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Keeping kids active is very important even though it’s practically impossible in the cold months. I have my older 2 kids in sports and activities that keep them moving but Jaxon is too young for that type of stuff right now. I was excited when approached to do a review of the JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline.

When the iBounce arrived we agreed we would tell the kids that it was a “potty present” for Jaxon since he has recently become fully potty trained. That way maybe the big kids would let him have his toy and leave it alone at least for a bit. Jeff and I sat down one night when the kids were in bed and worked on putting it together. The frame was pretty easy to put together and we had that done in a matter of minutes. When we got to the handle bar, that was a different story….Jeff couldn’t get a screw in and we eventually found out one part was cut wrong. But after letting the company know of the issue we had a replacement part quickly. Today we finished putting the trampoline together and lucky for Jaxon we kept him home due to him having a fever. He even helped Jeff put it together.

Jaxon helping Daddy.

Jaxon tightening a bolt.

Holding the handles so Daddy can put them on.

Helping Daddy put zip ties on to hold the mat so he could put the bungee cord (the zip ties are cut off after the bungee cord is nice and tight)

This trampoline isn’t put together with metal springs, instead it’s bungee cord and I like that. It also comes with a slightly padded fabric to cover the edges of the trampoline so Jaxon’s foot can’t go between the mat and the frame. In the video below you can see where that’s a huge plus because he jumped on that a few times. The safety of this trampoline is awesome, I love the handle bar in the front. While Jeff was finishing the mat and cover he lifted his head and hit his head on the green handle and said he didn’t feel anything but pressure (trust me, he came up hard – I watched the trampoline lift off the floor) so I feel comfortable that Jaxon is safe, even though he is getting brave and wants to let go already.

This was a very hard picture to take…a 3 year old on a new trampoline who didn’t want to stop jumping!!!! Look at that smile, you can tell he loves it!

iBounce comes with a tablet holder that attaches to the handles and fits just about any tablet, I have a Polaroid tablet and it fits perfectly (the holder adjusts so you can make sure it’s tight and will hold it safely). We haven’t installed ours because Jaxon is just getting used to the trampoline and just wants to bounce right now. It also comes with the DVD “Where is Mr. Fuzzy” which is a 12-minute video introducing RompyRoo and basic movement skills and counting concepts as children bounce through the woods and all that nature places in the way. There are 2 new videos to go with the iBounce, Episode 2 – Let the Games Begin and Episode 3 – The Grand Finale (click on title to go see a short video of each one)

The JumpSport iBounce will make a great gift for a child 2-5 years old or up to 80lbs. I may even let my big kids give it a try when they get home from school since they are both below the weight limit. You can buy it on JumpSport’s site for $129.99.

*Jackie received the above product(s), free of charge, to facilitate this review. All opinions are those of reviewer only.


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  1. This is soooo cool, I could use one for our active kids.,. this is gonna be a life saver for the kids to burn off energy during the cold weather months.. Thanks for the great review!

  2. Looks like a fun time. My kids are out of the age group ut well within the weight. It is hard to find things to do in the winter but my boys love playing outside. We let them go out in short intervals as they would stay out till frostbite set it! The Wii is also good but a lot of the games can be played from the seated position.

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