I’m a Kitchen Maytag Mom! #MaytagMom


I’m a Maytag Mom!

Thanks to Mom Central and Maytag, this girl will have the latest and greatest kitchen appliances in her house!  As most of you probably know, my husband and I purchased our retirement/vacation home a few months ago.  My husband will be retiring in 2 years, and we found our dream home already.  Although we do not live there full-time, we are there a good portion of the time.  We have been spending so much time there (if you follow my personal page on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos that I post from there – ducks, geese, boats, etc.).  We are in love with this home, but there is something that can make it even more special: New kitchen appliances.

Maytag Moms, Maytag appliances

As a Maytag Mom, I will be receiving all new kitchen appliances!  Quite a few other bloggers and I will be testing out Maytag appliances and will share our experiences with you – photos and all!  I was so incredibly happy when I received the news that I would be a part of the Maytag Moms.

Our new house is grand – it is huge and it is gorgeous. Except for the kitchen appliances – they are old. Even though the house is beautiful, the ancient appliances in the kitchen take away from the overall beauty. It may not bother others as much as it bothers me, but since I’m the one who does the cooking, I cannot wait to enjoy new appliances!

The refrigerator/freezer
The refrigerator has a leak, and seems to fall apart a little more and more each day.  It came with the house, which is good because we did not want the added expense of purchasing a new one right after we moved in.  We have made do with this one up until now.  The freezer is just plain disgusting. It is not due to lack of cleaning on my part, it is just old and well…yucky. Plus it is really small inside. The Maytag® Ice2O® French Door Refrigerator with Easy Access Refrigerator looks fantastic, and it will be perfect for storing large quantities of food and beverages. This is so important to me, as we frequently have house guests.

dirty freezer

The oven
The double oven isn’t terrible as far as looks go (it is also nothing special), but it is the most narrow oven I have ever seen! I discovered this when I invited my friend’s daughter over to make some cookies with me. I thought it would be fun to have some special girl time, and to try out the new oven. We mixed a double batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, placed spoonfuls on the brand new cookie sheets I bought and slid the sheets into the oven. So what’s the problem? I couldn’t shut the oven door!

narrow oven

I tried scooting the baking sheets in sideways and they wouldn’t sit flat. Now mind you, these are regular sized cookie sheets. I called my husband after this, as I was pretty upset. I told him there was NO WAY that this oven was going to work for me. I do lots of baking and I told him we were going to have to get a bigger oven. The only place a wide enough oven will fit is where the cooktop currently sits (or sat before we removed it along with 3 large drawers underneath it). As I await delivery of the new appliances, there is an empty spot just waiting for the new free-standing Maytag oven. The Maytag 5.8 cu. ft. capacity gas range with EvenAir™ convection oven will be MUCH wider than my double ovens, and I am one incredibly happy girl!

oven opening

Space for new oven!

The dishwasher

Oh where do I begin with this ugly thing? Well when the dishwasher is running, it makes some strange noises. I think it is just a matter of time before it completely goes kaput (which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing!), and since I will be sporting a new Maytag® Jetclean® Plus Dishwasher with Fully Integrated Controls, I will no longer have to worry about it breaking down mid-cycle. And oh my goodness, it it so much prettier than what I have now!

old black dishwasher

and let’s not forget these archaic buttons to operate the dishwasher:

old dishwasher

So now you can see why I am so excited about being a Maytag Mom! This makeover will completely transform my kitchen and the gorgeous, efficient new appliances will make my home perfect. Maytag is a name that has been around since before I was born (I think), and I am so excited to share the transformation with you.

*I wrote this post as part of the Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.


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  1. So excited for you! Our oven won’t fit “regular” cookie sheets either, it’s so obnoxious! I long for the day we get new appliances in this kitchen.

    • Really? I just don’t get why anyone would choose a “skinny” oven. It is so frustrating! I had to buy small cookie sheets, which of course increase my time in the kitchen. It takes forever to cook them this way! Good luck – I hope you get a bigger oven soon!

  2. I don’t know any mom, wife, or woman in general that wouldn’t be completely tickled pink over brand spankin’ new appliances! Especially in the kitchen since that’s one of the most vital parts of a house and home 🙂

    Congratulations on being chosen as one of the special select few!!

    P.s. I see you’ve been spending time with my men….Mr. Ben & Jerry 😉

  3. So happy for your Speedy!!!! Enjoy those Maytag appliances!!! I know what a great cook you are! 🙂 Keep us posted on how you like ’em! I just plunked down quite a bit of $$ to have my fridge and dishwasher repaired so next time it’s new appliances!
    Leslie Loves Veggies

  4. wow-i need to get on this boat! geez, it’s amazing how people can get all this free stuff….expensive too! they look so nice.

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