The Shoe Incident – this was only slightly embarrassing!


Friday night, my husband, daughter and I decided to go out for Mother’s Day dinner. We figured it would be simpler than fighting the crowds on Sunday – the actual day. We had a delicious dinner!

After dinner, I asked my husband if we could stop by the grocery store, as we needed a few items. He of course said yes {he is nice like that}, and we headed to the store and parked. I was wearing a pair of wedge sandals (with about a 1 1/2 inch heel) that I hadn’t worn in quite awhile and they felt weird. As we were walking in the store, I was telling hubby how they felt heavy and like I had to really try to lift them up with each step.

My daughter and I meandered down the produce aisle, while my husband was looking at a Harley Davidson sweepstakes at the front of the store. So there I was, minding my own business, striding along peacefully when all of a sudden it felt like I stepped on my own foot! What the heck? I looked down and behind me was the wedge heel {and entire sole} of my sandal. On my foot was the top part of the sandal. My daughter started laughing, and I did too {more so because I felt really stupid}. A passerby had to giggle too as he asked if I was losing my footing. Yeah, real funny.

Please note, these shoes look funny here, but they are/were really cute on. They were very stretchy and remember, they used to have heels 🙂

Now I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t walk around the grocery store with bare feet. I couldn’t walk with only one sandal on because the “good” shoe would put me about 2 inches above the other. I finally put the shoe with no sole on top of the sole and shuffled along very, very slowly. I looked like an idiot, but I thought I was playing it off rather well.

My husband finally appeared and we didn’t say a word to him. Finally he said, “Sweetheart, can you walk a little faster?”. Ummm, no. I sheepishly, and in my most innocent voice said, “Honey, look”, as I moved my shoe off of it’s sole. He rolled his eyes {as only he can do when I have done some ridiculous thing} and said, “Good God woman”.

We moved on over to a quiet aisle, and I looked at my “good” shoe. I noticed that the sole was getting loose on it too, and that the whole sole could probably be pulled/peeled off. I handed my good sandal to my husband and asked him to rip off the whole bottom. He looked at me like I was asking him to commit murder. “….rip it off!” Against his better judgment {and caving into my evil stare} he used brute force and tore that sucker off. I laughed hysterically. He chucked the sole onto the bottom of our cart and I threw the other sole there too {each part of a pair should be together, yes?}.

It felt like I was barefoot, as the new “soles” were extremely thin. I shuffled through the store while we grabbed the rest of our items. OH, then in the frozen aisle, there was this huge kids cart in front of one of the freezer doors. When I went to move it, I accidentally rammed it right into some guy. This was not a good night.

Finally this dreadful shopping trip was done and we headed to the check stand. Guess who I saw? The passerby who saw the whole incident. He was staring at my feet, somewhat confused. He then realized what I had done and said, “Oh, you made some modifications!”. Of course I giggled non-stop and at this point all my daughter and husband could do was laugh too.

And finally – the full extent of the damage – photo taken when I got home. I was going to just throw them away immediately, but then I thought that maybe I would share my unfortunate incident with you first.

Note: they are now safely buried in the garbage can…


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  1. Well, at least you didnt have toilet paper stuck to them! THAT’s a plus right? AND, I am thinking you HAD to be smart enough to milk this whole thing and say how NOW you needed another pair of wedges for Mother’s Day?!!! I assume you have a nice new pair tucked in your closet…along with some monkey glue HMMMM?

    that was funny!

  2. rofl!
    oh my goodness. did you get a new pair out of them for Mother’s day?
    That’d be awesome. lol.
    They looked like nice shoes with the heels still attached…lol.
    Great story.
    Glad you had a good dinner at least.

  3. Something similar happened to me with flip flops–it’s really awful because no one carries around a pair of spare shoes with them! So there’s really nothing you can do except look like a weirdo until you get home. 🙂 I guess they must have used some really weak glue on those shoes!

  4. Hilarious! That is just too funny. I hate it when my shoes “break” in public. I’ve seen it happen to other women too and all you can do is look at them and say “I know, girl, I know.” LOL

  5. I had a heel break off one of my sandals right before my friend and I were going to head out to the bar for a drink. I was so grateful that it happened in her room…she had shoes I could wear. I can only imagine that I would be laughing if that happened in public. 🙂 {i got mine fixed, though. they’re steve madden and i love them}

  6. That’s just too funny. You poor thing, but you just have to laugh at yourself when these things happen or you’ll cry.
    Thanks for the story and the photos to go along with it.

  7. You’re a better woman that I…..

    I would have hopped in the cart and told my husband I’d like him to push me through the store.

    *Maybe that’s why you have a husband and I don’t. Hmmm……

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