Good Cooking Chocolate Melting Pot – perfect for Valentine’s Day!


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My family consists of serious chocoholics. Every single one of us. In fact, most evenings my husband and I enjoy bowls of ice cream with melted chocolate drizzled on top. I usually microwave it in a bowl (then it hardens and is the bowl is hard to clean!). I was delighted when I was sent a Chocolate Melting Post by Good Cooking. How very clever this is, and clean up is a breeze.

good cooking chocolate melting pot

The Electronic Chocolate Melting Pot by Good Cooking can turn anyone into a chocolate dessert connoisseur. This chocolate lovers’ dream melts up to two cups of chocolate at a time and works with any kind of chocolate you choose. This Chocolate Melting Pot makes sure that your chocolate melts at the perfect temperature, without the worry of burning or seizing. The highest setting on the pot evenly melts the chocolate, while the lower setting tempers your chocolate, keeping it smooth for easy pouring, dipping and drizzling.

good cooking
The first thing I did after the chocolate was melted – I filled the plastic mold with the hearts.

chocolate heart molds
Why is it different than others?
The The Electronic Deluxe Dual Chocolate Melting Pot by Good Cooking is unique to other chocolate melting pots of its kind because it comes with oodles of accessories! Everything you might need is included, such as fondue forks, fruit skewers, a spatula, truffle dipper, handling fork, and even a cute little metal cooling rack. There are also plastic molds for making candies, and recipes too.

chocolate hearts
I am having fun making candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, and it will be a blast when I do my holiday baking, as there is even a Christmas tree mold!

how to make chocolate candy hearts
You can purchase the above chocolate melting pot at SCSDirect, Cameron’s Products, specialty retailers nationwide and of course on Amazon! The retail price is $24.99, which is an awesome price for all that is included.

I also have to share with you one of the best fondue/melting chocolate I have found. It melts beautifully and the taste is out of this world. It’s called Sephra and it comes in two 2-lb. bags. It can also be purchased at Why not order both today?

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  1. Oh goodness, this would be wonderful to have! I love to make goodies at Christmas especially and this would make dipping with chocolate so much easier!

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