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I love my coffee.  I adore my coffee.  I would be lost without my coffee (seriously).  What I love even more is a company that cares, and Green Mountain Coffee is one such company.  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. was one of the first roasters to sell Fair Trade Certified Coffee, and they are one of the largest purchasers to date!

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Why is this such a big deal? Fair Trade means that farmers get a better price for their coffee beans. These farmers can invest in crops and their futures. It also improves working conditions in fair trade communities. This in turn helps with projects such as new roads, schools, health clinics, etc. It also helps with the protection of the environment.

You can learn more about Fair Trade in this video:

I received an assortment of Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified coffees and oh how I enjoyed them!

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My mouth watered as I opened the box to discover Colombian Fair Trade Select and Fair Trade Sumatran Reserve and also the limited edition Pumpkin Spice, a yummy seasonal flavor which is also Fair Trade Certified™!  This time of year, I love the flavor of Pumpkin coffee, and it makes me want to snuggle in for the day under a big blanket, all while sipping a steaming mug of heaven (Pumpkin Spice!).  The rich, deep  flavors of the Sumatran Reserve and the Colombian Select were so satisfying – I know that I will be buying these in the future.  I like my coffee strong, and these did not disappoint!

fair trade coffee flavors

great coffee good vibes pass it on

I also received two very special music CD’s – from Grace Potter and Michael Franti, who are helping to spread the word about Fair Trade. “Great Coffee, Good Vibes, Pass It On” – is an awareness campaign that celebrates the good vibes of fair trade through free concerts as well as an opportunity to win a trip to source. These two musical artists were invited to Colombia and Sumatra where they got a first-hand look at how Fair Trade makes a difference in the lives of coffee farmers… and in the coffee we drink.

This is a really fun and interesting about Grace Potter’s trip to Colombia:

Did you know that you can also shop fair trade and help even further? Now that the holidays are almost here, this is a great way to get your shopping done while also helping the Fair Trade community.


Keurig giveaway

One (1) winner will receive a Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System & a box of Fair Trade Certified Pumpkin Spice Coffee!

Open to US only, giveaway ends 12/17.

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*As a K-Cup Ambassador, I received the above samples, free of charge to facilitate this review, and share information about Fair Trade Certified Coffee.


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  1. Renee Richardson on

    I would really love to try the Wild Mountain Blueberry® K-Cup® Coffee. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  2. I know I already love Pumpkin Spice, but I’d really like to try the special reserve Columbia Geisha that they have.

  3. I have not have my pumpkin spice latte fix this year. Since I don’t have a job I don’t get out. I would love to try the Gingerbread k-cups.

  4. ruby reis-wade on

    actually the pumpkin spice sounds Delish! Gosh, I have been trying to win a keurig for like…forever! And the mini one is the one I really want.

  5. By far my favorite Green Mountain coffee is the Pumpkin Spice! It’s sooo good and I was extremely disappointed this year when I couldn’t find any in stores. I’d like to try the French toast or blueberry. Really, any of them. Green Mountain makes excellent coffee.

  6. I too am a coffee addict. I would like to try the pumpkin spice. I love the coffee creamers like that so it would be great. Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays to all.

  7. Suzanne Deleon on

    I like you, love my coffee strong! I frequently drink Colombian coffee, but I would Love to try the Sumatran Reserve! It sounds absolutely delish!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

  8. Anne-Marie Sears on

    Omgosh, I love gingerbread and pumpkin!! I’d love to have both all year instead of just seasonal 🙂 Amazing giveaway!! This would do wonders for my co-worker and myself at work. Thank you!!

  9. For me – none – not a coffee drinker (give me tea or hot chocolate) but for him – Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold or Newman’s Special Blend Extra Bold

  10. kelly nicholson on

    Leave me a comment telling me which Green Mountain Fair Trade coffee flavor you would most like to try!

    apple cider yummy

  11. I would like to try the Focus Blend™ K-Cup® Coffee even though I don’t think it would really help with focus at all.

  12. Please Please Please may I win the Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System & a box of Fair Trade Certified Pumpkin Spice Coffee? I would be so grateful. It would be a great help for all nighters. The Breakfast Blend from Green Mountain Coffee Looks great!

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