Typical Conversations with DH – oh boy!

do men pretend they can't hear you?


I have a paper recycling bag right under a counter that is maybe three steps from the sink. Every day though, I find stuff accumulating on the counters. Here is a typical conversation about this, between my husband and I:

Day one – milk carton on counter:

Me: “Honey, there is a recycling bag right there, this milk carton can go in there”

Him: “Oh, okay”

I end up squashing it and putting it in the bag.

Day two – two beer cans on the counter:

Me: “Hon…I have a recycling bag set out so it is easy to put beer cans in there”

Him: “Oh, okay”

Day three – a soda can on counter:

Me: “For your convenience, there is a bag over there for recyclables”

Him: “Oh, okay”

So the above are three examples of what seems to be everyday conversations.

Now in his defense, he has become hard of hearing – just a bit….so he says. However, in those cases, he did acknowledge me.


Me: “Oh – I picked up the bagels you had on the grocery list today”

{dead silence, so me again}

Me: “Hon? I picked up bagels for you today”

Me: “Hon!!”

Him: “What?”

Me: “I picked up bagels for you today”

Him: “Okay, thank you”

Him: (four hours later): “Sweetheart, did you pick up bagels today while you were out?”

Me: #@@#!@


Me: “Don’t forget that you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow”


Me: “Honey – you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow”


Me: “Honey!!”

Him: “What?”

Me: “I said you have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow!”

Him: “I know…I heard you”

Me thinking:

men that are hard of hearing



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  1. Okay, now I am thoroughly convinced you and I are twins separateed at birth. LOL I always call mine “your deafness.” I think they just have selective hearing. When he’s “pretending” not to hear me, I say “helloooooo….Your deafness, did you hear me”?

    • LOL that totally sounds like a joke we would use around here. It is totally selective hearing…I am wise to him : ) I call my daughter “your bossiness” quite often LOL

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