Because Reindeer get hungry too – Reindeer Food!


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When my kids were little, each Christmas they would put milk and  cookies out for Santa {as many kids do!}.  Santa gets hungry and milk and cookies help him on his route delivering presents to the boys and girls all over.  But what about the reindeer? They are the ones doing the really physical part, right?

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, they made little bags of reindeer food, and I remember how much fun she and I had going outside on Christmas Eve and leaving little piles of food around for the reindeer.  We did this for several years and she still remembers it.

I wanted to share this idea so you and your little ones can do this too.  I kindly asked her to decorate a paper lunch bag for me today, and she willingly obliged.

Homemade Reindeer Food,treats for reindeer

After you decorate your paper bag with your child(ren), simply put uncooked oatmeal in each bag, and save until Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, head outside with your kids and place little piles of reindeer food, or even just sprinkle it around.  Have fun!


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  1. Never once in 29 years of being a mom did I ever think of this…now I feel REALLY bad for those poor, hungry hardworking Reindeer! I will be sure to tell my son and his little ones to do this. Wish I could be there to see that excitement…my youngest is 11 and told us she knew “the secret” last year..finally. Bummed this year but so fun to pass this idea on to the next generation of lil ones! Thanks!

    • Jennifer-admin on

      Aww yes, those poor starving reindeer. Shame on you 🙂 Well, someday you might have grandchildren and you can try it then!

  2. We love this idea. When I was little my parents always had us put carrots out for the reindeer with our plate of cookies.

  3. What a great, fun idea-my question is how do you make sure the “reindeer” ate it the next morning? Thanks for the idea.

  4. A friend of mine did this with her little boy the other year and they give them as Christmas gifts beforehand to the little kids…she used oatmeal and put glitter in it too and called it magic dust or something that helps the reindeer fly! Such a awesome idea and I’m going to have to remember this next year (or you can remind me 😉 )

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