actually answered the phone. I love your answer to them about sending it in writing. If/when I ever answer the phone for them (or if someone else does accidentally), that is exactly how I am going to reply. If they need more info then they can send it. OH – but they had the nerve to tell you that YOU are wasting taxpayer money? Hello???

      UGH. They really need to bug off. Enough is enough.

      Thank you again for sharing!

    • Frustrated in Texas on

      They have called me every day (sometimes twice a day) for the past 2 months. I have told them that they have the wrong number and they ask me “are you sure you are not this person”. I have spoken with 4 supervisors and written complaints. All supervisors say they are removing my number but then.. they call back the next day.
      Never received a return call/message from the complaint I filed, either.

      My form was completed, in full. No details left off.. yet they call and harass me DAILY. In one week, they called me over 14 times. Yep, averaging 2 times a day. They have called me as late at 9:30pm on a SUNDAY night. Its 6:00pm on Sunday and they have called me about 2 mintues ago.

      I started cussing the guy out like a sailor and the guy said I needed to watch my language and tone. Um.. excuse me.. you called ME… You don’t get to tell ME how to talk in my own home. This is AMERICA right???

      I just took the phone off the hook cause they will call back. They always do (usually within 45 minutes).

      Word of advice.. next time you fill out the form… put THE CENSUS BUREAU phone number on the contact info. At least you won’t have to deal with your phone ringing NON STOP.

      • Yep – they call me that often too! I get so sick and tired of it. They called today, yesterday, the day before, and so on. Usually twice a day too. I have yet to answer the phone for them and I can’t help but wonder if/when they will finally give up? I honestly don’t know what else to do. It is definitely harassment!

  20. Same is happening to me. They call constantly, no matter the time. On Friday I finally answered in the hopes that they would leave me alone. The lady said it would only take ten minutes but then she began asking the same questions. When I asked her what the point was seeing as they already had the answers, she said it was “routine.” I told her it was a giant waste of time but she continued asking. Finally I got fed up and told them that they had all the information they needed right there (and more since they called my cell and I never gave them that number). I told them I was a citizen and had complied like I was supposed to and asked them to stop calling me. On Sunday morning, which is adding insult to injury in my eyes, they showed up at my door. We didn’t answer. This has to stop.

    • Ten minutes??? What on earth do they need ten minutes for if you already sent in the form? I am tempted to answer the phone next time they call to see just what they need. I will clear up ONE thing for them. Sending out forms is ridiculous if they are going to call and knock on doors anyway. What a huge was of time and money this is. I agree, to show up on a Sunday morning is ludicrous. I won’t be answering my door if they show up. It really does have to stop!

  21. I thought you folks might be interested in this press release: 2010 CENSUS BUREAU PRESS BRIEFING, June 2, 2010. To read it, go here:

    At the bottom of page 3 (the last paragraph)through page 4, DR. ROBERT GROVES admits that the Bureau knows that people are feeling harassed. Based on his response to this knowledge, one can only assume that this is acceptable to him and will continue. Indeed, it appears that the Census Bureau employees are trained to harass, although they call it “a persistent action on their part”.

  22. Well ya’ll don’t feel bad we sent ours back and they keep coming to our door harassing us and now they are harassing our neighbors and getting cussed out by them. They have even gone so far as to threaten us and then tell us that if we don’t answer their stupid questions again that we are breaking the law!! What law the one that says they might not get paid what the government wants? Found out it’s all supposed to be over by September!! Wil be so glad I did what they asked and I am tired of being harassed, stalked, and threatened!!! Feel like I am with my ex again and I had to get a restraining order against him maybe I need to do the same for the census people ya think?!?!?!?

  23. Wow- that is just nuts! Asking for ss#’s?! uh.. identity theft… When you go to work? Uh… come on by and rob me…
    Thankfully we haven’t been bothered.

  24. I am glad that there is a census to count the previously uncounted. All of our tax dollars are distributed from census data.
    I was selected to complete the much fuller form and I did so. There was no social security number requested, nothing that would compromise anyone’s security.
    Stop complaining. Where you fit into the scheme of things does matter.
    And “thanks” for not being nice to the census workers who are by and large out of work through no fault of their own.

    • I know the census is needed, however people DO get frustrated when they are harassed. When it feels like you are being stalked, that’s a problem.

