Good for You Chicken Wraps with Cool Avocado dressing


I am so excited to be part of the Swanson Chicken Blogger Enthusiast Program!  Before I continue with my recipe, I just wanted to give you a quick explanation of what this program entails.  There are several bloggers participating, and there are four assignments/themes.  We will be creating each recipe using Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken.  I have used Swanson canned chicken before, and it really tastes good (I was skeptical before trying it, but now I am sold). Not only does Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken taste good, but I feel good serving it, as it contains no preservatives, is 98% fat free and is certified by the American Heart Association!

The themes are really fun, and I am so excited to be a part of this.  Creating recipes is a blast, and I hope you enjoy my creations over the course of this program! The theme for Round One is “The 5 O’clock Dinner Dilemma”, and we were asked to ‘create a delicious, ‘good for you’ weeknight meal for your family’. After putting quite a bit of thought into this, I came up with this recipe.  I love that it contains so many fresh ingredients that are good for you.  My family loved it, and I will definitely be making these again!


Low-fat wheat tortillas
2 cans Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken
Leaf lettuce
3 Tomatoes (sliced thin)
1 each: Yellow, Orange and Red bell pepper
Optional: Shredded cheese, Red Onions, etc.

Cool Guacamole Dressing:
2 ripe avocados
1/2 cup light sour cream
1 or 2 cloves of garlic, crushed
1/4 tsp. salt

Cut both avocados in half and scoop out the insides into a medium sized bowl. Smash until smooth. Add sour cream, salt, and one clove of crushed garlic (Note: If you love garlic, add another clove. Or wait a bit and taste before deciding).

Next I sliced the peppers (julienne style), and tomatoes:

After making sure my guacamole dressing had the right amount of flavor, I spread it out on each tortilla (these make big wraps – we are a family of four, so I made four wraps).  I then I placed the leaf lettuce and chicken on top:

On  top of the chicken, I placed the peppers and tomatoes.  I love how colorful this is!

Finally, I carefully rolled each tortilla and cut it in half.  Make sure you have toothpicks handy!

Of course, you can let your imagination run wild and add anything else you like.  I think cheese would be a great addition, but I was really trying to keep this as healthy as possible.  This is a cool, refreshing and healthy family recipe that can be made year round.  I imagine it will be especially tasty during the hot days of summer!

I love the ease of Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken – I can keep it on hand at all times, and it will save me an incredible amount of time in the kitchen when I don’t have to boil or prepare the chicken before I even use it in a recipe.


*I will be compensated for creating and posting this original recipe for Swanson’s.


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  1. That looks really good! I personally cannot eat the canned chicken. I have no problem with tuna but the canned chicken…meh. I make shredded chicken or pork and keep frozen in individual portions when I need to throw a quick meal together.

  2. More of these types of wrap are popular now a days. These look so good but Im not sure
    about the dressing I might try ranch instead. A great meal for lunch or dinner

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