The Quantum Vac Pro 6-in-1 Vacuum – not your ordinary vacuum!


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Quantum Vac Pro 6-in-1 Vacuum

If you like a clean house like I do, but hate having to use a bunch of different appliances for different jobs, you will appreciate what I have to share with you today! I am so excited about the Quantum Vac Pro that was sent to me to tryout. Great, a vacuum, you might be thinking, but no…this is different!

The Quantum Vac Pro is a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, mini vac, wet/dry vac, blower, inflator & deflator…all in one!

Quantum Vacuum

My husband did most of the assembly. There really wasn’t too much involved, it was more about learning what goes where.

Quantum Vac Pro Vacuum
This is what the Quantum vacuum looks like when it is ready to vacuum carpeting.

quantum Vac Pro vacuum

Quantum Vac Pro Vacuum
The digital display makes it easy to see what setting you are on. I love that it is not too complex. Many times when digital screens are involved, there are so many choices and buttons that it just overwhelms me. Not with the Quantum vacuum – it is just ready to go!

quantum vaccuum
There are two different hoses you can choose from, depending on if you want to vacuum rugs or floors. They are easy to switch out when you change rooms, or floor types.

quantum Pro vac vaccuum how does hose attach
Now this feature is really neat – it has an attachment so you can blow things up! Like a balloon, air mattress and much more.

The other thing that really has me head over heels is that you can use the vacuum as an air purifier. Just detach the hoses and follow the instructions and you are on your way to a very fresh and cleaning smelling house. The Quantum Vac Pro 6-in-1 Vacuum also has Micro Silver Technology, which protects you and your family from germs, bacteria, pathogens and more.

Here you can see a few more features of this amazing machine!


Quantum Vac Pro 6-in-1 Vacuum
Something that really sets the Quantum apart from most other vacuums is the water filter technology.  Instead of vacuuming with a dirty air filter, or dealing with changing the bag or canister, you just change the water.  Although the water may be kind of disgusting after you vacuum a room, that means that it is definitely doing its job, and your floors/carpet are really clean. You don’t have to wonder if it is really working, the evidence is right there (and its not pretty!).

Quantum pro vac vacuum water filter
Here is a video from Quantum that shows how it works:

And here is my video of the Quantum Vac Pro in action!

Final thoughts:

I am smitten with my Quantum Vac Pro. I love how well thought out it is, and I love that my home is “deep cleaned” when I use this vacuum. It isn’t just picking up surface dust and debris, but as you can see by looking at the water, it means business!

I know a lot of people think that giving a vacuum or appliance for a holiday gift is not a good idea, but I disagree. If someone were to give me the Quantum Vac Pro as a gift, I would be tickled pink! I mean, really, it is a very thoughtful gift, as it is something that will make your life much easier. It’s not too late to order for the holidays!


You can purchase the above on the Quantum Vac website for $499 (+ free shipping when you pay with a credit card!). I think this is an incredible price for a vacuum that takes the place of so many other appliances. You can get the job done with just this one vacuum!

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  1. With three cats I never feel like after I vacuum, sweep, or mop things are ever clean. There’s always cat hair. This seems to do a better job.

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