  25. We, like you, filled out our form as soon as it arrived and mailed it back. We have since had a rep. come to our door to fill out the form. We obliged. Then a week later, we got a phone call to complete the form. I explained to her that we had mailed in the form and just did so again when the rep. came to our door. She said there must have been an error in inputting the information the first time and that the “door visit” just hadn’t been added to the system yet. She still had to ask us all the questions again. But somehow, she was showing that we had an 18 mo. old baby “H”. Um, no kids here lady. Besides, I thought you didn’t have our info??? So anyway, we cleared everything up and she assured us we were finished. Nope. We got another call. Samething. Then another, and another. They call EVERYDAY. We’ve stopped taking their calls. The last time I spoke to them I told them they would need to come to my door with a court order. They are still calling multiple times a day. I just wish I knew how to make it stop.

    • Holy moly! You’d think they would stop bugging you after they said they were finished! I actually finally took one of their phone calls, answered a couple of questions and they haven’t called again (which amazes me, really). I have no idea why they are still bugging you though!

  26. I am sick and tired of them calling and coming to my door at all hours of the day and night. I filled out the damn form, listing how may people live here. That’s all that’s required. I am now going to put a note on the door threatening them with arrest, if they don’t cease and desist.

  27. SO sorry you had to endure this..Luckily, after filling out the pretty simple form, I’ve not had any problems with visits, or calls! thank goodness! haha

    Hope they have finally left you alone!

  28. Lauralee Hensley on

    I hope the Census harassment has finally stopped for you.
    I’m feeling a little harassed but in a different way,
    we have military insurance and they sent a survey on medical care to me,
    not to my husband who was actually in the military.
    Supposedly it was to find out about the service of care.
    Yet, no where in it can you give your opinion about the level of care
    you received. No it’s about your height, your weight, your cholesterol levels,
    have you been checked for diabetes, and so on.
    Since I am no longer seeing those non-listening, non-caring Doctor’s at
    the base I’m suppose to go to, I feel no need to fill out their stupid survey.
    So how many letters and survey’s have been sent to me over the past two
    months. Four. Don’t they get it by now. I’m not filling it out. There’s no law
    that says I have to. I’m not calling their stupid phone number and saying
    I’m not filling it out either. If their pain in the you know what Doctor’s can’t
    take the time to listen to me when I’ve had appointments with them in the
    past, then why should I waste my time on the phone telling them anything
    at all. I’m so done with Doctor’s. I’m so done with this survey, it goes
    immediately into the government delegated trash can in my home.

  29. We ARE also being harassed. We sent in the mailed form and then a couple months later received another form that asked a lot of detailed questions. One of the first questions wanted to know if we had INDOOR PLUMBING? I kid you not, that was one of the questions our Govt thinks is relevant. Guess nobody told them it’s the 21st century. Anyhow we filled the stupid thing out and returned it. Why the US Govt thinks any of this is any of their damn business I don’t know. Congressional district’s based on population I understand, but this other stuff is nonsense. Since returning the second form they now keep calling and pestering us for more. I told them I had given them enough and to quit harassing us. The calls stopped for about a week, but now they won’t go away. About every 3 days they call. I’m literally ready to consult an attorney. So much for the Constitution, we’ve become the USSA.

  30. I answered all the information legally required.
    They said I was not legally required to talk to them.
    When they call, there is no way to tell of they are really from the Census Bureau.
    They give a another number to call. What a joke.
    The US Government violates Citizen Rights through DISCRIMINATION and
    THey keep calling. Where can I lodge an official complaint?

  31. I can top all of your issues with the Census Bureau. Like most of you, I filled in the census form and mailed it in. Shortyly after that, I received the supplemental form, called the ACS. The audacity of the questions make you wonder if you are being punked, but then you realize that they are serious! For each household member, they want you to answer a total of 75 questions, among them:

    Does this person have serious difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions?
    Does this person have serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs?
    Does this person have difficulty dressing or bathing?
    Does this person have difficulty doing errands alone, such as visiting a doctor’s office or shopping?
    How many times was this person married?
    What year did this person get married?
    What time, (with a box for hour and minute), does this person leave for work each day?
    What is your mortgage payment?
    Do you have plumbing?
    What is the cost of electricity per month?
    Do you have a stove/refrigerator?

    The list goes on and on. Anyway, I decided there was no way the government was entitled to this much info, and didn’t respond. Since then, I have received another packet with the survey, numerous postcards telling me I am required to fill it out, phone calls every single day, two visits to my house, and now, a Fed-Ex package with literature and a letter telling me I am facing fines for refusing to fill this form out. I have called and told the Census Bureau that there is no way that they are getting any of this info from me, but they just keep on harassing and spending taxpayers money for this overreaching endeavor. The government assures me that all info is confidential. What a warm and fuzzy feeling, when they lose laptops like 5-year olds lose baby teeth, and they can’t even keep national security secrets safe (can you say “Wiki leaks”?) Is there anyone out there that has found a way to stop the intimidation and harassment? I am not sharing info with Uncle Sam that I wouldn’t dream of sharing with my own family. It is none of their business, no matter which statute they tell me I am breaking. Somebody help!

