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Genius…simply genius! I was sent an Arc Customizable Notebook (as well as accessories) for review and I am in love! This notebook isn’t your average notebook – no siree. I have always wanted to put together a notebook that would work for ME and not what other people might need. The problem is that all of the other notebooks/personal organizers I have seen just don’t have this many options.

Arc hole punch,Staples,notebook

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, but when the Arc Customizable Notebook System (available at Staples) arrived, I knew this was going to be fun. The notebook is available in two sizes – regular and Junior. I received the Junior, which is perfect for me as I can carry it everywhere with me. At first glance, the notebook is very basic, but when I started sorting through the accessories I just “got it”.

Arc notebook,Staples

The only trouble I had (initially) was figuring out how to “open” the notebook to add pages, accessories, etc. It turns out that it doesn’t really open like a traditional binder does. The discs have notches and you simply press each hole onto the disc and it stays on. To remove something from the notebook, just gently pull it out. Neat, right?

Arc Notebook,Staples

The accessories I received included tabbed dividers, sticky flags in a variety of colors and shapes, clear pocket dividers and a notepad. All of these items are hole-punched and insert right into the notebook. Of course, you can use as many or few as you want – it is completely up to you!

Arc notebook dividers

I love, love, love the Arc Adhesive Notes, (which comes on a plastic holder. It is so handy to be able to pull a note right from the notebook and put it where I need it. This helps me to stay on track and focus, as I am not taking my eyes away from the notebook to find a pad of sticky notes!

arc notebook,Staples,flags

There are plenty of other accessories available as well, including sheet protectors, weekly/monthly calendar refills, zip pockets, expansion discs and more!

I also received a very unique hole punch. The Arc System Desktop Punch ($39.99) is designed to work with the Arc Customizable Notebooks so that you can punch whatever you want and easily add it in your notebook. With this hole punch, you can choose to punch holes for the regular sized notebook or the Junior size.

Arc Hole Punch,Notebook

You can also print out your own schedules, to do list, etc. to add to your Arc Notebook. I have a pad of “To Do” lists, and I punched tabs in 5 sheets and put them in the front of my notebook. I will fill them out for a week at a time and this will allow me to see at a glance, exactly what I have going on for the week. See what I mean by customizable?

I also received a really neat pen – the Avant Pen. It glides so easily and fits perfectly in the pen holder inside my notebook. They also fit perfectly in my hand, thanks to the comfort grip. The Avant pens are available in gorgeous Spring colors. Interchangeable ink refills are available in SilkScribe and gel inks. I really love the SilkScribe!

Avant pens,Staples

Arc customizable notebook,Staples

The Arc Customizable Notebook System is a must-have, whether you are a business person, a SAHM Mom, a blogger, or anything else. Just think of the possibilities: For instance, if you were planning a wedding, you could put all of your wedding information, ideas (including photos/pages from wedding magazines) in the notebook or in just in a dedicated section. When you are done, you simply remove those pages, or you could make a keepsake with it! I am really tempted to get several of the Arc Customizable Notebooks for different areas of my life. I have been buying home decor, DIY and craft magazines lately, and I want to start a notebook for ideas I would like to try in the future. I can cut out pages and/or photos, as well as instructions from these magazines, and compile my very own inspiration notebook. There are SO many ways to use the Arc Notebook System!

You can find the Arc Customizable notebooks at Staples. You have your choice of leather or poly options in a variety of colors!

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  1. Elizabeth Gentry on

    I really like all the accessories that come with the notebook. Those tabs would come in handy for organizing 🙂

  2. OMG! Seriously? I am an organizing freak! Of all the giveaways, I can’t believe how excited I am about this one. I never knew such a think existed and would love to not only use it , but make books for others! Love, love, love!!

  3. I like that you can also print out your own schedules, to do list, etc. I love the color choices and that you can add so much more. I love to be organized and really could use a new organizer for this year.

  4. I love the dividers and that you can add to this. I am always making lists, so this would be great to have them all in one place.

  5. I love that you can punch your own items to use in the notebook! I’d love to win this to use for journaling and saving memories when we travel!

  6. Connie Lee on

    I would like to win this notebook to write myself notes in reminding me of things to do and of appointments.

  7. I love the dividers and the sticky flags! Ugh…I’m like you…always looking for the “perfect” notebook/organizer and always falling short. 🙁 I blame all my mistakes on my notebook. Poor notebook. LOL.

  8. Alana Vester on

    I would be excited to win because it would help me keep my sanity! If I don’t write something down, I forget.

  9. Love that you can punch your own items to use in the notebook! I’d love to win this to use for journaling and saving memories when we travel!

  10. in a few years I need to plan my daughter’s huge Quinceanera birthday party in Guatemala, and I really could use one of these to keep me super organized…

  11. Brutus Duffy on

    I am the most unorganized person and have been looking for a great notebook system, and this whole giveaway excites me. Sure my hubby would aprreciate it oo. 🙂

  12. I love how the adhesive notes are all right there on one plastic insert for you, with mulitple colors too.

  13. Julie Lutz on

    I’m one of the most disorganized people I know this may help me to be on time (I tend to think my apt are at different times than they are)

  14. I’m excited to win this for my college student sister. She’s a creative person so she always customizes all her things and would definitely make great use of this item

  15. I write a lot, and I like to keep my writings separated by type (poetry, essays, short stories), so this would be prefect for keeping all of my writings organized. I also love that it comes with the hole puncher so that I would be able to add whatever I wanted into the notebook (I often get inspired at odd places when I don’t have my notebook and write on the back of place mats, on napkins, wherever).

  16. I like all of it especially that it is color coded. I seriously need to organize myself with something like this.

  17. I work from home and I’ve been in the market for an organizer because with four little ones I need one.

  18. Vikki Billings on

    I love that you can add stuff to it and it would be nice to have everything in one place, its really nice for organization!

  19. Renee Richardson on

    I would be excited to win because my husband really needs this for his new job. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

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