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Have you heard? TV Everywhere wants to remind you that you #CouldBeWatchingTV through your laptop, tablet, and even your smartphone! Who knew? Certainly not me! You can watch TV anywhere you go, or enjoy at home!

In case you aren’t familiar with TV Everywhere, let me explain a little about it, and the features that I think everyone will love (and wonder how they lived without it!).

TV Everywhere is the technological ability to watch whatever you want, whenever, however you want it (from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) as part of your cable subscription service. The TV Everywhere site ( will guide you through the log-in and authentication process online and direct you to the individual cable and networks apps so that you can start watching TV everywhere.

TV Everywhere lets YOU be in control of when, where and how you watch TV. You can check out your favorite shows, sports, news and other events whenever you want. You can even watch full-length, next-day episodes with the live and later feature. It will even play the next episode in a series automatically. I especially love that you can discover television programs that you might miss otherwise (I am always on the lookout for a new TV show to get hooked on).

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Other features include:

~TV Everywhere is a benefit of being a cable subscriber, at no additional cost
~The TVE experience is a benefit of being a customer
~You won’t miss an episode; convenience and freedom
~You have the ability to watch downloaded or live content
~It is available both in and out of the home

There is an impressive variety of content available, and you can also find past and current seasons in a snap.

I love that you can finish watching a show across multiple devices too. If I start watching on my iPhone for instance, and then want to continue watching later but my iPhone battery is almost dead, I can pick up my iPad and continue right where I left off.

I have to admit that I am very, very excited to learn about TV Everywhere. This will definitely change our viewing habits for the better. I look forward to adding shows to my personal queue, so they will be there waiting for me when I have a chance to snuggle in for a bit and get involved in a fun or exciting show or series.

There are five new platforms (FOX NOW, FXNOW, Nat Geo TV, BTN2Go, and FOX Sports Go) which are included in Fox Networks’ TV Everywhere services. These are some of my favorite channels (and my husband LOVES FOX Sports!).

It’s easy to get started using TV Everywhere!

It is very simple to use, which is a huge plus in my book as I am slightly impatient (just ask my husband!). It offers a secure sign in when you are ready to watch TV. You can use mobile and desktop apps to watch your favorite shows on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops if you have a Wi-Fi. Some cable service providers will even allow customers to access shows and channels on their mobile devices with wireless 3G, 4G or LTE connections.

How to use:

Once you have downloaded the necessary apps to your device, you can begin to enjoy your favorite television programming. The mobile or desktop app may require you to create a username and password, or you may be able to use the account information associated with your TV or Internet service provider. Smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops and computers provide another screen for viewing television in the home or watching live TV while out of the house.

To celebrate TV Everywhere and to let folks know about the convenience of watching your favorite television shows while you are on the go, there is a fun sweepstakes that I’m sure you will want to enter! You have the chance to win $25,000!

Enter the Stream It and Dream It Sweepstakes!


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FOX has five different apps which you can test out for yourself. During the promotion you will be able to login and watch content unauthenticated for two hours (so you can explore the apps!). The content will include a promotion code that can be entered at for a chance to win $25,000.

Make sure you hurry and enter the Stream It and Dream It Sweepstakes – it ends November 20th!

Make sure you also follow along with #TVEverywhere and #CouldBeWatchingTV!

*Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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