    • I finally did answer the phone, and they had a few more questions, but it wasn’t too bad. At the end of the phone call I said, “nobody’s going to call again right? right?” He assured me they wouldn’t and they didn’t. But then again, mine was the regular census form, not the ACS.

      There is NO way I would answer all of those questions they asked you. I’ve heard of the ACS form and that is ludicrous! I have never seen example questions, so thank you for sharing a few of them. I don’t have any idea why they need to know all of that. They don’t! I would never want to tell them what time we leave for work. That is nobody’s business and I don’t trust that it’s all confidential. You are right – as often as laptops are stolen, etc., your info could be exposed to everyone in no time.

      I wish I knew what to tell you, I can’t even imagine going through this! Can they really fine you? What they are doing to you is enough to make someone want to move and go into hiding. Unreal!

  32. I have had the phone calls from very poor english speaking folks claiming to be from the census bureau too.
    I have told them twice how many people live here and that is all I am willing to provide. They tell me it is the law that I should provide answers to all of their questions. I hung up. Just got another call and they left a message on my machine.
    I will answer the next call they make and advise them I am going to obtain their name and phone number so my attorny can sort things out. I will be sure to give them a well known attorny’s name from the city along with his phone numer!

  33. sept 2, 2011
    census worker left card on my door
    to call him
    I called next day as I got home late
    He wanted to do phone survey takes one half hour
    VOLUNTARY he said
    I said no
    He said he would be fired as I was his 4th turn down
    I still said no. He persisted in trying to talk me in to it.
    He said my house had been surveyed every 2 yrs.
    I asked for proof of that . He had none.
    I called main office in Denver
    They tried to talk me into doing survey too.
    I said no and take my house and name
    off that list.
    They refused.
    That was on a Friday. On Monday morning
    I got a FED EX LETTER from the Census
    woman in Denver.
    Letter said the census guy would be back
    in the next 2 wks to take my survey after
    all my talking about getting my name off
    the list!!! They do not listen to you.
    It is like you have no right to refuse even
    tho the survey is VOLUNTARY!
    They said it was HUD doing it and they did not
    know how to get my name off the list.
    I called my US Congressman. His office got
    my name off the list they said and told me to
    call them if I had any more trouble.

  34. I’m so glad I found your site. I am totally creeped out. My husband works a lot of nights and weekends. A census worker has stopped by at least 6 or 7 times when I’m home alone, always after dark, asking the same questions over and over.There are an awful lot of questions about income, health, sick days, etc. The only reason I answered the door the first time was because I mistook her for my neighbor till I opened the door. Last night, she rang my husband’s office phone 9 times in a row between 8 and 9 pm leaving msg after msg. Then the Census Bureau called, too. We have answered these questions over and over for months. She left a flyer on our back door Friday that says we are “obliged”, with the word underlined repeatedly, to keep responding to her. She left another flyer Monday. WHY?? We are plain and simple, employed, childless, middle-aged whites. What the heck is so interesting about us? Frankly, the questions are invasive and none of their business. I’m to the point of being scared. I don’t care about obligation anymore. I am not opening the door, again. We don’t answer our home-office phone at all anymore. I wonder if we should contact our local state representative or congressman? When is the census over? It’s Thanksgiving for heaven’s sake. Shouldn’t it be done by now?

  35. We filled out the census form and shortly after received calls (one every three months for about a year.) We were told that would be it. Now we’re on year three and they keep calling every day.

    I’ve asked then to go “randomly select someone else to pester” but the caller says I can’t do anything about this.

  36. We also flilled out the census form and returned it. A couple of weeks later we started getting calls I answered the questions and they said that was all they needed. Now i get a call again they asked the same questions i told them i allready aswered those questions and they kept asking and i hung up. i AM BLOCKING THERE NUMBER NOW!

  37. I mailed in my form the day after it came. Got another one in the mail a few weeks later. Filled it out and mailed it in the next day. Several weeks later, a man came to the door saying they never received a census form from me. I refused to cooperate with him, since I had filled out TWO other forms and mailed them. Told him to leave or I was calling the police.

