Gnomeo and Juliet Red Carpet Event – Day One


I imagine you have heard the buzz on Facebook, Twitter and in blog posts about the Gnomeo & Juliet Red Carpet blogger event in Hollywood.  I was one of the lucky ones chosen to go on this trip and I have so much to tell you!

I will be breaking down my L.A. adventure into several posts, as there is no way I can fit it all into one.

Gnomeo and Juliet Red Carpet Premiere Blogger Event Hollywood


I arrived at my local airport in plenty of time, but grew quite concerned when the line at security snaked around and around.  It barely moved, as I watched the minutes clicking by on the clock.  I was petrified to say the least.  After I was finally checked through, I hurried to my gate and my plane was already boarding.  Luckily I just made it.   The flight was uneventful, thank goodness, and I couldn’t wait to arrive.

When I landed at LAX, I was greeted by a driver who was holding a card with my name on it.  Ooooh fancy!  We walked to his gorgeous car, and we began the journey to Hollywood.  About 45 minutes later we pulled up to the beautiful Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, where a bellhop helped me out of the car.  While I was standing outside, Lee (My Sentiment Exact Lee) came running out to greet me.  I was so relieved to be welcomed so warmly, as I had only met in person, one other blogger  that would be on this trip.  She and I went into the hotel lobby {which was absolutely gorgeous!}, and she led me to the table where Brandy {Not So Average Mama} and Tricia {The Night Owl Mama} were seated in the bar area.  I immediately felt at ease with these girls, and we chatted a bit before heading up to our rooms to get ready for the Gnomeo and Juliet movie screening later that evening.

My room was spectacular – and it even had a view of the Hollywood sign!  I was on the 14th floor and it was fun to look out my window to see the action in Hollywood.

Hollywood Renaissance room,hollywood hotels by hollywood blvd.

We all met in the lobby and I got to know the girls.  You will be hearing about all of them in future posts.  It was fun to see in person, the bloggers that I have only known online all this time.  Brandy ended up being my sidekick for the whole weekend – she is just so easy to get along with and I adore her!  We met our “hosts”, Marshall and Dustin, and they are two of the nicest guys ever.  They put so much work into this event, and it couldn’t have been better!


We were transported to a secret-squirrel location where we were handed 3-D glasses and we eagerly awaited the start of Gnomeo & Juliet.  I cannot say too much about the movie yet, or it’s plot, but I can say that I absolutely loved it!  This is one movie you and your kids do not want to miss.  Not only is the cast of characters highly entertaining, but Sir Elton John {yep – the man himself!}  is the executive producer and music supervisor of the film.

We were all a little giddy after leaving the screening, and we headed back to the hotel. Well, some of us did – others chose to go to the screening of “I am Number Four”, which they said was excellent.  Since I am an old lady, I was pretty tuckered out at this point, and chose to go to my room and relax.  I was still a bit hungry, so I ordered room service.  Butter basted filet mignon and Chocolate Creme Brulee.  Oh my!

Hollywood hotels with room service,dining options Hollywood

After a restful night in the super comfortable bed, I woke up to start the day…the big day.  The day that I would get to interview Sir Elton John, Director Kelly Asbury, James McAvoy and Emily Blunt!

Stay tuned for my next post: Gnomeo and Juliet Red Carpet Hollywood Blogger Event – mom bloggers interview Elton John!


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    • Jennifer-admin on

      The dinner I had was really good. I am sad that I didn’t get to try the breakfast – I really wanted the Eggs Benedict!

  1. It looks like you all had such a great time, and everything was really plush! Thanks for sharing. Hi, I’m NightOwlMama’s Mom! Nice to meet you. Have a great weekend.

    • Jennifer-admin on

      Hello Night Owl Mama’s Mom!! What a nice surprise – it’s nice to meet you! Tricia is such a sweetheart and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. I hope she and I will attend more trips in the future!

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