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What do you want to be when you grow up?

It is a question that we ask our children on a regular basis but, oddly, it is no longer something that we ask ourselves. Over the years, your answer to that question has likely changed. As we get older, reality sets in and we often lose sight of the “you can be anything” mantra. Ask yourself – did you truly accomplish your dreams? And, for a moment, allow your inner child to answer that question. Sure, most of us are quite proud of where we’ve ended up and how our lives have played out thus far and we have every right to be. However, if your five, ten, or fifteen year old self were to see you now, would they be able to say that their dreams have come true?

I’m not sure if any of you are fans of NASCAR but, if so, you’re probably still hyped up about the recent Daytona 500 race. The winner of this year’s race, Joey Logano, has said that, by winning that single race, his childhood dreams had finally come true. Now, simply being able to compete in a NASCAR race is one heck of an accomplishment as it is. Doing so at only 24-years-old and having started in the Sprint Cup Series at just 18-years-old is an even greater feat. However, for Logano, those were merely stepping stones that would, one day, get him to the height of his childhood dreams. You see, for him, his dream was to beat the one and only Jeff Gordon.

Joey Logano & Jeff Gordon - Image Credit: Style Magazine

Think of that for a second…

A young Joey Logano hoped to, one day, beat his hero in a NASCAR race much like a young basketball player would want to go one-on-one with LeBron James, or a young baseball player would want to play catch with good ol’ A-Rod, or a young soccer player would want to compete against Mia Hamm. These are dreams that many children have but, as we grow up, we lose sight of that.

Joey Logano remembered that dream. He stuck with it. He fought for it. He chased it. He lived it. And, finally, he accomplished it. On February 22nd, a now 24-year-old Joey Logano lived out his childhood dream by winning the 2015 Daytona 500 race and beating Jeff Gordon in the process.

Joey Logano 2015 NASCAR Daytona 500 Race - Image Credit: JoeyLogano.com

He grabbed life by the horns, err, steering wheel and accomplished his dream.

Have you?

It may seem like a long shot, living out your childhood dreams. As children, we all have such vivid imaginations and such high hopes but, unfortunately, life often gives us a harsh dose of reality and we suppress those dreams. Don’t do it. Don’t allow your dreams, your hopes, your wants to go unfulfilled and undone. That bucket list that you have… why save it? Enjoy life now. Chase those goals now. Accomplish your dreams today. And, if you think it’s too hard – think again! They say that when you are your happiest, you are on “cloud nine” and, in this case, that couldn’t be truer.

Meet Cloud 9 Living.

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Cloud 9 Living helps folks to live out their dreams through various experience gifts that can be, both, given and/or personally enjoyed.

Cloud 9 Living is an Experience Gift company which offers more than 1,900 unique and memorable experiences as unforgettable gifts. With experiences ranging from Stock Car Racing and Scenic Helicopter Tours to Hot Air Balloon Rides and Spa Experiences, Cloud 9 Living has something for every taste and every budget.

This particular company has been on my radar for some time now. Although I could easily shop their experiences for days on end based on all of the fun adventures I would love to try for myself, I’m the girl that gives awesome gifts. My life may not have led me to where my 5-year-old self may have imagined but I am in a position where I can help to make those childhood dreams of others become a reality. The mister, for example, brings me back to the aforementioned story of Joey Logano. As a child, he too had hopes of, one day, racing NASCAR. Today, he’s a bit of a car connoisseur, can fix just about anything you put in front of him, has clocked high speeds at our local ¼ mile race track, and is the best unofficial stunt driver that I know but the one thing that he hasn’t done is the one thing he always hoped that he would do – drive a Sprint Car.

Cloud 9 Living - Drive a Stock Car

He was the kid that grew up watching his heroes speed around the track on television. He attended the races, he met his idols, and he perfected his craft. Then, this crazy little thing called life happened. He went through school, he got a job, and he supports our family. We play the cards that life has given us but, every Sunday, that childhood dream creeps back to the surface. As we now enjoy those very same races on our television screens alongside our own children who are now forming their own “I want to beat Joey Logano in a race,” I can see that his inner child and that dream that he once had are still very much alive. And because of that, I turned to Cloud 9 Living.

This past Christmas, I gifted him with two things; an envelope and box.

In the envelope was a gift certificate from none other than Cloud 9 Living for one of their ever so popular Stock Car Racing experience. In the box was a new pair of boxers because, with those speeds… well, just in case!

Your stock car driving experience begins with a detailed discussion on the operation of the race cars, safety equipment, and track rules. This is followed by an informative tour of the race track with a professional instructor. Next, you will be fitted for a racing suit and helmet. Then it’s time to climb in, strap up, and take control of a Sprint Cup style stock car. As you leave the pit and enter the superspeedway you will experience an adrenaline rush only known to the NASCAR racing world.

Later this year, as the weather gets warmer, our family will be partaking in a fun filled race weekend as we venture to the track to not only experience the racing environment but to witness as the mister finally gets the chance to live out the dream he’s held onto throughout his entire life. While he may not be able to drive alongside the greats like Jeff Gordon, the Earnhardt guys, or even Joey Logano, he will be driving in the presence of someone (or some people) far more important – his family. The Cloud 9 Living Stock Car Racing experience is so much more than just an experience. For him, and for us, it is a dream come true.

Cloud 9 Living - Stock Car Racing

As a parent, I now watch our own children in their mock races around our living room, our backyard, the playground, and seemingly everywhere. I’m in charge of the “gentlemen, start your engines” line and they follow it by screaming “vroom vroom” as loud as they possibly can. They take off and the smiles on their faces, the excitement in their hearts, it is a feeling that everyone should be able to experience regardless of age. The thought of winning the race (on the track and in life) and taking that coveted checkered flag is more than just another silly childhood wish. Now, thanks to Cloud 9 Living, it is a dream that can truly become a reality.

Bring your dreams to life. Make your inner child proud of the person you’ve become. Live your life to the fullest. Accomplish your goals. Chase your dreams. Experience the world. It is all too often said that life is “too short” but it is merely our own selves that limit our reach. Don’t let hesitation rule your life any longer. Grab the steering wheel, hit the gas, and enjoy the open road (or racetrack) of life.

Here at Cloud 9 Living we believe that each gift should create a memory; because we don’t remember days, we remember moments.

Make life unforgettable and do it with Cloud 9 Living.

Cloud 9 Living - Gift of Speed 2

You can enjoy the very same Stock Car Racing experience through Cloud 9 Living in one of two ways – from the passenger seat as ride along or as the driver. Prices start, on average, at $115 and $425 respectively and vary depending on location. With over 1,900 unique and memorable experiences in 43 cities, this particular experience is just the tip of the iceberg. Browse the Cloud 9 Living website and find the best experiences nearest you. Not only do these experiences make for a fantastic adventure within your own life but they are, by far, the best possible gift that I could possibly dream of.

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Be sure to check back here as I will be sharing with you a full recap of our Stock Car Racing experience. We gifted the mister with this particular experience over the winter holidays but, with great gift giving occasions on the horizon such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, and more, you can certainly find a great experience for everyone and for every event.

Just remember, life is what we choose to make it and every single day should be spent as if we were living on cloud nine… Cloud 9 Living.

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