    Then a few weeks later, another woman came and asked about the house next door. It had burned down, the owner died and all that was left was an empty lot. Told her the house burned down. She asked what proof I had of this. I said “ummmm, the EMPTY LOT with the burn marks on the concrete”. She said she needed my name and telephone number so that someone could verify this. I refused to give her my name or number. She kept getting pushy and saying I HAD to give her my name and number so someone could call and verify the house next door burned down.

    When I continued to refuse, she asked how she was going to do her job by proving the house burned down. I suggested she come back with a camera and take pictures of the empty lot and the burn marks on the concrete, then I slammed my door shut, as I yelled that I was calling the police if she didn’t leave my property.

    Thankfully that was the last of it (in 2010) until I got that awful ACS survey a few months ago (2012). It’s a 24 page booklet with unbelievably personal questions. Threw it away, got another one, threw it away also, and now I’m getting as many as 4 or 5 calls a day. I refuse to answer the phone.

    • Oh my gosh!! Thank you for sharing your story – that is unreal that they want YOU to confirm that a house burned down (but I love your response!).

      I really hope I never get the ACS survey. I think the normal questions they ask are personal enough – I would hate to see what questions they ask in the booklet. I can’t believe you are getting that many calls a day (well I can actually) – that is definitely harassment!

  38. My name is not resident, so i have ignored all their letters, now they have come knocking on my door about 4 times in the last week in and a half. I have at least 3 no trespassing signs that they ignore every time. They leave business cards that say they are trying to help me and at same time, saying there are fines for not answering, or answering wrong even possibly prison time. Now they are sending FedEx with letters that i refuse for cause. I’m waiting for them to send something under my name so I can serve them with a Conditional Acceptance Affidavit, Notice Of Fee Schedule, Estoppel Notice, And finally Notice Of Breach if they acquiesce then file a commercial lien against them and their supervisors for deprivation of rights under color of law, conspiracy against rights. Dont know if it will work with them, but has worked with other agencies and corporations. Note I have never actually filed liens, just the treat alone was a enough so far. This is not legal advise, just human advise!

  39. We filled out the paperwork and even answered question for the guy then next thing you know he is calling 3x a day and stopping by the house up to 3x now each time we talk to him in hopes he will cut it out. Finally my mom who is going through a touch breakup with me dad asked him “WHY do you keep comeing back?!”
    You all will love this responce….
    “your house has been chosen at random we will be doing updates throughout the year”
    How screwed up is this! Has anyone found a way to get them to cease and desist?! This is harrassment!

  40. For me they skipped sending the paperwork. THey came out and knocked on the door. Then for the next year they called every three months. This was in Novemver of 2013.

    Now December 2014, they just sent me another letter that they’ll be knocking on my door within a week.

    How many years do these last? Now I have to submit to the interrogations every three months forever now? What is this -shit-?

  41. The US Census Bureau has sunk to the lowest of low! I called the police on them, and I filed a complaint against one of the workers personally. I was caused emotional and physical distress; as was my elderly neighbor. The census worker rang the bell of about 6 of my neighbors around 8:15 p.m., when no one would answer their bells, they then began to bang loudly on everyone’s window. It sounded like a violent uprising. Then sunk to a new LOW by trespassing on several peoples decks, banging extremely loudly on their glass doors; demanding entry. Believe it or not, she began to shine a large flashlight into not only mine, but several of my neighbors homes. This is something a would be robber would do!!! A few of us were frightened out of our minds. She posted signs on the deck windows, defacing property. It was the most horrific experience I have ever encountered. I am considering contacting an Attorney. I was relieved when the police arrived and I could file my complaint. They informed me that the next time (if they ever do this again), they will be escorted off the property and could be arrested. Although they seem to believe they are above the law. The worker later denied she was ever on the decks. Little does she know, the signs didn’t get on the decks unless she was there, and I have several witnesses – duh! How stupid is she! The form they were looking for was completed (2 hrs. worth of crap), signed, and mailed out. It’s not my problem they lost it – too fucking bad! The criteria for employment with them must be the lowest scum of the earth. I could never do it! Something needs to be done with these assholes.

    • Oh wow…that is really going too far! If nobody answers, they need to leave. To shine flashlights into a house is uncalled for…and it’s a good way to get shot, for those who arm themselves at home. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own homes, but this treatment feels FAR from safe. Unreal.

  42. what an infringment on our rights. the right to interrogate and judge,without us knowing our accuser. just a stranger stockpiling our info like some german fringe ss unit. hey im a third gereration vet. who the hell are you that i must answer. to put it to rest now i get callers that know my name,address, and they called me so yes my phone number also. i know how they are the only ones with that much info on me. thanks census for selling or giving away my info, i will probably sue your ass soon.

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