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Last Thanksgiving we had a large group of people staying with us at the lake house, and they were all really excited to use the indoor pool/hot tub. I was slightly frightened with the towel situation though! We have plenty of towels but I envisioned folks forgetting which ones were theirs, and me doing a million loads of laundry.

I looked online for towel tags, but I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I decided to make my own, and to up the fun factor, I personalized them!  My son is really into guitars, so I chose a guitar for his tag.  My brother loves wine, so his was a wine glass.

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I used to get my photos, but you could really find them online anywhere. I saved the photos, added the names with a photo editing program (PicMonkey), then printed them. Since I didn’t have a laminator, I picked up some self-laminating sheets while I was out.

I placed a few photos in the 8 1/2 x 11 size laminating sheets, pressed the two sides together and then cut out the shapes. I used a single hole punch to add a hole to each tag, and I placed a safety pin in each.

It worked out beautifully! Not only was everyone thrilled to discover what I had made for them, but they pinned the tags on their towels when they were done swimming, then hung them up to dry. This was SO helpful to me, as I wasn’t responsible for everyone’s towels, which meant I also was able to enjoy my company instead of doing laundry!

These DIY Personalized Towel Tags would work out perfectly for Summer Swim parties too!


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  1. I loved these. Such a personal touch! You definitely need a laminator though 😉 I think we got ours at Costco {purple cow brand} for $20? Worth every penny. I use it often!

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