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I’m an alarm clock kind-of-girl.  My kiddos have grown up around technology, so when the Beddi Style Intelligent Alarm Clock by Witti arrived on my doorstep, I was surprised when my 17-year-old son opened the box and immediately laid claim to it.


When it comes to design, it’s clean, modern and completely customizable.  The faceplate pops off and can be replaced with something that fits your style a bit more.  We received the leopard faceplate – which isn’t exactly Johnny’s style but it would work well for Paige’s room!

It’s doesn’t stop with the faceplate.  The Beddi Style has a mood light that features millions of color options along with the brightness.  I’m sensitive to light and of course have my favorite colors.  I like that it’s easy to rotate through the colors to find just the right shade.

On the technical side of things, you can run this alarm clock through the app.  I think that is Johnny’s favorite feature.  Within 5 minutes he had the Beddi Style set up and customized which I was still reading through the instructions.  The younger generation, they plug in and go!  It definitely speaks for how user friendly the Beddi Style is.

Gone are the days of an annoying and/or jarring sound to get you out of bed.  The Beddi Style alarm clock allows you to wake up smoothly with sound or music from your playlist on iTunes or Spotify.  That’s right, you can wake up each morning to music you like!  Johnny has the Beddi Alarm set to tell him the weather shortly after the alarm goes off.

Need a little white noise to help you sleep at night?  The Beddi has you covered with sounds of the ocean, jungle, a fan and more.  Plus, there are four alarm settings with customizable snooze button settings.  An additional important feature for Johnny is the dimmable clock face – again, through the app.  He’s like his mom and likes complete darkness when he sleeps.

The Beddi Style has a charging USB port for your cellphone and a Bluetooth speaker.  Listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks.  Child, tween, teen, adult…this is a great alarm clock for all.  There are so many options and features that are customizable to suit everyone’s needs!

The Beddi Style Intelligent Alarm Clock retails for $49.99.

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  1. Michele Pineda on

    I think my teenage daughter would also lay claim to it-she is definitely not a morning person but would appreciate the fact that she can customize it. Also the charging port and white noise features are helpful.

  2. I need something like this. I like a little white noise sometimes. Rain is one of my favorites. Our last sound machine one had thunder on it. That one would give me a headache.

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