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Birds Eye Green My School

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Birds Eye Green My School: I enjoy spreading the word about Birds Eye vegetables, because they are a company I really believe it. I know that I can count on their products to always be fresh, and of the best quality. We enjoy their veggies often (and even had their Steamfresh frozen peas two nights ago – yum!).  I have to admit that when I was a kid, my mom really struggled with getting me to eat vegetables. There were very few I liked, but as I have grown older, I actually like them now.  I think everyone should be able to enjoy veggies, and sometimes growing them yourself makes them taste all the better.  I am excited to tell you about something wonderful that Birds Eye is doing. They have partnered up with the Environmental Media Association {EMA} for the Green My School program. The Birds Eye Green My School program brings kids and celebrities together in a special way.

Birds Eye Green My School program
How the #GreenMySchool program works is simple (and really neat!) – celebrities come back to their own hometowns to help students plant vegetable gardens, while also teaching kids how important vegetable nutrition is for our bodies.

One such celebrity is Constance Zimmer. She is the star of Lifetime’s UnREAL, and she is also known for the parts she plays on other popular shows, such as Boston Legal, House of Cards, and Entourage. She recently participated in the campaign by building a vegetable garden in Santa Ana, CA, at the Heritage Museum. They  host educational activities for kids, including culinary and agricultural. I love that, as not only are kids getting to grow their own veggies, but they get to actually USE those veggies in meals they cooked themselves.

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Birds Eye’s goal is to get people to incorporate vegetables into every meal. The #GreenMySchool program aims to not only get kids to enjoy veggies, and understand the nutritional value, but to also connect with their environment.  The EMA had a great idea when they decided to team celebrities with kids, since celebrities have a great amount of influence and kids generally look up to them.

I mentioned the environment above – the EMA wants kids to realize that by eating more veggies and less meat, they are helping the environment and world around us.  When you don’t eat meat (or even cut down on the consumption of it), farmers use less water, land and energy, AND fewer chemicals are used.   In turn, eating more vegetables may prevent disease, and help the world around us.

Birds Eye and the celebrities in the program are proud to help spread the message that vegetables should be a fundamental part of everyday meals.


birds eye green my school
Did you know? Birds Eyes vegetables are grown on family farms! Yep – for multiple generations, tasty Birds Eye veggies have been harvested on family farms. Before their veggies are harvested, they are allowed to ripen in the field before harvesting. Why is this important? More nutritional value!

Birds Eye Green My School program is such a wonderful program for so many reasons, but one really fun thing they are doing is teaching kids to appreciate gardening. I love to garden, and my kids always enjoyed helping me. There is something very rewarding when you see your hard work come to fruition. Planting a seed and having it turn into a vegetable, fruit or flower? Seriously amazing.

Head to the Birds Eye website to learn about how they process their vegetables, the products they carry and their site is full of delicious recipes.  Please don’t forget to follow Birds Eye, the EMA and Constance Zimmer on social media {links below} to learn more and keep up to date with the latest #GreenMySchool news!

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