Track Your Health the Smart Way with Mio SLICE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker


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Like a lot of people, losing weight has been a big obstacle throughout my whole adult life. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit and the older I get (I just turned 40 years young), the harder it is for the weight to come off. I know that it’s not only about weight though, it’s about being healthy for many years to come. Lately, I’ve even noticed my sleep hasn’t been all that great, as well!

Keeping track of  how much exercise I get in, what I’m eating (or supposed to be eating) and how I’m sleeping is a lot to manage when I have to keep track of everything for my 3 kids, homeschooling, my business and so much more! Now, I have a new way to stay on top of my health and my exercise. It’s called the Mio SLICE and it’s different than any other fitness tracker that I’ve ever seen.

Track Your Health the Smart Way with Mio SLICE

The Mio SLICE is a Heart Rate + Activity Tracker featuring PAI. What’s PAI? PAI (pronounced “pi”) stands for Personal Activity Intelligence and is a way of measuring, based on your heart rate, that tells you how much activity you need. Ideally, you want to maintain a PAI score of 100 or more over a 7 day period. With a lot of other trackers that I have seen, you’re measuring your steps. With the Mio SLICE, you can do all types of activities like biking, rowing and fitness classes and they count towards reaching your PAI level. Get that heart pumping and earn those PAI points. Like it shows in the video below, other trackers measure a “step” the same as any other step, no matter what intensity that step is at, but the Mio SLICE is different.

 Why is PAI better than other ways of measuring activity?
    1. It’s simple to use. You goal is always to get to 100 PAI. There’s nothing complicated about that!
    2. Your PAI is calculated based on your age, gender, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate. This makes it a truly personalized experience for each & every person.
    3. These numbers aren’t just random. The PAI algorithm has been heavily studied and is based on data collected from the HUNT studies, which is one of the largest health studies. This study involved 45,000 people over a 25 year span, was conducted at the Nobel Prize winning Faculty of Medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and developed by Professor Ulrik Wisløff, one of the world’s leading scientists in Exercise in Medicine.
    4. Not all steps are created equal and not all of your fitness is going to involve steps! PAI is an accurate way to show the benefits of the exercises and activities you are doing by analyzing your heart rate data.
    5. With PAI, you don’t have to get all your exercise in by the end of the day. PAI works on a 7-day rolling window so it’s flexible with your lifestyle. Work out more on one day, rest on others and still achieve that 100 PAI score.

Track Your Health the Smart Way with Mio SLICE

Track Your Health the Smart Way with Mio SLICE


  • MIO HEART RATE TECHNOLOGY – Accurate heart rate monitoring, 24/7.
  • PERSONAL ACTIVITY INTELLIGENCE – Get real-time heart rate intensity feedback with a personal score.
  • ACTIVITY TRACKING – Tracks steps, distance, and calories burned.
  • SLEEP TRACKING – Monitor your sleep quality and resting heart rate.
  • SMARTPHONE NOTIFICATIONS – Receive phone call and text message alerts.
  • WATER RESISTANT – Water resistance up to 30m/100ft.

Track Your Health the Smart Way with Mio SLICE

Track Your Health the Smart Way with Mio SLICE
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    I love the sleep tracking. I’d love to know how I sleep as I still am tired during the day.

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